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Something wrong…

“SRINAGAR, India – Government troops fired live ammunition and tear gas into crowds of anti-India protesters Monday as tens of thousands of people demonstrated across Indian-controlled Kashmir, police said. Seven civilians were reported killed.

More than 60 protesters and almost 70 government forces were injured on one of the worst days in nearly two months of violent clashes between troops and residents who strongly oppose India’s rule over the predominantly Muslim region.

The top elected official in the predominantly Muslim region, Omar Abdullah, met with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in New Delhi on Monday to discuss defusing the crisis that has caused 40 deaths over seven weeks…”

[TheNewVoice] When I read this news, I feel shocked. Did the journalist make a mistake? How come the government of the biggest democratic country is using police force to suppress the protests of its people? I bet that this news is not true. This kind of news are more eyeball-catching than similar news about China. At least, we know that the “communist China” is not a democratic country and its government always is acting fast to suppress any protests. We are so used to this kind of “news” that it hardly becomes “news” any more. But cracking down protests in India and democratic countries is rare and thus is more valuable in terms of “news”. Why the media has paid less 1% attention to it compared to those not-so-news in China? The only reasonable conclusion I can draw from this is that the news is not true, hence the mainstream media just choose to ignore it – you know it is really hard for me to “believe” that the mainstream media is biased and has a double standard.

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