Dalai Lama is NO Jesus

Indeed, nobody can deny Dalai Lama is one of the religious leaders of Tibetan Buddhism, but don’t get confused by the oracle he and his people put around him.

Truth tells us that Dalai Lama is no Jesus



Dalai Lama is no Jesus

What would Jesus do:

Dalai Lama\'s Religious Ritual Objects

 Serfs under Dalai Lama\'s rule

Dalai Lama and his murderous friends

Dalai Lama is a CIA operative

Dalai Lama and violence

Remember, Dalai Lama is NO Jesus.


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123 responses to “Dalai Lama is NO Jesus

  1. Rob

    Wow, a Dalai Lama hate site, how very christian of you!

    • Speedy

      I so agree Rob… and this is why I became a Buddhist!

    • JR

      This is just a hate site I dont beleive this if Jesus is here now he will erase this site sorry…..

      • French guy

        So many liers there… “Dalai Lama Slave and Torture 95% of Tibetanian people from 1911 to 1950”
        The Dalai Lama is born in 1935… And it’s TIBETAN not tibetanian, this is just a hate site… Better listen to his words

  2. Images manipulated by ignorant minds who can not see that the Dalai Lama loves everyone, guilty and affected , just like jesus.

  3. Rob

    This is just an ongoing blog of Chinese ignorance, what the owners of this site do not realize is that people educated in a free society don’t just swallow this kind of childish propaganda.

  4. terminator

    To Rob and Umberto,

    Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels might speak more charmingly than Da-lie Lama, but it does not change the fact that he is one of the most evil man in human history. We should judge a man based on his actions, but not his words. For a man who was on CIA payroll, who was a close friends to Nazi officers, who was a dictator of feudal theocratic Tibet, who described ethnic cleanse as “peaceful plan”, who supported India’s nuclear weapons testing, it would be foolish to trust him simply because of his kind words.


    • namgyal

      Dalai lama never said and neither do his followers that he is Jesus. Jesus is Jesus n Dalai Lama is Dalai Lama. Different names of different religion but spreading the same messages. and Dalai Lama is close to several popes of Christian if u don’t know that. He can love even his enemy so will love u also no matter whatever you say.

  5. Alessandro

    Rob…u’re so funny..If u only knew how many people grown up in the “free” western society agree with what is said in this blog..

    For instance, I’m Italian..therefore quite westerner…and many of my friends and other italians thinks like that…

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think that Italy can be associated with the global Western thoughts… Italy and his dictator is still quite fascist and should therefor not make any insinuations for the whole Western world. You should in fact better listen to what this wise man has to say, for it was thou that commited evil crimes during WO II and is thou that are still making violent actions to the poorer and the weaker people…

  6. pasang

    there is no evidence that dalai lama enslaved tibetan. infact we love him and he cares about all the human being. i know this site maker was grew up in chinese government. chinese government always give false information to there people.
    jesus and dalai lama both care about human beings. wether it is christian,buddhism,muslim, the main theme is to make world (human being)better. with some photoes you can”t say tibetan attacked innocent people what about all those(100000)people killed by chinese??????????????

    • via.faenza

      “what about all those(100000)people killed by chinese??????????????” huh? wow…
      pasang, i have to ask where you heard this. is it someone who works for some media who heard something from someone else he barely knows? at lease some of us grew up in the country you are criticizing and you are criticizing something you know nothing about (or only hearsay at most). i can’t say everything happened in china is justified. but a country is a country. if you can see your country splits in two (or more) and are not against it at all, you have serious problem of your own. but for all chinese people who love their homeland (dictatorship or not), watching the country falling apart is not acceptable. my advice (to everyone), get out to see the world before opening your mouth.

      • namgyal

        Tibet and China was never one country.
        we are Tibetans, we speak our language, we have our own culture and traditions,we love our country, not China.

    • Weichen

      Pasang, whether Tibet should be free or not, the Dalai Lama is definitely NO Jesus. First of all, the position Dalai Lama itself was set up during the Ming Dynasty as a theocratic mean to rule over the Tibetans. Second of all, the Dalai Lama DID have many slaves, something which even pro-Tibet supporters don’t deny. And your generalization of all people from China being brainwashed by their government doesn’t really stand, as I currently reside in Canada…


      • Anonymous

        Even if he had slaves. If you know the real definition of a slave, you should know that it isn’t that bad. In the Roman Empire lots of people became slaves because it gave them the chance to have food, a shelter, a nice place to live and sleep…they even got some pocketmoney… It was the basis of the social security… Sure there are always people who are evil and were exploiting them… It’s especially nowadays that people had there own vision of a slave and totally misinterpreted the term. It looks to me that the dalai lama wouldn’t use slaves for bad intentions. When will people finally get the hang of the word ‘tolerance’. Who cares who did what. Stop complaining about things that happend and start thinking about tomorrow. The visions like the ones that the dalai lama explains to us are good visions. They seek for giving the people a harmonius way to live. If you don’t except his ideas, except those of Martin Luther King, Gandhi or Jesus. And then I mean really Jesus, not the things books like the bible make of it. Use it to create your own visions… Who in the world doesn’t want a peaceful place to live on.

    • JR

      This is just a hate Website i dont think Dalai Lama will go to that negative path he knows well better than that. This world is a world of Anger and hatred. And we are still in the age of war. War within ourselves. People now a days loves and welcomes stress, anger, hatred, discremination, and all sort of negativity. THese things gives them their daily energy. I pity these kind of people who everyday waiting for someone to make mistake in which they themselves are the one. …………

      • terminatorii

        This is just a site to disclose the inconvenient truth that some people do not like to know or to admit. If this is called “hatred”, then you should think about how the “free media” hate China – I am sure you have noticed that more than 99% of the news reports in the “free media” about China are negative. You should question why they HATE china so much?!!

  7. Br Max EFO

    Compared to the likes of Bush And Blair, HHDL is a trustworthy and ethical person, who does not say one thing in public and do the opposite behind closed doors. Of course there are some who hate him, Jesus also frightened and challenged the Status Quo of self serving Bull and blinkered self delusion.

    Read what some of the Jews and Romans had to say about Jesus in his day, and see the same thing going on here. Utterly Pathetic !!

  8. terminator

    To Pasang:

    “there is no evidence that dalai lama enslaved tibetan.” Hold on, do you just come back from the Mars? There are many academic research results based on solid evidences showing that Tibet was a feudal theocratic system under Da-Lie Lama. So you just want to use your single sentence without any evidence to reject those studies? You must be kidding me.

    “infact we love him and he cares about all the human being.” Hey, would you mind tell us what this “we” and “all the human being” means in your sentence? I know many people do not belongs to the “we” you referred to.

    “chinese government always give false information to there people.” What a good strategy! When guys like you do not have any evidence to support your arguments, you always launch personal attacks to demonize your opponents’ background, personality, etc, in the hope that this kind of attacks can diminish the facts raised by your opponents. Come on, we the people organizing this websites are all living in the US and we have had all the access to the “free press” for many years. And we found our evidences and facts from the “free press”. So are you going to say that all the “free press always give false information to there people?”

  9. jp

    I don’t recall anyone saying that the Dalai Lama was Jesus.

  10. Khenrab

    For the web maker!! (Big haha!!) good joke!! you proved yourself that you don’t have any other things to do, other than eating and shitting!! i dun know to whom you are trying to fool, if you are from mars or some other planet then let me explain you clearly my dear, this is earth and we are in 21st century, people on this earth are born with the brain and you dun have to make a funny websites to claim your lies … very pathetic!! Both Dalai Lama and Jesus Christ have a same ideology and principal… i am sure you have never read bible or any book written by Dalai Lama. Go read them dear.

    I have prayer for you and people of your kind:

    May you find the True meaning of life,
    May you understand the value of life,
    May you find the path to compassion,
    May you live happily and,
    May you let people live happily…Amen!!

    Love & peace

  11. Dave

    The Chinese government are such good and true and righteous people (Tiannamen Square). They always stand up for their people (Tiannamen Square). The Chinese government are always made to look bad by the West and their press, after all the media and freedom of expression have never been controlled by the CCP (Tiannamen Square) and manipulation of the facts has never been part of their policy (Tiannamen Square)…

    Tiannamen Square
    Tiannamen Square
    Tiannamen Square

    Honestly you people have the shortest memory on historical record, but then since your historical records are indeed manipulated (Tiannamen Square NEVER happened!), I am not at all surprised.

    “There are none so blind as those that will not see…” – Yer good example, Jesus, himself persecuted under a controlling authority who would not allow objections to Pharisee policy!

    Dalai Lama = Jesus
    Not exactly – and I am sure he will be the first to point this out – but a close parallel in terms of compassion and approach to people everywhere, including the Chinese.
    CCP = Pharisees
    Not exactly – and I am sure the CCP will be the first to point this out – but a close parallel in terms of persecution of religious freedom, distortion of the facts, backed up by brutality of the worst kind including the Chinese.


  12. Edwin

    The Dalai Lama never pretended to be anything more than a man, a humble monk. Of course he is a Tibet’s religious and temporal leader, but someone has to be. He never chose this.
    The webmaster should be ashamed of him self for spreading these lies about one of the most honorable men on this planet. Who are you to judge? Have you ever been to the invaded country of Tibet or Dharamsala in India? Have you ever met the Dalai Lama and listened to his teachings? Surely not! Try listening to him and maybe you will find peace and loose the need to spread this hate propaganda. It’s a waste of web space.

    Greetings from a Dutch Buddhist…

    • Anonymous

      @ edwin
      ”The Dalai Lama never pretended to be anything more than a man, a humble monk. Of course he is a Tibet’s religious and temporal leader, but someone has to be. He never chose this.
      The webmaster should be ashamed of him self for spreading these lies about one of the most honorable men on this planet. Who are you to judge? Have you ever been to the invaded country of Tibet or Dharamsala in India? Have you ever met the Dalai Lama and listened to his teachings? Surely not! Try listening to him and maybe you will find peace and loose the need to spread this hate propaganda. It’s a waste of web space.

      Greetings from a Dutch Buddhist…”

      If he is like you said a humble monk blablabaa why does he accepted all the money from the cia? and be part of plans to overcome the communistparty back than??
      bronnen: http://www.nytimes.com/1998/10/02/world/world-news-briefs-dalai-lama-group-says-it-got-money-from-cia.html

      ik zie dat je nederlands bent.
      Ik ben een ook boeddist. maar dalai lama is 1 grote leugen. een echte boedist zou nooit samenwerken met VS. Verenigde staten is the most evil country of the world!

      greeting netherlands

      • Anonymous

        Have you gone mad? Sure, de VS is misschien ethisch onverantwoord, but compared to countries like Saudi Arabia, Israel, China and lots of African countries, where people got murdered every day, they are just like us. If you want something realised. The easiest way is often through politics, even as bad as it seems sometimes. And as I recall the VS is still highest political power in the world. So whatever, why not through them? The most important thing is that there is no use of violence in that what you are trying to achieve. Please people. It’s time to think. What difference does it make if you always put your energy in the things that people do wrong. Try putting them in things that are good and righteous. Help those who want good, for yourself, your family, friend, loved ones,… try doing something for someone else somtimes… Stop rejecting the good

    • Anonymous

      And btw Tibet is not a country. its a region in china!

  13. Gian Luca

    Dalai Lama Slave and Torture 95% of Tibetanian people from 1911 to 1950 , this is no chinese propaganda this is history stop listen tv and buy a good hystori book , Dalai Lama want come back to tibet only for get back his power like it was before

    • Nosk

      i feel sympathy on you people. where you stand on your word not for the truth

    • Anonymous

      The current dalai lama is born in 1935!!! He was 15 in 1950 when he created a government. How the hell could he enslave people in between. The previous one died in 1933… If you write something historical check your sources please! Man how can you say those things. Tibet is constantly being under attack by Chinese authorities. How can you deny this fact? STOP DEFENDING THE EVIL!

  14. Dave

    I am a historian – I do read history books! They are still allowed in the west, and from more than one perspective. Wake up brain-wash-child!

  15. Anonymous

    If you read History so just read abot from 1911 to 1950 what kind of goverment was in Tibet and how it was the treatment for population

  16. Gian Luca

    So instead to replay with insult tell me about all the prospective in Tibet from 1911 to 1950 how beautifull was the life before china changed , tell me about the freedom of Tibetanian people from Monk and Dalai Lama Becouse From what i know it was one of the worst Feudalism system in a hystori , were Monk decide about life and dead on other without give nothing to Tibetanian People , but maybe you know more than me and i`m wrong , maybe it was a Democracy were people can vote to decide to stay under dalay lama or not or maybe it was a republic , i don`t know tell me Mr Hystorical witch situation was in Tibet under Dalay lama witch kind of benefict tibetanian have under Dalay Lama Becouse for what i know if Tibetanian have Water inside the house is thanks to chinese , but as you say You have a lot of Hystori book so , another think i want to know is :if in China there is no free religion wy in Beijing there a re a lot of temple for Taoism Confucianesimo e Buddism like “Lama temple ” ?
    Please let me know becouse i`m little confuse

  17. sanam

    If The Dalai Lama has been such a bad dictator to his people, then why have more than 80000 of Tibetans left their country and risked their lives crossing the mountains to go to India, just that they can live near him?

  18. Anonymous

    Wen Dalai Lama rules he wasn`t the only one to get benefit of his Teocracy and for what i know Dalai Lama escape with 5 to 20 man troue the montain can you show me were do you get your fact
    And if you have a time can you speach with someone know about mountain traiking and ask him how can you go troue Himalaya in 15 day with 80000 people?

    • Anonymous

      If Hannibal tried to cross the mountains in 219 B.C. with already 59000 man, and lets say succeeded with 25000 man to cross the Pyrenees, at that time, with al violent battles on the path… why shouldn’t anything like that be possible now, with no interference on the road.

  19. Karma Lodro Lhamo

    Remember folks, if you have your picture taken with anyone, you immediately become responsible for all of their actions — past & future. At least, that’s what this blog would like to suggest.

  20. Platos

    I’m a Chinese who lives in Germany, so I`ve got informations from both two sides……

    @ Rob
    he´s not the only one – I hate him too……
    The western Media is the real propaganda – you are just brainwashed……

    @ Umberto
    Has Dalailama paid some money to you for buy milk powder? I just think that you know nothign about China, Tibet and the evidence of Dalai Lama…..

    @ Pasang
    Dalai Lama cares about a bullshit! – He just said in his mouth that he cares about those things like “Human being”…He only cares about moneys and power – nothing else……

    The Communistic Party has killed people in the “PAST!!!!”, so it`s lots of years ago, I don`t think that anyone can remember the Ku Kux Clan or RAF………

    @ Br Max EFO
    But there is a difference between Jews and Exiltibetans – the Jews were innocence, but the exiltibetan were guilty…….

    @ jp

    @ Khenrab
    I don`t believe Budda, Gods etc……The world has suffered too much because of the religions……so dont tell me this shit……

    @ Dave
    the Massacre of the Tianmen-Square happened some 20 years ago – I don’t think that anyone talks about the KKK or RAF today that the western Country equals China……

    @ Edwin
    I think you should be ashamed for giving commentarys like this – I don`t want to see some Tibetan Separatists……

    @ Sanam
    80000 Tibetans escaped – and TWO – THREE MILLION Tibetans live in the autonomic territory of China……I think you are good in maths…….

  21. Anthony

    Ok I have to say this is the biggest bunch of BS I have ever come across. China went in and took over Tibet, did you forget that. I don’t recall the Tibetian people throwing a huge parade for being liberated from the evil Dalai Lama. If you believe anything that the idiots on this site are saying in regards to the Dalai Lama. Free your mind

  22. Gian Luca

    And here we have the very clever man dosn`t know that Dalai Lama without the consense of people live in tibet in 1914 after century Tibet was part of china declare tibet independence , and no country in the world for the 40 years Tibet was arbitrary declear indipendent , reconnaise Tibet as a country .
    If you realy wanna free your mind stop watching tv and buy a history book

  23. Anonymous

    Have you even met a Buddhist? I’ve converted from Christianity (the brain-wash, guilt trip of my childhood) to Buddhism, so I think I have a little knowledge about both. America needs more buddhists. We just took the final hot shower now that bush is finally gone, maybe you’ll see that ignorance and hate are going out of style.

  24. Gian Luca

    Now you confus me in China Buddhism is practice everywere even in Tibet you can check by yourself on Lama Temple in Beijing , or maybe you think Dalai Lama is a leader of every Buddhist in the world? check about Dorje Shugden

  25. terminatorii

    To Anthony:

    “I don’t recall the Tibetian people throwing a huge parade for being liberated from the evil Dalai Lama.”

    Read some history books, or go to Tibet and see by your own eyes.

  26. Tim Kinberly

    @gian luca: did you said china’s Buddhism is practice every where in the world including Tibet? ok, hold on. tell me how do you define chinese buddhism and Tibetan buddhism? how many buddhist are there in China (please don’t include Tibetan)? 2% 4% or 6%? how come chinese are so shameless and fat leathered face to tell lie and try to hide everything to the world as if the world is stupid and not only the world the chinese communist govt also try to hide the fact to chinese people itself by all means! they block the websites which tells the fact about the Tibet, they black out the news channels to broadcast any news showing Tibetan and their supporters protesting against chinese govt! WHY THE CHINESE GOVT ARE DOING SO? TRYING TO BLOCK THE CHINESE PEOPLE TO ACCESS TO THE FACTS BY THE MEANS OF MODERN TECHNOLOGIES? answer is very simple, communist govt themselve are scared to let the people of china know the real fact that many of the countries are against china and Tibet was really a country of its own and never was a part of china. this is high time that chinese communist govt will soon burst since the human right issues are high in china. dictatorship in china will soon fall down…
    recently in cambridge university the chinese premier Wen missed the protesters flying shoe by a yard when he was giving speech to the student of cambridge university but end up giving speech only to the chinese student since non-chinese didn’t turn up to listen to the lies anymore!

    hello, stop telling all the people to buy a history book… the one you have got is uncorrect history book written by Mao Tse Dung in his bathroom and wrote everything he felt good to fool the chinese people and the world but sadly he was over smart…

    god bless you gian luca…

    tim Kinberly

  27. Anonymous

    Chinese goverment don`t stop no-one to be Buddhist Muslim Taoism or Cattolic just don`t sponsor any religion so is just about you what you wonna be Buddist or not , no one gonna stop you untill you don`t go against the goverment
    In Beijing there is a Lama Temple very nice temple they have numerous visitors every day from all china, and …no military to stop you
    So i`m very proud to be part of west world were we have free tv,were they all togheter push for a war of iraq seeking chemical weapon they dosn`t esist ,
    If you don`t like comunism no one ask you to go to live in china but let chinese people alone is gonna be shocking for you but almost all chinese people is very happy about there goverment specialy this premier , if you dont` belive me ,go and visit china ,is a beautifull country ,and maybe is shocking for you but there are not sniper on top of building,ready to shoot you if you complain about everything .and if you worry about the poor chinese people they don`t like there govermen and they wonna flea the country …don`t bother chinese goverment becouse is not him to don`t let them go away but your goverment to don`t let theme come in
    Could you tell me which book say tibet it was always a country and not only for 50 year please?
    And how It become a country , i mean Dalai Lama let 6 milion people vote ? Or just proclame himself King of Tibet and King of buddhism in the entire world?

    I cant` read Chinese so i can`t read Mao`s book but every book i see in Europe the show Tibet is part of china untill 1914 and i`m very surprise that our “democratic and free tv “never say that and just start to teel the story of Tibet after 1950

    Last thing , befoure become part of any moviment i suggest you to have more knoledge about it , go to Tibet no one stop you , and you can bring your camera no one stop you to film have a picture and question people and you can discover few things

    1.Chinas one child policy has never applied to Tibetans.

    2. Tibetan students can be accepted into Chinas top universities with much lower score in the entrance examination. Also they have more financial support from government.

    3. Tibetan women are allowed to have two or three husbands at the same time.

    4.Tibetan farmers are heavily subsidized by Chinese government, while Han-Chinese are not.

    Web site banned in china (including any web site explicit sex and pedophilia) are banned becouse they don`t wonna stay at chinese goverment rules .
    If i come in your house and i start to speck very bad about you you are the first to kikk me away

    China is a comunist country with comunist rules and actualy West country in the name of Democracy acting very worst than china. before judge what china doing check what we are doing in the world and feel shame of ourself

  28. Gian Luca

    Sorry just forgot to put a signature

  29. Tom

    I read a hole lot of different opinions. And that is what I can appreciate in this day and age, we can speak as we wish, following our own believes.
    Personaly I find HH Dalai Lama XIV to be one of worlds’ greatest persons. He’s an example for me to go through life in peace. In peace with others and with myself. I don’t mind what other people think or do, as long as they live peacefully, without any form of violence and try to do good in life.
    I wish EVERYBODY

  30. Tom

    It is better to light a candle, than it is to complain about the darkness……

    Don’t try to get all the answers, but try to understand your own questions….

    I wish you all a happy and peacefull life…….

  31. Gian Luca

    I don`t know everyone can belive what ever whant but maybe you need to ask to the ” Western Dorje Shugden society “about Dalai Lama for them he dosn`t look so peacefull ,even there are Buddhist and actualy for me only talk about peace and after send monk to burn car and restaurant ….mmm , but anyway is not George Bush talk always about Democracy?…What another great man of peace

  32. terminator

    always talk peace, you’ll become a great man even though you actually enslaved millions or started a war to kill millions. isn’t this some kind of lessons the western want to teach the world?

  33. Anonymus

    this is a load of crap the Dalai Lama cares for people and the Chinese government gives false info so shove it up ur ass cuz the Dalai Lama is a better person that you’ll ever be dumbass

  34. Anonymous

    Ye right and the pope is a voice of god

  35. Fred Sherwood

    You do talk some shit. Can you say honestly that no blood has ever been spilt in the name of Jesus?

    Every religion has its good things and a whole lot of Bad things.

  36. J

    I understand . That is truth . Buddhism do not kill .
    Look in history , most if not all wars were created by Christians . Even right now , Christians kill innocent people in Iraq, Afganistan etc .
    Yes . Dalai lama is not Jesus .
    Buddhism do not kill !

  37. Gian Luca

    Is exactly what cristian say “Christianity dosn`t kill” Buddhism dosn`t kill ? When Dalai Lama rules Tibet from 1911 to 1950 people dont follow his leadership were tortured and kill “Ask to people worship Dorje Shugden
    In the Tibet riot the restaurant burn dow from Dalai Lama followers wasn`t empty and 2 young waiter were kill
    Buddhism dosn`t kill just becouse dosn`t rules any country give back power to this people and you can see

    • Nosk

      where is PRC AND PLA, when Dalai lama is rulling Tibet. and dont tell we havent formed PRC.
      When chinese goverment are claming that tibet is part of china from 6th century.
      then why feudal system in Tibet.

      you mean to say china cannot control in those years. why?

      because china doesnt care for tibetan, they want tibet to used our resources.

  38. Gian Luca

    For all the people think that History of Tibet is only Chinese propaganda let read this one from U.k.Telegraph http://my.telegraph.co.uk/elle/blog/2008/03/06/myth_and_reality_of_tibet

  39. Leanne

    Its funny ho some people beleive this is true I have been reading up on the Dalai lama for a debate and the person I’m aganist may be using this information THANKS FOR HELPING ME WIN

  40. Andy

    I think is more funny how the people follow the Dalai Lama only becouse speck about love and peace ,and only becouse “media” say to them is a good person ,why no one talk about Dragpa Gyaltsen the real Lama ? Myabe becouse is no sponsored by Coca cola ? switch off the TV and open some book (no necessary chinese ) check about Dorje Shugden and how you lovely Dalai Lama try to destroy and punish every one try to follow this Buddhist practice


  41. phillip nelson

    what is all this about please?……is it that jesus needs his ‘competitors’ verbally assasinated…..the history of christianity would not stand up well to any rational scrutiny

  42. George

    Nobody ever said the Dalai Lama is jesus. So your so called propaganda has no effect on anybody. For your so called little news about the Dalai Lama meeting with murderes, so did Jesus. Jesus also met with prostitutes and criminals, not to join them in their crimes but help them and show them a way towards the light and making them feel loved. Feeling loved and understood makes a big differnace in anybodies live. Clearly the Chinese governmant is a Dictatorship. I am boycotting all Chinese product and will never buy or support anything from China.

  43. terminatorii


    As I’ve repeatedly pointed out, Da-Lie Lama talked a lot about “peace” and “harmony”, such as his “Five Point Peace Plan”. But did you ever read the details about his so-called “peace plan”? I bet not. You probably just know that he had some kind of “peace plan”. It is the detail that matters. In his so-called “peace plan”, you can only find an ethnic cleanse plan. Read the “peace plan” by yourself and the quotation of “http://www.examiner.com/x-1000-DC-Independent-Conservative-Examiner~y2009m4d1-Stupidity-and-racism-conjoined-The-two-state-delusion”. You will know what is the truth of his “peace”.

    As I said, it does not matter what a person says. You have to understand one by his actions. Looking at the recent history of Hitler, Goebbels, GW Bush, you know what their “peace” mean and how many have died and suffered. Looking at a bit back into the history, you should know numerous people have suffered and died because of the name of Jesus. Yes, Christians feel love and peace from the Jesus. But it never stops them from doing evil things when they believe that the Jesus is leading them. As a consequence, murders feel peace and love while they were killing and torturing. Isn’t this ironic?

    I have no doubt that the Chinese government is a Dictatorship. But do you ever study the Constitution of the Tibetan Exile government? Do you know Da-Lie Lama is also a Dictatorship? I bet not. Are you boycotting all Da-Lie Lama’s “product”? Oh, please! Do not tell me that you support one Dictatorship but not the other one. In deed, nowadays the Chinese Dictatorship at least is led by a committee of 7 – 9 members, but the Exile group still has only one leader, that is Da-Lie Lama himself. Yes, I know he talked a lot of retirement. But the only thing matters is not his word, but his action. Before he truly retire, he is today still a Dictatorship!

  44. ET

    maybe he is not jesus cuz he is actually real

  45. luyi99

    Well, some people are brainwashed by their government and media so completely. I am not talking about Chinese here. Chinese are brainwashed but they know and they try to avoid it. While westerns are brainwashed but they don’t know and they feel they are the judge of everything.

  46. No

    HAHAHA Bashing the dalai lama for the followers being violent?

    Did someone forget the crusades? Or how about the Spanish inquisition? Salem which trails? need I go on?

    Jesus was a political activist who hated roman oppression of his people, you don’t think that doesn’t sounds the slightest bit like the dalai lama?

  47. No

    “1.Chinas one child policy has never applied to Tibetans.

    2. Tibetan students can be accepted into Chinas top universities with much lower score in the entrance examination. Also they have more financial support from government.

    3. Tibetan women are allowed to have two or three husbands at the same time.

    4.Tibetan farmers are heavily subsidized by Chinese government, while Han-Chinese are not.”

    A prisoner in a gilded cage is still a prisoner.

  48. terminatorii

    To No:


    At least, a prisoner in a gilded cage is better than a dead indian, don’t you think so?

    Please forgive my ignorance. I haven’t seen any ethnic minority in human history that has enjoyed better benefit from a government of other ethnic groups than the Tibetans. If the Tibetans are “prinsoners” like you said, the rest of the world must be living in the hell.

  49. Kings Punjab

    Well! Till date, I have heard that people get brainwashed by the people of other nations but the funniest joke with you Chinese people are that you are “BRAINWASHED” by your own communist govenment. Your government programed you and your Citizen in such way that you are unable to feel that you are brainwashed and see the real fact instead of the one that your government taught you… m not saying this because the world hates you people, but the communist regime… For the world you are hapless victim of your own govenment.
    Well, if you oppose my statement… then i have nothing to say because it is not you, it is the program that runs in your brain but alas you are not able to feel so when whole world see so. I pray for your swift recovery and get back in the world.

    • terminator

      @Kings Punjab

      You know how to identify someone from the west whether he/she has been brainwashed by the media? Very simple – just watch how he/she talks about China – “the communist regime”!

  50. GangchenPa

    China’s favorite propaganda on Tibet and why it’s wrong:

    It’s no secret that the Chinese government sees propaganda as a key weapon in its efforts to battle the movement for Tibetan rights and independence. Luckily for Tibetans, Beijing’s Orwellian rants-for example labeling the Dalai Lama a “Serpent” and a “wolf in monk’s robes” have bordered on the hilarious. That is until recently. Beijing’s propaganda strategy is shifting to a greater utilization of Chinese and western scholars and hand-picked Tibetan spokespeople. A leaked document from the Chinese communist party’s ninth meeting on Tibet-related external propaganda in 2001 stated, “Effective use of tibetologists and specialists is the core of our external propaganda struggle for public opinion on Tibet.” Beijing is also starting to send out propaganda tours of carefully selected groups of its Tibetan officials – always with Chinese escort. In order to address these recent moves, students for a free Tibet has deconstructed Beijing’s favorite propaganda points justifying china’s invasion and continuing occupation of Tibet.

    “Tibet has always ‘belonged’ to china”

    This is Beijing’s favorite argument, though the exact moment when Tibet supposedly became “part” of China keeps changing; it’s variously said to have happened in the seventh century, the 13th century, the Qing dynasty, or simply “always.” It’s hard to do justice to two thousand years of Tibetan history in a few paragraphs, but lets see why the Chinese government not so sure about the exact moment:

    · The seventh century: Beijing used to claim that marriage of Tibet’s king Srongtsen Gampo to Chinese tang dynasty princess Wencheng in 641 A.D. marked the “union of the Tibetan and Han Chinese nationalities.” It stopped claiming this when it was repeatedly pointed out that Wencheng was junior to Stongtsen Gampo’s Nepali wife, princess Brikuti and that the Tang emperor was forced to give his daughter because of the strength of the Tibetan empire. In fact, the Tibetan army sacked and briefly occupied the tang capital in 765 A.D., and the 822 A.D. peace treaty forced the Chinese to treat “barbarian” Tibetans as equals.
    · The 13th century: Beijing claims that Tibet became part of china during the Yuan dynasty in the mid 13th century. The Yuan was actually a Mongol empire, with Chinggis khan and his descendents conquering china and nations from Korea to Eastern Europe. For China to claim Tibet based on this would belike India claiming Myanmar since both were under British colonization. The Mongols never ruled Tibet as an administrative region of china and Tibet was given special treatment because Tibet’s Sakya lamas were the religious teachers of the Mongol emperors. By the fall of Mongol Yuan dynasty. Tibet had again become in charge of its own affairs.
    · The Qing Dynasty (1644-1911): Beijing is opposed to past western and Japanese imperialism but sees nothing wrong in claiming Tibet based on the Manchu Qing Empire. This claim doesn’t stand up either. The Manchu rulers if china were Buddhists, and Tibet’s Dalai lamas and the Manchu emperors had a special priest-patron relationship called Cho-Yon whereby china committed to providing protection to the largely demilitarized Tibetan state. Chinese nationalists may see this as sovereignty, but it wasn’t. As the relationship became strained, china at various times exercised influence and sent armies into Tibet – but so did Nepal during this time. China expanded its influence in Tibet after 1720, as a powerful country dealing with a weaker neighbor it later tried to occupy Tibet by force violating the Cho-Yon relationship, but with the fall of the Qing Dynasty in 1911, Tibetans expelled the Chinese and the 13th Dalai Lama proclaimed Tibet’s complete independence. Until the Chinese invasion of 1950-51, Tibet enjoyed full sovereignty as defined under international law: it had a territory, a population, a government exercising effective control, and the ability to enter into international relations (such as the 1914 Simla convention with Britain, trade delegations to the west, and neutrality in World War II).
    · 1951: china claims sovereignty over Tibet from before 1951, but this is an important date. This is when after defeating Tibet’s small army, china imposed the seventeen point agreement on the Tibetan government, demanding the Tibet “return” to Chinese sovereignty (raising the uncomfortable question of WHY such surrender treaty was needed unless Tibet was a country independent if china in the first place). This agreement was legally invalid because of duress, but the Tibetan government had little choice but to try to coexist with china under its provisions. It became clear that Beijing had no intention to live up to its promises, and the Tibetan government fully repudiated the document during brutal suppression of the 1959 Tibetan uprising.
    · “Always”: do we even need to respond to this? Irish ambassador to the U.N. Frank Aiken said it best in the U.N.’s debate on Tibet in 1959. “Looking around this assembly …I think how many benches would be empty in this hall if it had always been agreed that when a small nation or a small people fall in the grip of a major power no one could ever raise their voice here; that once there was a subject nation, then must always remain a subject nation. Tibet has fallen into the hands of Chinese People’s Republic for the last few years. For thousands of years, …it was as free and as fully in control of its own affairs as any nation in this assembly, and a thousand times more free to looks after its own affairs than many of the nations here”.

    2:-“Old Tibet was a backwards, feudal society and the Dalai Lama was an evil slaveholder”

    Beijing (as well as sympathetic western scholars such as Michael Parenti, tom Grunfeld and Anna Louise strong) asserts that “pre-liberation” Tibet was a medieval, oppressive society consisting of “landowners, serfs and slaves.” Tashi Rabgyal, a Tibetan scholar at Harvard, points out that these three alleged social classes are arbitrary and revisionist classifications that have no basic in reality. There were indeed indentured farmers in old Tibet. There were also merchants, nomads, traders, non-indentured farmers, hunters, bandits, monks, nuns, musicians, aristocrats and artists. Tibetan society was vast, multifaceted affair, as real societies tend to be. To try to reduce it to three vase experiences (and non-representative experiences at that) is to engage in the worst kind of revisionism.
    No country is perfect and many Tibetans (including the Dalai Lama) admit that old Tibet had its flaws and inequities (setting aside whether things are better under Chinese occupation). But taking every real or imagined shortcoming that happened in a country over a 600-years period and labeling it the “way it was” is hardly legitimate history. Any society seen through this blurry lens would come up short. And in many ways, such as the elimination of the death penalty, Tibet was perhaps ahead of its time. The young 14th Dalai Lama had begun to promote land reform laws and others improvements, but china’s take-over halted these advances. It is instructive to note that today the Tibetan government-in-exile is a democracy while china and Tibet are under communist dictatorship.
    The crucial subtext of Beijing’s condemnation of Tibet’s “feudal” past is classic colonialist argument that the target’s alleged backwardness serves as a justification for invasion and occupation. These are the politics of the colonist in which the “native” is dehumanized, robbed of agency, and debased in order to make occupation more palatable or even necessary and “civilizing.” China has no more right to occupy a “backward” Tibet that Britain had to carry the “white man’s burden” in India or Hong Kong.

    “China ‘peacefully liberated’ Tibet, and Tibetans today are happy under Chinese rule.”

    Beijing’s line is that the Tibetan people, and particularly the peasantry, welcomed the “peaceful liberation” of Tibet and that it was they themselves who “overthrew the landlords.” In fact, China’s People’s Liberation Army decimated that 5,000-strong Tibetan army in October 1950 at Chamdo, eastern Tibet. There’s no question that some Tibetans initially greeted the Chinese (the communists claims they were only there to “help develop” Tibet); that such welcomes were in the vast minority is equally clear. Tibetan histories of Tibet, such as Tsering Shakya’s Dragon in the land of snows and W.D. Shakabpa’s Tibet: a political history, corroborate this. The late Panchen Lama’s courageous 70,000-character secret petition to chairman Mao summarizes how the “liberation” negatively affected Tibetans of all walks of life.
    Indeed it was the Tibetan peasantry, the very group the Chinese “liberation” was said to have helped, who formed the core of the popular resistance to the Chinese occupation. By 1959, a guerilla resistance movement called Chushi Gangdruk (“four rivers, six ranges”) that started in eastern Tibet had spread nation-wide. The resistance reached a symbolic culmination in March 10, 1959 when thousands of Tibetans surrounded the Dalai Lama’s Norbulingka palace to act as human shields to protect him from a rumored Chinese kidnapping plot (hardly the acts of a people longing to be rid of an oppressive Tibetan regime).
    The armed resistance ended in the 1970’s, at the urging of the Dalai Lama, but substantial popular resistance remains. This resistance has taken many forms over the years: pro-independence demonstrations, postering, mass non-cooperation, economic boycott, and risking the perilous Himalayan crossing to live as refugees self-exiled from their own homeland. Ronald Schwartz has written a book, Circle of Protest, analyzing ways in which Tibetan have used religion to express covert political messages. Chinese writer Wang Lixiong provides another analysis in an article entitled Tibet: The People’s Republic of China’s 21st Century Underbelly. Wang opposes Tibetan independence, but believes there is a risk of Beijing succumbing to its own propaganda. He recognizes the strength of Tibetan nationalism and pro-independence sentiment, and writes, “The military[‘s] role on sovereignty is only like a rope, which can tie Tibet to China, but cannot keep our bloodlines together over the long term”.

    “Tibetans are better off now than they were before the ‘peaceful liberation’ ”

    This incorrectly assumes three things: [1] the Tibetans are incapable of developing without Chinese intervention (a modern version of the “white man’s burden”); [2] that the Beijing’s developmental priorities ad ideas of progress are what Tibetans want; and [3] that material development somehow excuses the colonialist occupation of Tibet. Let’s take these in order:
    [1] To imply that Tibetans are incapable of developing their own country is insulting, condescending and chauvinistic. Nor is it proper to compare apples and oranges: Tibet five decades ago cannot e compared with today, since a free Tibet would not have existed in a vacuum in the intervening years. One only has to look at the model success of the Tibetan refugee community to wonderful how much better life in Tibet could be if Tibetans were actually in charge of their own country.
    [2] Yes, China has developed Tibet, but urban Tibetans only benefit marginally and rural Tibetan barely benefit at all. Tibetans without Chinese language skill and connections are left to fend for themselves as second-class citizens ion their own country. China’s own statistics show Tibet’s per capita income falls below that of all Chinese provinces, and vast areas of rural Tibet lack in basic education and healthcare. Beijing’s overarching priority is tying Tibet to China y moving in Chinese colonists to the urban areas and creating a Tibetan economy dependent on resources-exploitation and state subsidies. It is spending huge amount of money in infrastructure to solidify its control, such as a railroad to Lhasa on which Beijing will spend more than what it has put towards healthcare and education in the entire 50+ years it has occupied Tibet. Some scholars such as Hong Kong-based Barry Sautman argued that these policies are beneficial to Tibetan and aren’t colonialism because China isn’t following the same demographic strategy as previous colonial powers. Nevertheless, Tibet today is the vast resource-extraction colony and its urban areas are filled with Chinese settlers. According to the UNDP in 2000, real GDP per capita in Tibet is $169, as opposed to $680 for China as a whole and $4,000 in Shanghai.
    Adult literacy is 38% as opposed to 81% in China. Maternal morality is 50 per 10,000 as opposed to 9 per 10,000 in China. All these show that China’s much-vaunted “development” is skewed y political priorities (securing control, building infrastructure) and isn’t benefiting Tibetans.
    [3] Beijing would never argue that just because Hong Kong under British rule grew to become one of the world’s major economic centers and enjoyed one of the highest living standards in Asia, this somehow justified British imperialism. it seems hypocritical for is to use exactly this line of reasoning for Tibet, where factually valid or not.

    “China has already granted Tibetan’s autonomy”

    This argument is emerging as one of Beijing’s new favorites, a way of combating the Dalai Lama’s moderate proposals for a compromise solution. In its latest White Paper, Regional Ethnic Autonomy in Tibet, Beijing claims that it has given Tibetans substantial autonomy rights already and that this means the “Tibet question” is solved. The reality is that this alleged autonomy is crippled by severe limits and by Beijing’s ultimate control.
    Autonomy is the so-called “Tibet Autonomous Region” is extremely limited, is granted or retracted at Beijing’s will, and is based on power-relationships rather than clearly defined rights. Most fundamentally, it’s hard to speak of “autonomy” when the government is controlled by the non-democratic, communist party dictatorship that prohibits independent institutions or organizations. Beijing’s overriding concern in Tibet is “stability” (meaning fighting the independence movement) and all the other concerns are subordinate. As a result, Beijing retains huge formal and informal ability to dictate policies in “hard” issue areas such as politics and law. There is a limited flexibility in “soft” issue areas such as culture and economics, but even this is subject to Beijing’s ultimate power as shown for example by the strict monastery controls and incentives for Chinese settlers that Tibetans themselves would not willingly enact.
    Tibet’s lack of real autonomy is further underscored by looking at who the actual decision-makers are. Ultimate power lies in Beijing. Tibetans do occupy some figurehead positions such as governor of the “Tibet Autonomous Region,” but these officials are largely considered to be Beijing’s puppets. Beijing doesn’t trust the Tibetan cadres at lower levels, and is constantly trying to root out their private religious devotion and loyalty to the Dalai Lama. As a result, real power is exercised by Chinese officials in Beijing and Tibet including Tibet’s communist party chairman, who has never been a Tibetan. The importance of the communist party can’t be over-emphasized and because ultimate power in China comes through this body.
    Beijing’s unconvincing claims of Tibetan autonomy can’t paper over the Tibetan People’s unrealized right to self-determination. Even the U.N. General Assembly explicitly recognized this right in its 1961 resolution on Tibet (Res. 1723 (XVI)). This right means Tibetan have the legal right freely to determine their own political status, and freely to pursue their economic, social and cultural development. Self-determination is a complicated issue, but to put it briefly: Tibet’s history as a sovereign country and China’s continuing and wide spread violations of Tibetan’s fundamental political, economic and other human rights give the Tibetan people the right to choose their own political destiny.
    [An interesting note: Until Beijing referred to “national regional autonomy,” for example in the Seventeen Point Agreement it forced on Tibet in 1951. In the past few years, Beijing has instead been talking about “regional ethnic autonomy,” even rewriting history by altering the Seventeen Point agreement in its contemporary textual references and web sites. This shift appears to be a belated realization that recognizing Tibetans (and other so-called minority groups like Uighurs ) as a “nationality” gives support to their demands for self-determination. Oops! Some analysts also believe that if autonomy is redefined as an “ethnic” privilege, it will become easier for Beijing to justify taking away all pretense of autonomy as Chinese immigration shifts the ethnic balance.]

    “Tibetans in exile, especially the Dalai Lama, are a bunch of aristocrats seeking to reestablish the old regime”

    The notions that the Tibetan refugee community longs to reestablish an aristocracy has nothing to do with the real aspirations of the Tibetan freedom movement. Currently there are over 150,000+
    Tibetan living in exile around the world; to characterize this group as “former aristocrats” is ludicrous when one considers their numbers and diverse backgrounds from Tibet.
    Tibetans never saw their country as perfect and the Tibetan government-in-exile is not advocating reestablishing the system that existed before 1959 (nor would be possible). The Dalai Lama has declared that he won’t hold a political position in a free Tibet-despite that the vast majority of Tibetans inside and outside of Tibet would probably elect him a heartbeat – and has laid our guidelines for a democratic free Tibet (see http//www.tibet.com/future.html). The government-in-exile is a democracy run by a Prime Minister (currently Samdhong Rinpoche) and parliament elected by universal suffrage in the refugee communities. The movement for Tibetan independence permeates all segments of Tibetan refugee society, as anyone who has spent time in the Tibetan refugee settlements in India and attended a Tibetan gathering in the west can attest.

    “The Dalai Lama is US government puppet out to ‘split’ China”

    Beijing claims that the Dalai Lama’s status as a “Western pawn” is proved by CIA funding to the Tibetan resistance fighters in the 1950s and ‘60s. Former CIA agents Kenneth Knaus and Tom Laird have both written books in CIA’s involvement in the Tibetan guerilla resistance movement, which movement was never controlled by the pacifistic Dalai Lama. These books and other historical documents and testimony show that the Tibetan resistance was very much an indigenous reaction by Tibetans to China’s invasion of their homeland. Tibetans were willing to take any help against so large an occupying force, and the CIA’s view of Tibet’s utility in a global war against communism doesn’t detract from the legitimacy of the Tibetan cause. The elites of the US and other liberal democracies now prioritize trade with China, and much of their pressure to act on Tibet comes from the grassroots public sympathy.

    “Human rights are China’s internal affair”

    Even if Tibet weren’t an illegal occupied country and therefore a subject of legitimate international concern, the world still has a legitimate interest in Beijing’s human rights abuse in Tibet and China. Certain human rights issues, like the prohibitions in genocide and torture, are jus cogens (peremptory norms of international law) that may never be violated. Other human rights issues are covered by the various international conventions that china has signed and/or ratified. The increased global focus on fighting terrorism, moreover, makes injustice anywhere harder to ignore and gives the world even more of a stake in finding a lasting, peaceful solution to the problems in Tibet.

    Often directed at Westerns Tibet supporters:
    “Anyone who hasn’t been to Tibet has no legitimacy in talking about it”

    This is often said by someone who them self may never have been to Tibet, or whose own motives and interest are suspect. It is a line designed to perpetuate an unjust status quo by de-legitimizing a maximum number of people who could possibly challenge the injustice. Going to Tibet would undoubtedly be informative, and all Tibet supporters who can go should; visitors are usually struck by Tibet’s natural beauty, the warmth of its people, and a pervading sense of a land under military occupation. But you don’t need to go to Paris to know the Eiffel Tower exists, and you don’t need to be jailed in Tibet’s Drapchi prison to know that political prisoners are tortured there.

    • terminator


      I am always entertained by the arguments from the Da-Lie Lama and the exile group. I find it no different from yours, either.

      “Until the Chinese invasion of 1950-51, Tibet enjoyed full sovereignty as defined under international law: it had a territory, a population, a government exercising effective control, and the ability to enter into international relations (such as the 1914 Simla convention with Britain, trade delegations to the west, and neutrality in World War II).”

      But, you failed to point out a well-known fact: only Britain has so-called “international relations” with Tibet. Yes, that is the only country in the world that has recognized Tibet as an independent state. And, it is also well-known that Britain has made every efforts to separate Tibet from China in history. Today, not a single country, even not Britain, has recognize Tibet as an independent state. So, even if Beijing’s propaganda is as stupid as from my point of view, Tibet is a part of China and there is no doubt about this fact.

      “And in many ways, such as the elimination of the death penalty, Tibet was perhaps ahead of its time.”

      I applaud to this SHAMELESS claim. Indeed, I must admit an annoying fact that there is no limit of shamefulness of Da-Lie Lama and his followers. The old Tibet under Da-Lie Lama might eliminate the death penalty. It is because they just left the nearly death prisoners to the hand of the God. I urge the Chinese government to learn this from Da-Lie Lama: just throw those prisoners to the middle of a desert – of course without food, water, or any supplies. Then China can claim that it has eliminated the death penalty. Instantly, China will stands on a higher moral ground than other countries such as the US.

      “The young 14th Dalai Lama had begun to promote land reform laws and others improvements, but china’s take-over halted these advances.”

      This is particularly interesting. I remember that in the past, the exile group only claimed that Da-Lie Lama “intended/wanted/planned” to reform the old Tibet. Now you find new evidence that he actually had done something? Give me a break. Don’t put something you “intended/wanted/planned” to do as you have done it!

      “It is instructive to note that today the Tibetan government-in-exile is a democracy while china and Tibet are under communist dictatorship.”

      Is it true? Let’s take a look at the Constitution of the exile group: “The executive power of the Tibetan Administration shall be vested in His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and shall be exercised by Him, either directly or through officers subordinate to Him, in accordance with the provisions of this Charter. In particular, His Holiness the Dalai Lama shall be empowered to execute the following executive powers as the chief executive of the Tibetan people…” Seriously, you call this a democracy? Can someone be elected as the Dalai Lama? At least, China’s president is elected by its the National People’s Congress (NPC), top legislature of China, regardless how you view its procedure. In the exile group, even this procedure does not exist and Dalai Lama is permanent! Hmm, perhaps the exile group has a different definition of “democracy” and “dictatorship”.

      “This incorrectly assumes three things: [1] the Tibetans are incapable of developing without Chinese intervention (a modern version of the “white man’s burden”); [2] that the Beijing’s developmental priorities ad ideas of progress are what Tibetans want; and [3] that material development somehow excuses the colonialist occupation of Tibet.”

      Well, I can remind you these facts: [1] Tibet’s extremely harsh environment has demonstrated that its land is incapable to produce enough food for its people, not to mention the doubling of Tibetan population in the past half century. And it is unlikely to develop a self-sustainable economy regardless how beautiful a picture of free Tibet you want to draw. [2] China’s development of Tibet has benefit ordinary Tibetan people a great deal during the past. But it is impossible that Tibet becomes as rich as the east coast of China in a night. In fact, if you look at the whole picture of China, you would immediately realize that the east coast is much more developed than the west part of the nation, not just Tibet. Given the difficulties caused by the unique environment of Tibet, it inevitably will fall behind. It can only be improved by making huge investment in the new infrastructure that connect Tibet to the rest of the China. This sadly has become a sticky point being constantly attacked by the out-of-mind exile group. Why I call them out of mind? Because they just blindly attack everything China has done. [3] The exile group is certainly skilled at talk eye-catching words. After the broken arguments of “genocide”, they start to pick up another word “colonialist” without thinking of its actual meaning. In fact, Tibet plateau is such an extreme place that non-Tibetan people can hardly survive there. Few non-Tibetan want to settle down there permanently. “Colonialist”? How ridiculous this argument is!

      “Beijing’s overriding concern in Tibet is “stability” (meaning fighting the independence movement) and all the other concerns are subordinate. As a result, Beijing retains huge formal and informal ability to dictate policies in “hard” issue areas such as politics and law. There is a limited flexibility in “soft” issue areas such as culture and economics, but even this is subject to Beijing’s ultimate power as shown for example by the strict monastery controls and incentives for Chinese settlers that Tibetans themselves would not willingly enact.”

      I see nothing wrong that Beijing want to retain Tibet and defeat Tibet independence. I dare you do something here in the US to promote California independence or Texas independence. You will know how the democratic US would treat you well!

      “Beijing claims that the Dalai Lama’s status as a “Western pawn” is proved by CIA funding to the Tibetan resistance fighters in the 1950s and ‘60s. Former CIA agents Kenneth Knaus and Tom Laird have both written books in CIA’s involvement in the Tibetan guerilla resistance movement, which movement was never controlled by the pacifistic Dalai Lama.”

      Well, still you cannot refute the fact that Da-Lie Lama received direct funding from CIA till 1970s. And later CIA started to fund such projects through indirect method such as using NED. We all know what that means regardless how you beautify it.

    • Anonymous

      As I read the postings on this website I was at first angered by the ignorance of the webmaster to promote such a hateful view. How have we come to attack a peaceful non-violent view of life on a fragile planet?? What has led us here? Ego? Yes, I think so. Ego.
      I found your points convincing and supported, cited by valuable resources. The only reason that sites like this exist is hatred. The Dalai Lama does not equal Jesus arguement is correct. The Dalai Lama exceeds Jesus because his message is not organized into political factions like the christian righteous ideals are. Jesus real ideals have not been a part of the religion called christianity for centuries now. What Jesus proposed as a way of living with others is equal to what the Dalai Lama is teaching….Love…..Acceptance….and Tolerance. If we move beyond the view that EGO would have us perpetuate we would see that in fact H.H. Dalai Lama’s message and Jesus’ message is one and the same. Love
      Put that in your pipe and smoke it GP

  51. Bill

    How you , and everyone is not Tibetanian ,can be so arrogant to decide the fate of Tibet ?, who do you think give to you , and Dalai Lama the power for talk for over 6 milion people ?

    Can you tell me wich kind of injustice Chine perpetuate to tibetanian people? Banned “you Tube”?

    Go to tibet and you found School were Tibetanian Kid can learn their own languages School building by chinese goverment not from Dalai Lama

    Go inside Tibetanian house and you can have running water bring inside the house from Chinese goverment

    go to watching and enjoy
    The Great Prayer Festival (Smom-lam)
    The Large Dharma Transmission Ceremony
    Butter Lamp Festival
    Exorcism Festival
    Buddha Exposing Festival
    and more other Tibetanian Festival

    no one stop you to do that
    no one arrest you for that

    Go and pray (if you wonna ) in a ny Buddhist Temple you can found in Tibet
    as as say before no one stop you

    Before support a cause go inside that live with the people you wanna support and learn on field your own experience

    If you see the Eifell Tower only in Tv maybe the day they say to you is made by plastic you gonna belive it

    • Nosk

      can you give visa for those tibetan in india. i will love to send to tell that tibetan in tibet enjoy more freedom.
      can you work to give visa
      if its truth

  52. Life isn’t for knowing distance between right nor wrong but being intelligent in all you do… The Dalai Lama deserve his respect like any other prophet appearing on earth.

    Just like we have a maker so does he, if the man is wrong about any thing he have done the same creator knows how to correct the situation.

    Until evidence is drawn placing he in direct viloation of misrepresentation, let God do God business.

  53. Mona

    The truth You have no idea what Jesus would do. Jesus was more complex than we know. Divine and wonderful indeed.
    Dalai Lama is no Jesus, true, but he’s trying to do his best. He’s a bit saint, too.

  54. yasay

    Before we saying bad about other person ,We should always remember our own mistake.He is right in his own way and jesus is right in his own way.why we think or say something bad about other without total information.ITS NOT GOOD

  55. Raymondg

    Ummmmm i cant help but comment on these “what would jesus do” pics

    No1: The “religious artifacts” aren’t actually condoned by the current dalai lama. if u haven’t noticed, no currently recognized religion sacrifices humans anymore

    No2: the dalai lama doesnt condone these either. If u add dates to these photos, we will certainly acknowledge them.

    No3: The dalai lama isnt befriending these people and he is definably does not agree with what these people are doing. He is merely trying to coerce them into quitting their evil ways.

    No4: ok, i dont know how Osama B*i*n Laden is a CIA agent. Saddam Hussein is an enemy of the state and is dead. Pinochet is also dead and im sure a pure, Buddhist man like the Dalai Lama would want to affiliate himself with them.

    No5: His followers are protesting against the Chinese government. They are also monks, its not in their nature to hurt anyone unless its deemed necessary for their cause. Monks have set themselves on fire in protest, rather than hurt other people. And dont go on about Shaolin monks and how they waged war with people.

    And by the way, the real question isnt “what would Jesus do?” its “what has Jesus done?”

  56. Mr Dalai Lama’s actions (and lack of them) speak much louder than his words of peace and compassion.

  57. ColdHaven

    It seems as if you are a talking head for the Chinese government cloaked in the supposed actions of Christ.

    I could make a What Would the Dalai Lama do site for Jesus and artbitrarily show pictures without context. However, to do so would harm others emotionally and myself as well. Do not forget there are many skeletons in the Christian historical closet. Nameless acts which Jesus would never do.

    Every man, woman, and child has the right to self preservation. Monks know this too. The Dalai Lama himself said that if someone were trying to kill you and you had a gun then it was reasonable to defend yourself with your own gun.

    Where are the numerous pictures of Chinese military hauling off Tibetans to work in concentration camps? Where are the pictures where the Chinese military kill and torture Tibetan women and children? What about when they kill them for no reason other than because they are Tibetan?

    Your article is highly worthy of ridicule.

  58. joe msattackal

    Keep it up Chris pearson. I guess this is your only way to get attention! I wont call it hate. This is something beyond. Here is someone who needs a little love!

  59. Anonymous

    This is ridiculous! Jesus and Dalai Lama cannot be compared. Dalai Lama is just a man (although claims to be a reincarnated spirit) and Jesus was the Son of God. Dalai Lama may say nice things and “love” everyone… so what! Jesus didn’t come to spread peace, and give a lovely fluffy message! Jesus came as a saviour to the world which without Him, taking the punishment that the world deserves for their individual sins, will go to Hell. And if you think you haven’t sinned and are a good person then just read the commandments set out in the Book of Exodus. Braking any one is a sin, including looking at a woman in lust, or hating anyone. God’s standards are higher than we can every accomplish by ourselves (because He is perfect and righteous), so we are all destined for Hell. This was not the way God originally intended it to be. If we ask Jesus to forgive us (which we can because He has “conquered” sin and death through Him dying on the cross and resurrecting 3 days later with hundreds of witnesses) and turn from our sins we will be forgive and start a personal relationship with us and God. Jesus did teach us to love everyone, especially our enemies, but He is not comparable to any man. He also came to fulfil thousands of years of prophecy, which he did to exactly word for word (with the majority of them out of His control, like where he was born and what happened during and after His death and before His resurrection, which in itself was prophesied exactly). I hope this clears things up. It’s a little insulting even trying to compare anyone (no matter how highly esteemed) to Jesus. Although I’m sure this Dalai Lama is a good man, he can never be perfect (as anyone), and is just deceiving you if you think he can be. God bless you all.

  60. you’re wrong, Dalai Lama’s me. I just shaved.

  61. Antonio

    You have no idea what you´re talkin about, you’re just fearin that His Holiness is the communicator between God and human kind… there is no evidence that Jesus Christ exist but His Holiness is alive, isn’t he? and why you didn’t talked about the crussades or the holy inquisition? those things were worse than any riot made by the Dalai Lama’s followers and the people involved on the crussades and the holy inquisition made it in the Name of God and His Son, werent them?
    So, before talkin shit about someone who suffered more than someone would suffer in hell, study a lil bit of other religions, or if you wanna live in the world made by the christian fanatics, then shut the fuck up and talk this shit to your family.
    By the way, I’m Mexicano and I speak spanish and nahuatl, if you wanna talk with me my mail is killergrips@yahoo.com.mx I’ll wait for your answer, if you have guts to defend your idea

  62. terminatorii

    George Carlin: Religion is bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      This is fairly true, I wont oppose you.
      However if you did only half a research you would have, well, noticed, that Buddhism isn’t a religion.

  63. Lotus

    Buddhism is Philosophie and based on reasoning.

    So how can Jesus be same as Buddha 🙂

    In fact China isn’t anymore Communism, it is a

    fascist and a Neocolonialist, a treat to the world.

  64. evael

    Obviously the webmaster is Chinese and with this type of topic he is trying to create conflicts between Christians and Buddhists or more precisely between those westerners who support the Dalai Lama and Tibetan cause. This is because the Chinese are afraid of increasing number of supporters and they are also scared that their bamboo curtained over Tibet might exposed soon. I pity on the webmaster and his intentions…

  65. Did Jesus not say that we have to love everything and everyone?
    From the bottom of my heart I say I love Osama Ben Laden, Saddam Hussein, Augusto Pinochet, Shoko Asshara etc.
    I love all these evil-doers but condemn the evil things they did to humankind.
    The Dalai Lama is doing precisely what Jesus would do, love everything and everyone.
    The Dalai Lama may not be a Christian, but he is walking his talk and by doing so a better Christian then most so-called Christians.

  66. norzom_coolgal

    i know that dalai lama is true and i believe him .i read his books and all are about peace and human rights

  67. Nicholas

    As a Catholic that turned atheist then found meaning in Buddhism, I can only say the following.

    I wish you Peace, Love, Unity and Respect, in the name of Jesus, Science and Buddha. (The 3 things that help me make sense of the world around me)

    You argue that we need to open our eyes. I thank you, for we do, life is a constant journey and one that we all go through wearing glasses of a particular hue. I’ve found away that makes sense to me, I hope you do too.

  68. Gabriel

    People: the great difference is that the Dalai Lama if it exists, lives. Jesus Christ is a mythological personage (it never existed).

    Gente: la gran diferencia es que el Dalai Lama si existe, vive. Jesucristo es un personaje mitológico (jamás existió).

  69. Anonymous

    I don’t care if Dalai Lama is for peace or not. All I care is that the Buddhists, as well as other idolators, should be STONED for violating God’s Commandment!

    • Abi

      Why are you so violent? Don’t you wish everyone is happy, regardless of whether they follow your religion or not?

  70. Michelle

    I am a Christian myself and thinks of myself as a good one because I don’t disrespect other religions but simpally tell people about my religion, Christianity. These posts are the kind that make people less want to be a Christian. It makes the good Christians seem bad too. Not saying your a bad Christian or anything because manybe you are a strong believer and I am proud of your strong beleif. But the best way to express that great beleif is telling people about God! 🙂
    God bless you,

  71. Lpsk8ter

    What would be three similarities and three differences between the Dalai Lama the 14th and Jesus…

  72. Abi

    You are oh so very wrong. But I wish you happiness!

  73. Anonymous

    The Dali Lama is evil? Now Ive heard it all. There is a serious lack of education about the Dali Lama happening, the creators of this site need to educate themselves a bit better instead of getting their information from Star magazine. The Dali Lama has won many many nobel peice prizes, has encouraged peace all over the world and he himself has never compared himself to Jesus and has the most respect for him. He has not a bad word to say about anyone and neither encourages or discourages anyone to do anything. To compare the Dali Lama to Sadaam Hussein is insane. Educate yourselvs please. You need an education. The Dali Lama = respect, peace, compassion, tolerance (for people like you) enlightenment, patience, kindness…. you are an idiot. I am not the Dali Lama and I do not have the same tolerance for people like you.

  74. Anonymous

    By the way, the person who is saying to stone people in the name of Jesus, wow. Now I really dont want to be part of your religion. Your not a Christian or a man who walks in the likeness of Jesus. Your an animal.

  75. Lynn

    Encouraging others to hate his Holiness the Dalai Lama will bring you no happiness or peace of mind. I find it quite sad that someone who claims to be a Christian would make such accusations. From what I know of Christianity, it’s core values are love, compassion, and faith. Why would you want to promote rage and hatred?

  76. Anonymous

    do you even know what Buda taught? He taught the same basic principals that Jesus did. I am Christian and I have learned to open my mind, I hope that you will open yours to understand others and what they believe before you attempt to disgrace them. And really honestly open your heart and mind to the REASON and PRINCIPALS of Jesus.

    GOD Bless you my friend, I hope that you gain wisdom and not hatred and bitterness anymore.

  77. Anonymous

    This man who is spreading evil chinese communist propaganda is just another illicit brainwashed ignorant pig who doesn’t even know principles of communism. Remember ur chairman mao has said ‘religion is poison’. so don’t try to use Lord Jesus against Tibetan People. Ur ill will to create rift between Christianity and Buddhism will never be successful because u r just a cruel communist who do not believe in God.

  78. This man who is spreading evil chinese communist propaganda is just another illicit brainwashed ignorant pig who doesn’t even know the principles of communism. Remember ur chairman mao has said ‘religion is poison’. so don’t try to use Lord Jesus against Tibetan People. Ur ill will to create rift between Christianity and Buddhism will never be successful because u r just a cruel communist who do not believe in God.

  79. Oh come on! I’m all for free speech, and defend your right to post whatever, but this is indefensible. I don’t think the Dalai Lama is Jesus, he has done some things wrong like the rest of us. But what are you trying to accomplish with this gross hyperbole, besides vilify the Dalai Lama and Tibet through an emotional response, propaganda-style? If you are really just here to spread what you think is the truth, then prove it, and post with reason and compassion instead of hate and one-liners.

  80. Mike Warner

    When you die….will you stand before the Dalai Lama, Buddah, or anyone other than Our Creator? If the Lord asks you WHY SHOULD I LET YOU INTO MY HEAVEN? What can you say? I was good to people? I never stole, hated, used curse words, and I feel I deserve or worked well for my eternity in heaven! EEGGHHHH! Wrong reasoning!

    This is why Jesus is our ONLY way into eternal peace. Without the sacrificial blood of Jesus, your sins will condemn you. Knowin Christ as your Lord and Savior washes your sin away by Christ’s sacrificial payment of your, my, and all who believe, eniquity.

    Jesus didn’t come to judge the world, but save it.

  81. Hi there, all is going sound here and ofcourse every one is sharing facts, that’s actually fine, keep up writing.

  82. Lea

    whoah this blog is fantastic i really like studying your posts.

    Keep up the good work! You realize, a lot of people are looking around
    for this information, you can help them greatly.

  83. tenzin

    he never said he is jesus and never acted like jesus. and for some chinese people i have a word for you’ don’t act like you know everything cause you sound like a fart’. we(tibetans) never hated chinese, we (tibetans) just hate your government.the dalai lama never forced anybody in his life. i heard you guys saying slaves but those slaves are volunteer. if you watch his advise in youtube you will feel peace….

    • Excuse me, Volunteer doesn’t need buchering Limbs.VOLUNTEER?
      We MODERN Japanese sometimes make others to allow someone “volunteerly”.
      If they REALLY refused, may lost jobs, get sexial harrasment, be kept from useful jobs,and so on.
      Even MODERN Japanese like that, how can you say ” those slaves are volunteer.”?

  84. Alyssa

    I don’t know, call me crazy but….. I don’t think the dalai lama is trying to be Jesus? I don’t know, that’s just a guess..

  85. Jigmed Namgyal

    Never seen a more lazily done blog post with such weak points. What a cuck.

  86. Anonymous

    Que ignorancia tan grande

  87. Anonymous

    about tantric rituals depend on region culture, just a symbol such a Jesus last supper (flesh and blood, bread and wine) simple.

    about compare with terrorist. he have unconditional love for all sentient beings.

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