Talking about legitimacy

Day before Crimea holds a referendum on leaving Ukraine, our “free press” and western governments shout out loudly about its illegitimacy. But Russia, backing the referendum, does not give a sh*t to us. Why? Because we have showed them that legitimacy means nothing. Let’s take a hard look at just a few famous examples in the past:

In 1953, when CIA and M16 backed army general Fazlollah Zahedi forced legally elected Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Mosaddeq out of office in a coup, we did not call it ‘illegitime’. Instead, we supported Iran’s new autocracy government for decades till it was overthrown by the Iranian Islam Revolution

In 2011, democratically elected Egypt President Mohamed Morsi was ousted by a military coup. Today, we still give the illegal Egypt military government billions of dollars annual aid.

Not long ago, when Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych was forced out of office by none of the three legal means documented in Ukraine Constitution (death, quit, or impeachment), we unconditionally embraced the new illegal Ukraine government without any hesitation. It quickly turned out that we supported the unrest and deliberately backed the massacre to increase the tension at Kiev.

Now we call Crimea’s referendum “illegitimate”. What a joke!


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