Olympics, again!

Time flies so fast! It almost looks like yesterday when we were discussing Beijing Olympics. 🙂

Again, our “free press” have held back nothing in the effort to bash Chinese athletes’ stunning performance in London Olympics. For example, this CNN report tries to link Ye Shiwen’s golden medals with doping:


Upon reading this, I cannot help rolling on the floor laughing. You must be kidding me, “free press”! Let’s take a look at the following list of doping scandals:


Oooops! The list shows that US is the unquestionable leader of doping scandals in sports – 119 cases in total. This is hardly surprising. We all know that US, proudly, has the most advanced drug R&D technology around the world. The second place, Germany, has 35 cases. On the contrary, China only has 7 cases. It almost sounds like, you Chinese have achieved something that we the free world cannot achieve without doping, thus you must be doping/cheating. Well, we the free world seem to forget only one thing: WORK HARDER!!!

This kind of game is not unique. For example, US, as the largest weapon export nation around the world, often accuses China for exporting a tiny fraction of weapons compared to itself.


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