“the Chinese economy will fall back to 100 years ago”


For those (including me) who cannot read Karean, the following is the translation by translate.google.com:

Former USFK Commander Burwell Bell (63) 3 days, “added North Korea provoked an immediate and asymmetrically to reprisals and sincerity of God, provoke the Kim regime in violation of the principle solution for the use of force is the only way,” he said.

Commander Bell ago at the Seoul Plaza Hotel, The Korea Foundation (Chairman Kim, BG), a lecture on `the future and the future direction of the U.S. alliance, and a lecture on the topic of ‘Bush said. “The addition of North Korea provoked an attack helicopter battalion in the United States and South Korea should return to the squadron must be forward deployed aircraft carrier and maritime training programs should include” and “Korea possess a strong missile defense system, and mass destruction Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI) training should be conducted immediately, “he said.

When the outbreak of full-scale war with a nuclear North Korea about whether “regime survival first write targeting regime destruction of nuclear weapons as North Koreans understand that the use of nuclear weapons because it is almost impossible,” said, “but the North Poor countries have nuclear weapons, and so (potentially using) that can not be, “he said. China related possibilities and not let the war “when China entered the war, the Chinese economy will fall back to 100 years ago the situation,” he said.

Former commander of the six party talks are needless Bell filed. “I instantly responded to the provocative six-party North Korea talks would be meaningless,” said “North Korea on the other six party participating countries at the forefront of containment,” he said. Bell reunification with respect to the former commander of “military provocations about the military, it’s my claim is that the asymmetrical face of unification based on a total war To prepared to come in should be aware that,” he said.

You may think the Google translate is wrong. But there is a Chinese version of the news report and it says the same thing:



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