Human Rights: The Double Standard

July 14, 2008, Times Online published Brendan O’Neill’s article titled The farce of bashing China’s human rights record – Western politicians must not assume the moral highground on China. On the same day, it also published another article by Minky Worden China is losing the human rights race – China must improve its human rights record before the Beijing Olympics.

The point I want to make is, a westerner should defend human rights of his/her country as hard as he/she defends human rights of China. The actual problem is, western human rights activists keep shouting out loudly about human rights issues in China and often even use lies instead of truth. On the other side, most of the time they keep silence about human rights problems in their own country.

If I see equal number (or headline size, coverage, etc) of reports about human rights problems of western countries and China, I would applaud to the media. Now, I can only conclude that the western media is deliberately demonizing China.



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3 responses to “Human Rights: The Double Standard

  1. Mr Anderson

    Now the evil Western media is out to get South Korea too:

  2. Rob

    I’m sure Chinese journalists would bleat and moan too…. if they didn’t keep getting locked up all the time.

  3. Alessandro

    Ahaha…..Rob…I find always so amusing the ignorance of comment like yours..Don’t worry, journalists in China are alive and kicking, thanks for worrying:)
    Is this the best u can do to feel good with urself and ur country?


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