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“China must spare Akmal Shaikh or face serious consequences”

A recent article by George Pitcher of UK, last updated: December 28th, 2009:

Bravo! Mr. Pitcher! So what will be the “serious consequences”? To boycott cheap products from China and let inflation skyrocket in UK? To stop borrowing money from China and let UK government go broke? To let sex worker refuse service visitors with China passport (who the hell show passport before f*ck)? Or to start another Opium War – oh I should say Heroin War? “About 150 years ago when the Chinese government of Qing Dynasty executed the drug dealers who were sponsored by UK Government, the UK send their soldiers, started the Opium War and occupied the Chinese Capital Beijing. We are soooo scared of what the UK government will send this time. Another Opium War to free the fool Chinese from the evil Chinese Communist Party? LOL we are looking forward to your God’s save =)” — comment by Bluecee.

What can I say about you, Mr. Pitcher? Western journalists like you love to teach Chinese about “independence of judicature”. Why do you think this time it is appropriate for the UK government to put pressure on the Chinese judiciary system? We know, we Chinese always know that people like you have double standards when talking about your own matters and ours. Just look at the comments you get under your article, you get the idea how ordinary readers think about you. You are just “so obviously mentally ill”. People like you just make us feel sick. But if you dare to carry more than 50g heroin while entering China, we will prosecute you and sentence you to death regardless of your “mental illness”!

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