Birth of the Tiananmen Massacre Myth

Unfortunately, this is not the kind of favorite stories of the “free press”. Just like the Bush WMD myth, this appears to be a plotted story that the “free press” have got wrong, again.

The famous Tiananmen Massacre, one of the most influential (in terms of portraying the negative image of China among the western world) events in the history of modern China, turns out to be fabricated. The truth was disclosed several years ago by declassified 1989 US embassy documents during the event. The event was the dominating headline of the “free press” about China during 1989. However since the truth was disclosed in 1999, it has hardly attracted any eyeballs from the “free press” and the western public. Till today, when the “free press” report stories about China, they still often (deliberately) mention the Tiananmen Massacre as like it was truth. No one seem to bother doing fact checking or correcting it. On the other hand, when the “free press” mention Bush WMD, they always emphasize that it is a US government lie. Interesting contrast, right? Well it is not a surprise at all. This is exactly the tactics being adopted by the “free press” for years to bash China.

You can read a brief about this myth below. Thanks to Toni for pointing this out.

And here is a link of telegraph report based on the US ambassay documents disclosed by wikileaks:

UPDATE: there is a very nice article giving more details about the event:


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