Blame-China-4-Everything and The Road to Holocaust

The following is onetiemyshoe’s comment on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night talk show on ABC aired on Oct 16, 2013. It explains why the Chinese and Chinese-American community are outrageous on the show. Here is another article giving more detailed analysis on this incident.

Some poster described encountering objection by Jewish Americans on the Holocaust comparison.

The parallel with Holocaust is not only the “kill everyone in China” comment. The parallel started when Jimmy Kimmel while talking about the government shutdown, asked the loaded question: “We owe the Chinese a lot of money, 1.3 trillion dollars.” then he invited the little kids to come up with solutions and led to the notorious line “kill everyone in China”.

This is called “race scapegoating”, or “race baiting”. The US holds 10+ trillion dollar debt and $50 trillion unfunded liabilities, to many countries and to it’s own people. Yet the Chinese debt is cited as cause for special concern, gets the main blame for government shutdown.

Before Holocaust, the Nazis did exactly the same kind of media manipulation, scapegoating Jews for the defeat in WW I, for the war debts demanded by the French, for the Weimar inflation, for everything. This kind of rhetoric paved the way for Kristallnacht then to Holocaust. The road to gas chambers started with a simple “blame-the-Jew” rhetoric device, continued to “kill-every-Jew” jokes that nobody believed in, finally it became Holocaust, a human tragedy.

That is why we make the parallel. First it was “blame-the-Chinese” for everything, then it’s “kill every Chinese” jokes that seems acceptable to a lot of people. This is where we draw the line. Cause and effect and parallels are so indisputable that we must draw the line. We sow hatred we reap violence.

And when we said “never again”, we meant “never again”. Apologize for hurting the Jewish feelings. But the parallel exists and ask their help to revise our language in a way to get the Jewish support.

Because our common goal is “Never again”.

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