Political Correctness: How to Report the Beijing Olympic Game

Today I read an article on mitbbs.com – one of the largest Chinese web sites in north America. The author, shadowless, predicts how the western media will report the upcoming Beijing Olympic Game:

“First, the media will never deliver the ‘propaganda’ by the Chinese government. Regardless of how well being treated in China, the journalists will never say anything good about it, not even a simple ‘thank you’.

Secondly, the media will definitely focus on something outside of the games. They will interview in details with those people objecting the game, even if they consist of only 0.01% of the total Chinese people. Only this kind of reports can demonstrate the independence and objectiveness of the media, and satisfy the western readers.

Thirdly, the media will make every effort to “find bones in an egg”. Just think about it, how can the commies give a perfect Olympic game? Doesn’t it mean that dictatorship is better than democracy? This cannot possibly be true. So for every single thing, there must be an alternative explanation. For example, in a radio program this morning, a western journalist interviewed two women in Beijing. The women said that they feel happy and excited about the Olympic games, and would like to contribute to the game. So they come onto the street to help maintain the traffic. But after the translation by the journalist, it becomes a completely different story. The interview gives the listener an impression that the two women are the secret police of the Chinese government.”


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