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Leaked Phone Call: Kiev Snipers Hired by US-Backed Opposition

They did it again! It sounds so familiar, right? Not long ago, our “free press” was all over the Syria’s rumored chemical weapon attack. Assad was assumed guilty even before any evidence showed that such attack truly happened. When Assad was about to win the civil war, a true chemical weapon attack was aired. The western governments quickly pointed fingers to Assad even before UN investigators entered Syria to gather evidence.

So is Viktor Yanukovich in Ukraine this time. Shortly after an agreement was established between the US-backed opposition and Yanukovich government, snipers killed protestors in Kiev. This caused a huge outcry from western governments and our “free press”, resulting to political collapse of Yanukovich government. The opposition force was much more successful than Syrian rebels.

The only difference between Ukraine and Syria is that this time, a leak happened, proving western is actually behind the scene. But, such news has little value since it does not reinforce the perception that all we westerners did are good and all they (eastern, russia, syria, etc) did are wrong. Thus, our “free press” will not pay much attention to it.

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Blame-China-4-Everything and The Road to Holocaust

The following is onetiemyshoe’s comment on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night talk show on ABC aired on Oct 16, 2013. It explains why the Chinese and Chinese-American community are outrageous on the show. Here is another article giving more detailed analysis on this incident.

Some poster described encountering objection by Jewish Americans on the Holocaust comparison.

The parallel with Holocaust is not only the “kill everyone in China” comment. The parallel started when Jimmy Kimmel while talking about the government shutdown, asked the loaded question: “We owe the Chinese a lot of money, 1.3 trillion dollars.” then he invited the little kids to come up with solutions and led to the notorious line “kill everyone in China”.

This is called “race scapegoating”, or “race baiting”. The US holds 10+ trillion dollar debt and $50 trillion unfunded liabilities, to many countries and to it’s own people. Yet the Chinese debt is cited as cause for special concern, gets the main blame for government shutdown.

Before Holocaust, the Nazis did exactly the same kind of media manipulation, scapegoating Jews for the defeat in WW I, for the war debts demanded by the French, for the Weimar inflation, for everything. This kind of rhetoric paved the way for Kristallnacht then to Holocaust. The road to gas chambers started with a simple “blame-the-Jew” rhetoric device, continued to “kill-every-Jew” jokes that nobody believed in, finally it became Holocaust, a human tragedy.

That is why we make the parallel. First it was “blame-the-Chinese” for everything, then it’s “kill every Chinese” jokes that seems acceptable to a lot of people. This is where we draw the line. Cause and effect and parallels are so indisputable that we must draw the line. We sow hatred we reap violence.

And when we said “never again”, we meant “never again”. Apologize for hurting the Jewish feelings. But the parallel exists and ask their help to revise our language in a way to get the Jewish support.

Because our common goal is “Never again”.

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An Example of Media Bias

Miss Representation is the award-winning documentary film that exposes how mainstream media contributes to the underrepresentation of women in positions of power and influence in America. The film challenges the media’s limited and often disparaging portrayals of women and girls, which make it difficult for women to achieve leadership positions and for the average woman or girl to feel powerful herself.

Like female politicians or not, it is a real shame for our “free media” to abuse without reservation the women in public office.

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Why is “free press” worse than China’s propaganda machine?

“The public is lied to every day by the President, by his spokespeople, by his officers. If you can’t handle the thought that the President lies to the public for all kinds of reasons, you couldn’t stay in the government at that level, or you’re made aware of it, a week. … The fact is Presidents rarely say the whole truth—essentially, never say the whole truth—of what they expect and what they’re doing and what they believe and why they’re doing it and rarely refrain from lying, actually, about these matters.”

Pentagon whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg told us and proved to us that the government is untrustworth to the public long time ago. But this is hardly the end of the story. If the government’s lies are constantly delivered to the public by the press without any fact-checking, the press is acting as a propaganda machine by the government. This is exactly what is going on around us.

When Bush regime used false intelligence of Iraq WMD as an excuse to drag America into a decade-long war, the press simply handed over everything told by the regime to the public. No question asked.

This time, Obama regime is repeating the history, so is the press. News like this MintPress exclusive report is not meant to appear on any main street media. “Free press” may argue about the credibility of the MintPress article, thus they refuse to publish the story. But why didn’t they argue about the credibility of the government? It is easy to see that they spent 99% of their effort to spread the words from the US government and only 1% on the words from the opposite side (Syria, Russia, etc). Would any critical thinking mind call this practice unbiased and objective?

The Chinese government’s propaganda machine never pretends to be unbiased and objective. It is easy for people from China to recognize lies in the news reports run by the state media. The “free press” always pretend to be “free” and “independent” from the government control. Their brainwashing is quite successful and effective because the public always believe they themselves hear the truth from the press!

Let’s put it in this way, if a press always talks the same tone with their government, regardless whether the press is self-claimed “free” or “independent”, it is not trustworthy.

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Who is Responsible for Syria’s Chemical Weapon Attack?

These days the “free press” is devoted to report the chemical weapon attack happened in Syria last week. Predictable as usual, the “free press” aligned themselves with the US government again on this matter, and asserted that all evidence point to the Syria government who was responsible for this attack. While UN investigators are still gathering evidence onsite, US Secretary of the State John Kerry simply could not wait any further, “our understanding of what has already happened in Syria is grounded in facts, informed by conscience and guided by common sense.”

Really? Is this the simple truth behind Syria’s chemical weapon attack?

NPR put together some historical context of chemical weapon for its readers. The most intriguing part is not the article itself. Instead it is the reaction from the readers of this article. Apparently many readers do not buy the storyline told by the US government and the “free press”. They figured out the truth behind this:

“Follow the money”.

Fact #1, DoD has suffered tremendously budget cut this year due to sequestration. For sure Pentagon and the defense contractors are looking for means to get more revenue from some places. The easiest? You bet, a war!

Fact #2, Assad government has been an enemy of Israel for decades. A weakened or fractionated Syria is in the great interest of Israel. No question about it. So what can we do to accomplish this mission?

Fact #3, long before this alleged chemical weapon attack, the US government and the “free press” have mobilized a media campaign for months of the possibility of using chemical weapon by the Syria government. Is Assad really that stupid to cross the “red line” drawn by the US government? Literally, it is like to send a friendly invitation asking for western force intervene to beat the cr*p out of himself.

Fact #4, before the attack, a special UN team was expected to visit the site of a suspected chemical weapons attack near Damascus. Why would Assad take out a new attack when the UN team was onsite? To hand over direct evidence to UN and the US?

Fact #5, before the attack, Assad was winning the war despite support from the US to the Syria opposition force. To take down Assad, the US needs an excuse to intervene directly, similar to what NATO did in Libya.

Fact #6, before the UN team gathered the evidence, John Kerry has already asserted that Assad was responsible, based on US intelligence in Syria. Well, given the track record of US intelligence about Iraq WMD, can we say that there is little doubt that this time the history is repeating itself again? Moreover, what is your thought if a cop sentenced you for some claimed crime before he showed any evidence, not to mention that judge and jury haven’t seen the case yet?

If we can live for the next 60 years, we probably will stand a chance to see the CIA classified document about the truth of this chemical weapon attack. I won’t be surprised that Assad is not responsible for this.

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

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Unknown School prepares kids for Jihad against China

Video shows a “school”, probably in the Af – Pak area (judging by the look of one of the teachers), preparing Uyghur kids for Jihad against China.

Or these are our future “freedom” fighters. Anyone against the evil commie China is a “freedom” fighter, regardless of their religion, age, ethnics, etc…

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Boston attack vs Xinjiang attack

Recently there were two horrific terrorist attacks around the world, one in Boston of US, and one in Xinjiang province of China. Media coverage of the Boston attack is rolling on the headline of all major news media. On the other side, coverage of Xinjiang attack is relatively quiet.

We come cross a report of Xinjiang attack by Voice of America (a.k.a. VOA, the official external broadcast institution of the United States federal government). Interested readers are encouraged to read the article below.

As an exercise to the readers, try to flip the position of the report. Pretend this is a report from China to cover the Boston attack. For example, read the report as below:

China ‘Deeply Concerned’ by Violence in US’s Boston

China is calling for a thorough and transparent investigation into a confrontation in US’s restive northeast city of Boston that left 4 people dead and more than a hundred wounded.

State Department spokesperson XXX YYY says the China is “deeply concerned” by the Tuesday violence, which US was quick to label as a “terrorist attack.”

“We regret the unfortunate acts of violence that led to these casualties and we’ll continue to encourage US officials to take steps to reduce tensions and promote long-term stability in Boston,” he said.

Three civilians and one police officer were killed in the ensuing violence, while one suspect was shot dead. Another suspect was captured. A government official told the press that the incident was a “premeditated, violent act of terror.”

Another official, quoted in Thursday’s government (partially) sponsored NPR says the group was planning to conduct an “elaborate attack” and was involved in “extreme religious activities,” a common accusation against those in US’s predominantly Muslim community.

Some Muslim activists dispute US’s version of events. The World Chechen Congress says the violence broke out when US forces shot and killed a young Chechen as part of a government investigation on the ethnic minority group.

James Leibold, a Boston-based scholar on US minority populations, says the truth is difficult to discern in cases like this. He tells the media that the government explanation must be viewed with “extreme caution.”

“[The government] tends to want to play the blame game very quickly. Local officials, in this regard, will often use words like terrorism, jihadist, and blame Islamic extremism, when incidents of violence and unrest happen in US,” he said.

Leibold says incidents of ethnic conflict in US are often more complex and are rooted in a wide range of local dynamics.

“The rapidly changing nature of Boston society, which creates a sense of social, cultural and religious dislocation, and of course, there are outside influences that we can’t rule out, [such as] Islamic extremism,” he said.

Leibold warns that, just as government explanations must be viewed with caution, so should those by exiled Chechen groups.

“Both sides have an agenda and are trying to control the narrative and are trying to control how this incident is broadcast to the larger world,” he said.

Many in the Chechen community say they are economically and culturally disadvantaged and face widespread discrimination in the region.

How do you feel about such a report about Boston attack?

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