BBC, Darfur, ICC, Dark Side

On Monday, the BBC’s Panorama programme accused that China had sent military trucks to Sudan to fuel the conflict in Darfur, suggesting that China violated a 2005 UN ban on arms to Darfur. The UN embargo in question requires foreign nations to take measures to ensure they do not militarily assist anyone in the conflict in Darfur. However, Sudan government is not on the list of the UN embargo. A UN report claims that a large proportion of the weapons used by the armed groups were originally captured from poorly secured government stockpiles.

A Stockholm International Peace Research Institute report, issued in March 2008, said China accounted for only 8 percent of Sudan’s arms imports from 2003 to 2007. In fact, US, Russia and UK were the biggest arms exporters to developing countries including Sudan, and they far outweighed China’s in terms of both quantity and quality. A minister from one African country had revealed that arms supplied by the West to the rebels in Darfur were dragging out the conflict.

On the same day, prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued a warrant of arrest for Sudanese President Omar Bashir for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes committed in Darfur creates both big opportunities and big risks for peace in Sudan.

Today’s NPR Fresh Air program interviews journalist Jane Mayer about her new bookThe Dark Side: The Inside Story of How the War on Terror Turned Into a War on American IdealsThe Dark Side exposes a secret report issued by the International Committee of the Red Cross that described some CIA interrogation techniques as torture. The report allows the possibility of criminal prosecution of Bush officials, including Cheney and Bush.

BBC has proven itself as a strong biased media on its coverage of the Sudan issue. I am waiting for ICC to prove itself as nothing for humanity but a delegate of the Jungle Rules.



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7 responses to “BBC, Darfur, ICC, Dark Side

  1. Mr Anderson

    “BBC has proven itself as a strong biased media on its coverage of the Sudan issue. ”

    Well, considering that you (or some other author on this blog) said that the Western media is a “faithful follower of Goebbels,” why even need to write this?

  2. terminatorii

    To Mr Anderson:

    People are forgettable. You have to remind them repeatedly. Just look at how the western media have been brainwashing their people for decades, you know you cannot keep silence – the truth will fade away quickly if you do not constantly fight back.

  3. well well

    I just couldn’t figure out why Sudan government got China now to train their pilots for fighting jets they bought in 2003? What have they been doing all these 5 years, disassembling and assembling the jets like puzzle?

  4. terminator

    To Well well:

    They were busy in the military training courses provided by the Britons –

    It is not surprising that the BBC journalist only looked at the plate of a China made truck, but forgot to take a glance at the other truck in his report. It is also not surprising that the BBC journalist forgot his own government was training Sudanese soldiers linked to “genocide” in Darfur. After all, he is a Briton.

  5. Mr Andersson

    terminatorii: Could you tell me of some good, or at least unbiased media that you read regularly? That would be a good counterweight to the Western media.

  6. terminator

    To Mr Andersson:

    I read technology news regularly.

    I just occasionally read political news. I used to read that from Singapore media ( – neither the western nor the Chinese government. Sometimes there are translations of articles from the western media, and I usually try to find the original English article to read.

    In fact, I seldom read news reports released by the Chinese government during the past ten years. I deliberately choose this approach. Western people like to argue that we Chinese are brainwashed by the Chinese government when we defend for it. Well, most of my news sources are from the western media and the third party. Therefore, from my point of view, such argument does not make any sense, and only shows how deeply these western people are brainwashed by the western media. I think many of them actually know the media is lying. However, without listening to the other side of the story, they still accept the portrait of China and the Chinese government drawn by the media. This shows exactly how well Goebbels’s strategy works.

  7. Alessandro

    Unfortunately Terminator, it is exactly as u said…Many many westerners are completely brainwashed by the media and the politicians (with their often populistic and demagogic policies) here, accepting whatever they say about faraway and different cultures they know nothing or little about….I for one always try to keep an open eye, look for different perspectives and different channels to get infos and, in the end, the secret is, always and simply, to use one’s own brain to think for oneself and judge news and make up its own ideas..trying to avoid whenever possible to pass judgments based on preconceived and rigid ideas.

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