To sum it up

EDITOR’S NOTES: The following article is a comment (#47760) appeared in the Nature article we discussed early. It is a wonderful piece of work to summarize the media reports about China. And we feel it warrants a dedicated entry in our blog.

Echt Warsteiner said:

Congratulations, Nature! Mr. Callaway has single-handedly helped your smooth transformation from prestigious scientific landmark towards a brand new tabloid, successfully. Instead of “International Journal of Science”, now you are busy with rumors and second-guessing, and backed up by strong conviction “I don’t have any proof, as a matter of fact, all official testing result just proven my suspicion unfounded and completely wrong, but I don’t care about truth. I just stay firm on my belief, those Chinese are cheaters.”

Half truth is sometimes a lot worse and deliberately misleading than a whole lie. For instance, the headline “Ye is faster than the fastest man in her last 50M”. How wrong could that be? If I hear that I would immediately raise the same question as well, is Ye clean? However, as we all know now, that 50M from that supposedly fastest man Lochte, was a completely slowed down cruising to his gold medal, which only ranked 5th in the same race. As if put the word “scientific” in front of your profiling, makes all the consistent accusation without proof, or even proven to be wrong, “scientific”. Thorpe smashed his own record by 8 seconds at age of 15; Phelps improved his own record by 4 seconds at age of 15; Rice even shortened her own record by 6 second; Missy Franklin won gold only 13 minutes after her exhausting 200 free semi; Ruta Meilutyte came out of nowhere and jumped from 14th place in the world to Olympic gold. Those were all exceptional and dramatic improvement achievements, in other words “incredible” or “unbelievable”. But those data would not trigger your “scientific” profiling, because they don’t pass the MOST important criteria “China”. As American hero Carl Lewis put it clearly, “Who cares I failed drug tests?”. Exactly, he’s no Chinese.

Mr. Callaway, thank you for being honest with us on the end. As you sited “Tucker says. ‘When we look at this young swimmer from China who breaks a world record, that’s not proof of anything. It asks a question or two.‘” How generous and kind of you? You don’t have proof, but you just have suspicions, IF you are Chinese, and if you do well. Something must be wrong. Even vigorous test results were published before and after the race, and ten times more in the past 2 years, proved Ye is clean, “we” still don’t buy it. After all, your scientific profiling just consists of five simple letters “C-H-I-N-A”.

When my wife published a paper on Nature many years ago, she was excited and proud, and I was proud of her as well, because I felt that was the real recognition of her achievement. Now, I just realized, it’s really not that hard, anti-China will just do the trick. It’s election year, normally it’s time for politicians to step up the China bashing game. It’s not only politically correct, but also fashionable to blame China on everything and anything. Better yet, accusing China or Chinese is the easiest job, because you don’t need any proof, “red commie China” is automatically associated with any evil doings. Chinese won’t get onto the street, and Chinese won’t get TV time to say they are offended. More importantly, Chinese won’t get organized to affect any voting meaningfully. Why should Nature shy away from the party? Where do I sign up to celebrate Nature’s new-found territory?


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