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The Propaganda on Propaganda

If I get one penny every time I heard of propaganda being blamed for why the Chinese people, even those live overseas, defend China and Chinese government policies, I would be a billionaire right now, but then again, I am still one of those poor souls who are brainwashed by the Chinese government.


Does the Chinese government employ propaganda in its daily practices?  Sure, but the real question is, who doesn’t?


Does the US government use propaganda to fulfill their missions?  You bet.  When Iraq war comes to mind, you might still remember all the disinformation and lies the US government spoon-fed to the media, and you might still remember that the media, being free and all, just simply accepted them and propagated them around the world.  The western media even started dancing to the drum beat of US government’s war plan and cheered on.


You might still remember those embedded reporters who were so excited to be among the soldiers to witness the unfolding of the war.  You might still remember the ban by the US government on photographing the return of the casket.  You might still remember those retired generals appearing on all networks to give their analysis, using the information given by the US government.  You might still remember the fake reporter, Jeff Gannon, who only asked easy questions.  You might remember the fake news conferences staged by FEMA.  The list goes on and on.


What do you call those?  Information management?  Let’s be real here, that’s propaganda.


The Chinese government is no angel on this matter either, but the crucial difference is that the Chinese government still has a lot to learn from the west, the master of propaganda, so much so that they even named one of CCP bureau as Propaganda Department initially.  As a result, most Chinese people just simply stop believing the Chinese media, and increasingly, the western media as well.


Same cannot be said about the western public.  We constantly hear them saying how much they distrust their media and government propaganda, but unfortunately they always side with their media and government on most of the international affairs.  I’d rather believe that the western public are too brainwashed to know that they are brainwashed, otherwise they are explicitly supporting their government’s exploitation of the rest of the world.


To simply label the Chinese counter-reaction to the west as the result of Chinese government’s propaganda effort, is not only an insult to the Chinese people, but also an insult to themselves.


What the west cannot and will not understand is that the Chinese do not need to be reminded of the almost 200 years of western colonial exploitation.  Our grandparents and parents live through those years and we live in its aftermath.  In fact, my home province used to be the colony of Germany and the colony of Japan after WWI.  There are many colonial buildings, though beautiful, serve as constant reminder of that painful time.


What the west cannot and will not understand is that the Chinese do not need to be taught of the ignorance and arrogance of the west.  We see them everyday with our own eyes.  Those of us live overseas befriended many westerners who are wonderful people but often subconsciously reveal their lack of understanding of the rest of world and their lack of respect to other cultures.  Those of us live in China meet many westerners on a regular basis and what we see are not the best of what mankind can offer either.


What the west cannot and will not understand is that the Chinese do not need to be indoctrinated about the hostility of the west towards China.  We experience it everyday.  Those of us live overseas watch the daily China bashing on every TV stations with amusement, and the never-gets-old blaming everything on China theatres by western politicians.  Those of us in China have to sit and listen to the self-righteous sermon on freedom and democracy by the visiting westerners, and the exploitation of the lower labor cost with a devastating effect on environment and worker’s health by the western corporations.


So, let’s call a truce.  We are totally fine with it if you don’t care about something, but if you do, please be prepared and educated on the subjects.  Just remember this, next time when you call others being brainwashed to avoid loss in an argument and therefore to save your own faces, watch out for the flying pizzas.  Some might just be coming from me.



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Thousands to Rally in New York to Support Beijing Olympics

New York – When the Olympics torch has finished the global relay and is scheduled to return to China on May 4th, New York residents decide to rally to show their support for the games. According to a document from New York police, thousands of people are going to gather at Foley Square this coming Sunday to cheer Olympics.

The theme of rally, according to the coordinators, is going to be “Peace and Olympics”. A post from the official homepage of the rally says “Sport is sport. No politics”.

Apparently, many people have been turned away by the month-long political farce surrounding the Olympics torch: Tibetans in exile seeking the opportunity to voice their political stipulates; the Paris city hall indulging violence toward torch bearers; the Western media questioned for their sided stance in reporting the Tibet issue. For the first time in decades the hype surrounding the Olympics is not regarding the torch or the games, but the geopolitical battle involving some of the world’s superpowers.

Now New York decides to ditch the politics and welcome the Olympic spirit. Or at least thousands of the New Yorkers do. So far more than two thousand people have responded to the rally, according to the coordinators. 1200 people have registered with the rally’s Facebook group. All these people, a lot of them of Chinese background, are going to appear in the May 4th rally. Speeches, balloons, songs, souvenirs will be available, according to sources.

The rally is completely non-political, initiated by individuals without political background, sources say. All organizing work was done by Internet posts and mailing lists.

As of Apr 29th the Olympics torch has traveled 19 cities around the globe. At the first two stops the torch was ambushed by professional and well prepared protest groups, and their hired mercenaries. In all of the following relays Beijing supporters outnumbered protesters.


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China’s view of Tibet

China’s view of Tibet is an informative article by Kishore Mahbubani — dean of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore. Educated westerners do have some knowledge of the past while most others that I have encountered do not have a clear picture of how China has viewed the western powers : UK, France, Germany, USA, Japan, etc. Of all the G8 nations, most if not all, had invaded China one way or the other. It is surprising that the perpertrators of the greatest evil in the world : Japan and Germany now have something to say about civility and respect for human rights, as if 60 years were enough of time to wash away the blood stains that are still fresh in the memory of those who had suffered. Other than the lack of moral high ground, western powers’ motives may be construed as bargaining chips:

The lions of human rights, particularly in European capitals, behave like poodles in Beijing. Virtually all of them spend their time trying to sell products to China. Then, in passing, they will whisper that they have to mention human rights issues because when they return home they have to say that these issues were raised.


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Darfur, Sudan, Oil, America, and China

It is amazing how so much evil is caused by the fight for natural resources. Some countries that had done so much crime as colonialists and slave traders to Africa are now coming back in the disguise of champions of human rights. Does an African country like Sudan need political advices from the western world? Afterall, they are the same countries that had ruled the land before with brutal tactics. Past history has made Africans naturally suspicious of the true motives of western powers.  History is bound to repeat itself if one does not learn from it.

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Propaganda at work

There is a nice article titled Military Propaganda Pushed Me Off TV by Jeff Cohen in which he talks about how “mainstream” corporate media has manufactured fake debates with propadanda experts to disseminate misinformation to the American public.

The striking term he used is “information dominance”. This is a very interesting terminology because in a society with “free speech”, you are supposed to be well informed about the truth and facts without distortion because the minute someone said something untruthful, someone else would be able to stand up and dispute that.  However, if the only voices you hear are from public air-waves — TV, radio where the major corporations dominate, you don’t have the freedom of hearing different voices — sometimes you only hear the untruth and lies. If a lie is repeated a thousand times, it becomes the truth to some people. Indeed, to the casual radio listeners or TV viewers, repeated lies on these radio and TV programs are enough to sway their opinions.

Misinformed public supports public policies with despicable hidden agendas. The politicians are accountable to the public but they are not held accountable to the lies. It is easier to spread lies to justify despicable acts and then spread misinformation to the public to cover up lies. Too often, the public quickly forgets about the misdeeds of the politicians and moves on the next round of electing more liars into public offices. The corporate media outlets are playing the roles of accomplices to the war mongers in public offices.

It is perfectly acceptable for the US congress to ignore the lies about the Iraq war. Nancy Pelosi never even attempted to investigate what had led to Bush’s Iraq war that resulted in over One Million Iraqis killed, injuried, and displaced. The democrate party won the control of the US congress mainly based on the idea of ending Iraq war. Over a year and 5 months had passed and nothing is changed.

So when the speaker of the house speaks about something else, is there any credibility left?

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Bad China

I had the chance to see a performance of the American version of angry youth today. I was in a cafe trying to work, and was disturbed by a bunch of youth talking around the counter, which was not too close to where I sit. But the talk was so heated and loud that I heard clearly a bunch of “China” in them. I didn’t have to pay much attention to them in order to catch “it is China’s bad blahlbah” being repeated by a girl who was apparently angry and fat and energetic. After the loud conversation continued for about 15 minutes I decided it would never end and left the cafe. Note that it was not Chinese products or Chinese government that girl was loudly attacking. It was the country called China which she probably had never set foot on or had any clear ideas about. I consider it a total success of the American system educating their people by attacking China’s fault, China being the country itself, the huge, faraway, mysterious existence whose only character as far as they know is being marked as “evil”. Cheers to the acclaimed western TV educational systems~~


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Here They Go Again – West Continues to Demonize Chinese

On April 24th 2008, tens of thousands of Chinese gathered in Canberra, the capital of Australia to show their support for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  For the large part, the torch run was successful and everybody was happy.


Well, not quite, not everybody.  Not to some 500 exiled Tibetan supporters, and certainly not to Mr. Garry Linnell, the editor-at-large of the Daily Telegraph.  He wrote:

HERE comes the ugly face of China. He can’t be any more than 21-years-old. His eyes are full of hate, his jaw clenched so tight his cheeks seem ready to snap. His brain already has.


Here they go again!  Instead of understanding the message of those Chinese people, Linnell and many other westerners chose to focus on the “ugly face of China” and the “hate” filled in his eyes.  Suddenly, I remember something, the stereotypes of Chinese by the westerners, bucked teeth and slit eyes.


It just never gets old.  Stereotyping China and Chinese has been the patent of the westerners who are either arrogant or afraid of the Chinese for over 200 years.  I don’t think anybody should be surprised, but let’s give them some credits, they did adapt to a new reality, China has changed, Chinese have changed, and now they see an ugly face with anger.


Their smearing techniques, however, have not been evolving and adapting as they should.  The same old “reliable sources” are used:

Kunchok, who was born in Tibet and came to Australia three years ago, is posing for a photograph with the Tibetan flag outside Commonwealth Park. A large group of Chinese supporters spy him from a distance and quickly surround him.


If you remember, western media quoted exclusively the Dalai Lama and his government-in-exile and started blaming the Chinese government for violent crackdown on the “peaceful Tibetan protesters”, despite the overwhelming evidence, and now Linnell just continues that tradition.


In Linnell’s whole article, he only quoted the pro-exiled-Tibetan crowds.  After all, they are so much easier to spot, some 500 among 20,000 Chinese, and it’s simply so much easier to talk to the “peaceful” exiled Tibetan supporters rather than wasting time with the ugly-faced Chinese whose eyes are filled with hate.


Nobody is surprised, and nobody should be surprised, by the hostile and demeaning stereotyping displayed by the west and westerners.  We still have a long road ahead of us, the road to a friendlier social environment, the road to a fairer international climate, and the road to a prosperous homeland.


Remember this, the west won’t change a bit, until we force them to.


If you think this is an isolated incident, check this out: Column – China sends in the clowns


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