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Somaly Mam: The Holy Saint (and Sinner) of Sex Trafficking

Simon Marks of the Newsweek published a lengthy article about Somaly Mam, one of Time’s 100 most influential people in 2009. It turns out that key pieces of her story were largely fabricated in order to gain support from the public for her cause and foundation.

Mam’s tale raises an important question, is it acceptable to use lie to attract support for a noble cause?

Before answering this question, let’s glimpse back the history:

In 1930s, a German politician promised to solve the economy and political crisis of German after World War I. After his election till his death, more than 50 million people died.

In the end of 1950s, a Chinese leader mobilized the entire country on an economic and social campaign to improve the life of Chinese people. Millions of people died within four years during the campaign.

In 2003, US military force invaded Iraq in order to disarm the latter from weapons of massive destruction (WMD). After eight years, no WMD had been found and millions of Iraq civilian died in the war.

Will we ever learn any lesson from these tragedies?


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History repeats itself

Sixty years ago, CIA help overthrew a democratically elected government of Iran. Sixty years later, the US is still paying a price for it – a hostile Iran. Well, perhaps some interest groups, e.g., weapon companies, have been well paid because of it. But the American people are paying for it everyday.

Now it is the rising of another Iran, by this we mean Egypt. Our government and the “free press” obviously did not like the democratically elected Egyption government since its first day in office, after the ouster of our long time ally, the three-decate long dictator Mubarak. Ironically, this democratically elected Egypt government was overthrown in a coup by US backed Egypt military just two years after it’s in office. History repeats itself again in the middle east.

What price are we going to pay this time?

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Darfur and Oil: what do you really care about?

Ok, I admire the fact that you care about everyone and anyone on this plant.  The problem is, with more than 6 billion of us, just how thin can you stretch your sympathy and love across the globe before they all become virtually meaningless?  When you think you love everyone, you love no one.  To pretend otherwise is merely an attempt to impersonate GOD himself.


Ever wonder why those hot spots are all lined up nicely in your media?  It’s almost like somebody plan it.  Sure you care about the human rights over there, but somebody else is keeping eyes on something else, OIL:

Courtesy of youtube video: Darfur, Sudan, Oil, America and China

Don’t let your sympathy and love for humanity become the vehicle of the greedy, the zealots, and the warmongers.


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