Summer Olympics 2012: Katie Ledecky’s Performance Should Help Ye Shiwen’s Case

Analyst Nikhil Baradwaj wrote an article “Summer Olympics 2012: Katie Ledecky’s Performance Should Help Ye Shiwen’s Case” to compare the media reaction towards American swimmer Katie Ledecky and Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen. We appreciate this kind of comparison, because it sends out a very clear message.

The message is pointed out by a reader hahn in his/her comment of the article, “What I find ironically sad in this situation is that there will be people who suddenly have a change of heart about Ye doping – watch as the criticism of Ye dies down. Why is this sad? Because they first needed to witness an American to demonstrate that such an amazing leap in performance, total domination of the competition, and trashing of the world record was possible. Because of course unless an American can do something like that, it’s just “impossible”. But now? NOW, we know it’s legit, because there is no way that Ledecky is doping. An American must set the standard of what’s possible, otherwise these kind of accomplishments are not to be trusted. That is the message we send out to the rest of the world. And we wonder why no else trusts us anymore.”


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