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Olympics, again!

Time flies so fast! It almost looks like yesterday when we were discussing Beijing Olympics. ­čÖé

Again, our “free press” have held back nothing in the effort to bash Chinese┬áathletes’┬ástunning performance in London Olympics. For example, this CNN report tries to link Ye Shiwen’s golden medals with doping:

Upon reading this, I cannot help rolling on the floor laughing. You must be kidding me, “free press”! Let’s take a look at the following list of doping scandals:

Oooops! The list shows that US is the unquestionable leader of doping scandals in sports – 119 cases in total. This is hardly surprising. We all know that US, proudly, has the most advanced drug R&D technology around the world. The second place, Germany, has 35 cases. On the contrary, China only has 7 cases. It almost sounds like, you Chinese have achieved something that we the free world cannot achieve without doping, thus you must be doping/cheating. Well, we the free world seem to forget only one thing: WORK HARDER!!!

This kind of game is not unique. For example, US, as the largest weapon export nation around the world, often accuses China for exporting a tiny fraction of weapons compared to itself.

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