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Pictures from the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Game

Isn’t it beautiful?


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If this is the cost to be a ‘democratic country’…

Below is the excerpt of an article from The Independent, which discloses the secret negotiation of a treaty between US and Iraq.

“Under the terms of the new treaty, the Americans would retain the long-term use of more than 50 bases in Iraq. American negotiators are also demanding immunity from Iraqi law for US troops and contractors, and a free hand to carry out arrests and conduct military activities in Iraq without consulting the Baghdad government.”

“Mr Bush is determined to force the Iraqi government to sign the so-called “strategic alliance” without modifications, by the end of next month…The US is adamantly against the new security agreement being put to a referendum in Iraq, suspecting that it would be voted down.”

For Americans, this is a great deal–with the soaring gas price, who cares about the benefits of Iraqis? Yet, to all the self-righteous, (American) patriotic democracy chasers out there, next time, think of the imposition of the unequal treaty before you preach or criticise.

If losing sovereignty, dignity, independence and even the right of being safe and happy is the cost of becoming a ‘democratic country’, or a democratic COLONY, I don’t see how Saddam or Hitler can be labeled as worse–after all, it’s all about the law of the jungle.

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6/8,Duanwu Festival

Never heard of it? How about dragon boat festival. It is a Chinese traditional festival. The date is May 5 of the lunar calendar. For this year, it’s tomorrow.

The origin of the festival is still a myth. The widely accepted story is that it commemorates the great ancient poet Quyuan (340 BC – 278 BC), who committed suicide in the miluo river after his country was conquered. Here is a more detailed description on wiki. To my understanding, it is also an important date for ancient people to get ready for the summer–the first season harvest is over, flood is coming, so are diseases,snakes and bugs. There are a lot of activities people do for this festival. They are a combination of celebration, rituals of warding off evil and practice to prevent disease.

1.The most popular activity, is NOT dargon boat racing. Eating Zongzi, rice balls wrapped with leaves, is what most people do.

2. Sweet flag (changpu) and mugwort (aicao)are hanged, usually by the window or behind the door. Some parents use the herbs to bath young children. Later in summer, they can be burnt as mosquito repellent. Where I came from, farmers still keep the tradition of picking herbs in the mountain prior to the day and trade them in the morning of the festival.

3. Of course, the dragon boat race, popular for people live near the water.

4, Some people may also eat red-yolk egg (salted duck egg) or drink realgar wine. The realgar wine is also used to prevent and treat snake bite.

5.Some people wear colorful sachets filed with scented herbs. A less practiced tradition is to tie five-color (white, blue, black, red and yellow)threads on Children’s wrists, ankles and neck–hoping the power of the five colors to keep snakes, scorpions and other danger away from kids.

6. People hang pictures of Zhongkui, a traditional guardian figure to ward off demons and evil.


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An additional comment on Sharon Stone’s ‘karma’ response

While most people criticized Sharon Stone’s association between karma and China’s earthquake, I saw few are trying to help her to get away by quoting her last few sentences:

Then I got a letter from the Tibetan Foundation, and they wanted to go and be helpful. And that made my cry. And they asked me if I’d write a quote for that and I said I would. That was a big lesson to me, that sometimes you have to learn to put you head down to be at service even to the people who aren’t nice to you. That’s a big lesson for me.

Some say that the above comment shows her change of thoughts and she no longer views the earth quake as “karma”. Besides, she promised to help.

Actually this part of her interview infuriates me most. It has to be pointed out that that she never changed her “earthquake is karma” train of thought here. Her ‘big lesson’–help people even if they treat you badly, still points finger at the earthquake victims–you are GUILTY, but I am going to help anyway. I may eventually dismiss the karma comment as coldblooded nonsense, but I can’t stand her scorn toward the victims and her arrogance in the name of charity . She slaps people in the face, throws couple of bucks (maybe only in the plan), and complacently expects APPRECIATION. It disgusts me.

Who knows what she was thinking when she did other charity work? Maybe ‘AIDS fagot, enjoy your karma’?


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Sharon Stone:the earthquake is karma

When asked about the Sichuan earthquake in the Cannes Film Festival, the actress responded delightfully, “Well, you know, it was very interesting…I am unhappy about the way Chinese are treating the Tibetans… Then all this earthquake,all this stuff happened, I thought, is that Karma? When you are not nice, the bad things happen to you.”

Apparently, Ms. Stone shares similar opinion with Falun Gong practitioners and the Westboro Baptist Church——the lives of more than 60,000 people claimed by the earthquake, including many of her beloved ‘Tibetans’ and thousands of children, are all deserved to die, because she is not happy about the Chinese government’s policy. I guess the same thing goes for people died in the tsunami, 9/11, Katrina, and Myanmar cyclone——well, God and Bin Laden don’t like whatever your government did, so go to hell.

There is no need to protest the hypocrisy of a brainless Hollywood porn star or those human rights activists, as this is what they always do. Ten seconds ago she was still preaching “I don’t think anyone should be unkind to anyone else”, then there came this malicious curse to ordinary people she doesn’t even know——face your karma, rot in hell! Where is the human rights now? Where is the “compassion”? And by the way, where is Dalai Lama’s effort to help those “suffered”——a lot of them are Tibetans, living in the great Tibetan area he always wants to ‘free’?Is ‘karma ‘ all he can teach? Is it the Karma for people who are still worshiping him?

The worst and most shameless part yet to come. “…sometimes you have to learn to put your head down to be of service, even for people who are not nice to you…” My fellow Chinese, my parents and friends who are still suffering in Sichuan, can you feel the mercy and grace from Her Holiness Sharon Stone? She is willing to lower her noble head, forgive and pity you low life sinners. How lucky you are and how gracious she is! She must be a true princess!


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Sichuan Earthquake photos and stories behind them

The tragedies, the sacrifices, the help, the ones in need.

Zhang Guanrong is trying to clean her husband’s body. Tan Qianqiu, a middle school teacher, saved four of his students by sheltering them between a desk and himself. He did not survive.

Mama, it’s dark and cold here.

Zhang Jiwan, 11, lived in the remote mountainous region near the epicenter. Before he was rescued, he walked for 12 hours straight with his 3 year old sister on his back.

The crying mother is trying to take a photo off an exhibiting board. It’s the most recent and the last picture of her son Wang Gongliang, a third-grader from Qushan Primary School who died in the earthquake. The photo was put there for his excellent academic achievement.

May 14, Qushan Primary school, Beichuan. Many children were trapped in the debris. Rescuers could hear them crying and begging for help, or even see them. But the building was collapsed into a structure that couldn’t be cleared up by hands or simple tools. Heavy equipments were required but unavailable because the roads to the city was blocked. The rescuers could do nothing but staying with the children and watching them dying. They felt so helpless and hopeless yet had to restrain themselves to comfort the children. Some couldn’t bear the pressure, and ran far away from the debris to cry.

By May 16, the roads were through and the equipments arrived. It was too late for more than 600 students and teachers in the school. Only a dozen survived.

“My dearest baby, if you could survive, remember that I love you.”

These are the last words from the four-month old baby’s mother. She left the text message on her cellphone. When her cold body was found, she was in a kneel position, with her arms stretched out to shelter the baby, who was sound asleep under her without a scratch.


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Please pray for them

May, 12, 2:28 pm(3:28am Central Time), one of the deadliest earthquakes in decades struck China. The earthquake affects more than one or two cities, counties or areas. Half of China felt it, it caused damages across several provinces. As of now, the death toll reaches 8533, and is still increasing. For the city of Beichuan, which is 130KM away from the quake’s epicenter, over 7,000 are dead. For the city of Dujiangyan, which is 100KM from the epicenter, about 900 students are still buried under the collapsed school building, with at least 50 dead. For the city of Wenchuan, which has the population of over 110, 000 and locates at the epicenter, little is known because communication in most areas are off. The roads to Wenchuan are now blocked because of the earthquake caused landslide and heavy storm, the rescue team can’t enter the most critical region. Few troops are trying to reach there on foot, but are still 100KM away after 4 hours of marching。

It is such a tragedy. As you are reading the post now, hundreds of thousands of people are staying in the raining darkness, for fear of the aftershock, many become homeless, many are still foodless and waterless, many are still buried in the debris, unconscious, or conscious and fearing whether they can survive and many has passed away. Please pray for them. Thank you!

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