The Hypocrisy and Danger of Anti-China Demonstrations

An article by Floyd Rudmin clearly pointed out the curious hypocrisy and double standards of the anti-China protesters. The very people who protested against China’s treatment of minority Tibetans are the same bunch of people who advocated and justified the invasion of Iraq which caused the death of one million Iraqis. The astonishing level of arrogance and holier-than-thou attitude is brain numbing.



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4 responses to “The Hypocrisy and Danger of Anti-China Demonstrations

  1. LOL, fail. Most “Free Tibet” protesters are granola-crunching, tie-die wearing hippies who also were out BAAAWing about the Iraq War.


  2. Cindy6

    This one I have to agree with Some guy. Most of the protesters are against the illegal war in Iraq as well. The problem is that they don’t know anything about Tibet. We should reason with them rather than simply calling names.

  3. assilly

    I would agree with Cindy6. It’s better to focus on the issue of Tibet, rather than attacking the morality of individual protesters.

  4. ken

    About iraq war. The fact is americans did nothing more than shouting on the street scarcely. Did they try to stop the war? Did they boycott iraq war? They are still talking about staying in Iraq, and all their president candidates insist american troops should stay in Iraq, no one want to withdraw. But, Here they want point their fingers to china just because they know little and understand little about the tibetan history, and current tibetan’s lifes in tibet.

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