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Political Correctness: How to Report the Beijing Olympic Game

Today I read an article on – one of the largest Chinese web sites in north America. The author, shadowless, predicts how the western media will report the upcoming Beijing Olympic Game:

“First, the media will never deliver the ‘propaganda’ by the Chinese government. Regardless of how well being treated in China, the journalists will never say anything good about it, not even a simple ‘thank you’.

Secondly, the media will definitely focus on something outside of the games. They will interview in details with those people objecting the game, even if they consist of only 0.01% of the total Chinese people. Only this kind of reports can demonstrate the independence and objectiveness of the media, and satisfy the western readers.

Thirdly, the media will make every effort to “find bones in an egg”. Just think about it, how can the commies give a perfect Olympic game? Doesn’t it mean that dictatorship is better than democracy? This cannot possibly be true. So for every single thing, there must be an alternative explanation. For example, in a radio program this morning, a western journalist interviewed two women in Beijing. The women said that they feel happy and excited about the Olympic games, and would like to contribute to the game. So they come onto the street to help maintain the traffic. But after the translation by the journalist, it becomes a completely different story. The interview gives the listener an impression that the two women are the secret police of the Chinese government.”

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Human Rights: The Double Standard

July 14, 2008, Times Online published Brendan O’Neill’s article titled The farce of bashing China’s human rights record – Western politicians must not assume the moral highground on China. On the same day, it also published another article by Minky Worden China is losing the human rights race – China must improve its human rights record before the Beijing Olympics.

The point I want to make is, a westerner should defend human rights of his/her country as hard as he/she defends human rights of China. The actual problem is, western human rights activists keep shouting out loudly about human rights issues in China and often even use lies instead of truth. On the other side, most of the time they keep silence about human rights problems in their own country.

If I see equal number (or headline size, coverage, etc) of reports about human rights problems of western countries and China, I would applaud to the media. Now, I can only conclude that the western media is deliberately demonizing China.


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BBC, Darfur, ICC, Dark Side

On Monday, the BBC’s Panorama programme accused that China had sent military trucks to Sudan to fuel the conflict in Darfur, suggesting that China violated a 2005 UN ban on arms to Darfur. The UN embargo in question requires foreign nations to take measures to ensure they do not militarily assist anyone in the conflict in Darfur. However, Sudan government is not on the list of the UN embargo. A UN report claims that a large proportion of the weapons used by the armed groups were originally captured from poorly secured government stockpiles.

A Stockholm International Peace Research Institute report, issued in March 2008, said China accounted for only 8 percent of Sudan’s arms imports from 2003 to 2007. In fact, US, Russia and UK were the biggest arms exporters to developing countries including Sudan, and they far outweighed China’s in terms of both quantity and quality. A minister from one African country had revealed that arms supplied by the West to the rebels in Darfur were dragging out the conflict.

On the same day, prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued a warrant of arrest for Sudanese President Omar Bashir for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes committed in Darfur creates both big opportunities and big risks for peace in Sudan.

Today’s NPR Fresh Air program interviews journalist Jane Mayer about her new bookThe Dark Side: The Inside Story of How the War on Terror Turned Into a War on American IdealsThe Dark Side exposes a secret report issued by the International Committee of the Red Cross that described some CIA interrogation techniques as torture. The report allows the possibility of criminal prosecution of Bush officials, including Cheney and Bush.

BBC has proven itself as a strong biased media on its coverage of the Sudan issue. I am waiting for ICC to prove itself as nothing for humanity but a delegate of the Jungle Rules.


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PBS for sale

Just watched a PBS program (wide angle) tonight on Japan’s plan to change its constitution on how it operates its military. Namely, Japan wants to change its constitution to start a war or wars.  I didn’t watch the entire episode — as I started in the middle — but from what I had seen, it seems that the entire program stands from the point of view of Japan. That is, how Japan has viewed itself in the most glorified way. How Japan felt that it is threatened by China even though Japan had invaded China during WWII and killed tens of millions of Chinese, instead of the other way around.

So I wonder, why would Japan felt threatened by China and why would Japan has a constitution that prohibits it from waging a war?

Well, the answer is easy: Japan is guilty of war crimes. Yes, the whole Japan is guilty of war crimes. That is why the US occupation force drafted a constitution for the Japanese so that it can’t repeat the atrocities during WWII.

Why is that PBS — a public funded program — would broadcast a Japanese propaganda? After all, PBS is not CBS, FOX, NBC, or CNN, which may be influenced by their business interests and choose to broadcast propaganda (or commercial) as news.

I always thought that PBS is somewhat unbiased, progressive network and reflects the conscience of the American people. Still, my curiousity got the best of me and forces me to sit down and watched the rest of the program, including the final credits.

I want to follow the money. Afterall, money is the root of all evil. Let’s see who had funded this program. So after watch a laundry list of usual funders of the regular program, finally, there it is — “Major funding of this episode is contributed by the Japan US friendship Commission”.  Ah, a US government branch dedicated to instill propagada on American people. 

So let the beast out of the cage. This is not the first time US had done something foolish. It was US government that had trained Bin Ladin and gave chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein. Forget about Pearl Harbor and tens of millions of people Japan had murdered during WWII, try to think what Japan can do nowadays with its 2nd largest economy in the world.


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Is New York Times a US Government Spokeman?

“Repeat a lie a thousand times and it becomes the truth.”

This quote is attributed to one of the most evil men who ever lived, Dr. Joseph Goebbels, propaganda minister of the Nazi German. Goebbels was sentenced to death many years ago. Unfortunately, his legacy still prevail today. He inspired the western main stream media on how to bash China. That is,

“Repeat demonizing China a thousand times and China becomes a evil country.”

As such an example, NYT reporter Scott Shane recently wrote an article to continue the campaign of demonizing China. The title of the article is “China Inspired Interrogations at Guantánamo”. After reading this article, I want to remind you these facts: fact 1, the US government tortured detainees in Guantánamo; fact 2, the torture techniques used in Guantánamo had existed long before the China Communist Party ever exist. Actually, some of the torture techniques were used by Nazi German during WWII. So why doesn’t Mr. Shane title his article as “Nazi Inspired Interrogations at Guantánamo”?

So what is the intention behind Mr. Shane’s report? I can think of these: first, to distract the attention from fact that the US government was torturing detainees in Guantánamo; and secondly, to continue demonizing China. One cannot help wondering why NYT is so eager to help the US government on this matter? Is NYT behaving like a US government spokeman for doing this?

This kind of reports do not surprise me at all. As a faithful follower of Goebbels, the western main stream media have been doing this for many decades, and I have no doubt that they will continue doing so in the future. Their techniques might be superior thanks to years of polishing, but they can never change the truth. And we will continue disclosing these truth to you, our readers.


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