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Edward Snowden is a hero

No question about this. An individual against the most powerful government on this planet for the wrong-doing of the latter, no one can deny that Mr. Snowden is a hero.

Disclosing the crimes committed by the government is not a crime because government secrets to cover up its crimes do not stand as valid secrets. What Mr. Snowden has done is perfectly legal in defending our liberty and privacy and the law.

It is not Mr. Snowden who should be prosecuted. It is the government and its officials who violated the law be prosecuted and held accountable. By turning our focus to every small detail of Mr. Snowden, we are losing the whole point of Mr. Snowden’s whistleblowering. “Free press” like NPR are making every (subtle) effort to discredit Mr. Snowden in an attempt to move away our focus on the US government. We should be aware of this.

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