The 2010 Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo

Finally, a native Chinese citizen wins the Nobel prize! Wow! Isn’t it worth some sort of celebration among the Chinese people? Well, surprisingly, many Chinese have a different opinion. Why? Please check the following list:

Liu Xiaobo, President of Chinese dissident group ICPC:

ICPC received $135,000 from the NED in 2007:

$135,000 from the NED in 2006:

$85,000 from the NED in 2004:

And ICPC is not the only source of my tax dollar for Liu Xiaobo. He also gets money from Uncle Sam for minzhu zhongguo (Democratic China):

– $145,000 in 2007:

– $136,000 in 2005:

– $135,000 in 2004:

OK, supposedly, you are a U.S. citizen. Someone promised you a Nobel peace price, but you have to accept political grant from to Chinese government (through some covert channel) and do something against the interest of U.S., will you do it?



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2 responses to “The 2010 Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo

  1. terminatorii

    Source from this link:

    Here is an update with the correct links between the American governmental organization NED (N a t i o n a l E n d o w m e n t f o r D e m o c r a c y ) and Liu Xiaobo.

    This important connection was first discovered by Charles Liu, which in many ways is a real hero, fighting for truth in a media world dominated by big business imperialists and black and white anti-China propaganda.

    Who is Liu Xiaobo? Wikipedia: “Liu Xiaobo … President of the Independent Chinese PEN Center since 2003″,

    Liu Xiaobo has received money from the US government for years: Grants to Liu Xiaobo, President of ICPC, “Independent Chinese PEN Centre, Inc.”, from the NED, a US government entity:

    “Independent Chinese PEN Centre, Inc.”
    Scroll down to “Independent Chinese PEN Centre, Inc.”
    $152,950 (2009)
    $135,000 (2007)
    $135,000 (2006)

    Total sum from NED for “Independent Chinese PEN Centre, Inc.”: US $422 950

    (The 2004 grants for “Independent Chinese PEN Centre, Inc.” has been removed resently by NED from the site)

    “Independent Chinese PEN Centre, Inc.” is not the only source of money for Liu Xiaobo. He also gets money from NED for Minzhu Zhongguo, “Democratic China, Inc.”, where he is the Founder:
    Scroll down to “Democratic China, Inc.”
    $195,000 (2009)
    $18,000 (Supplement 2009)
    $145,000 (2007)
    $136,000 (2005)

    Total sum for “Democratic China, Inc.” from NED: US$ 494 000

    Total support from NED during the three years is US$ 916 950 which is about 7 million yuan – a huge sum of money in China – where salaries are about 20% of the level in Western countries.

    What is NED?

    In 1991, Allen Weinstein, who helped draft the legislation establishing NED, candidly said: “A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA.” In effect, the CIA launders money through NED. (Washington Post, Sept.22, 1991)

    New York Times wrote on December 4, 1985: “The National Endowment for Democracy is a quasi-governmental foundation created by the Reagan Administration in 1983 to channel millions of Federal dollars into anti-Communist ‘private diplomacy.’”

    NED (National Endowment for Democracy) is funded by the American government, and is subject to congressional oversight – which is a prettier word for “government control”. The purpose is to fund individuals, political parties and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) favourable to US interests.

    Republican congressman from the Texas Gulf Coast, Dr. Ron Paul, who is more Libertarian than Republican, writes: “The misnamed National Endowment for Democracy is nothing more than a costly program that takes US taxpayer funds to promote favored politicians and political parties abroad. What the NED does in foreign countries … would be rightly illegal in the United States.”

    The payment from NED to US-friendly groups is not a new thing. Eric T. Hale showed in his dissertation (2003) that during the 1990s, China and Russia were awarded the highest number of NED grants with 222 and 221, respectively. Total payment to groups in China during these ten years was astonishing US$ 20.999.229, which equals 140 million Chinese yuan!

    Former CIA-agent Ralph McGehee writes: “… the current US policy of using (rightly or wrongly) the theme of human rights violations to alter or overthrow non-US-favored governments. In those countries emerging from the once Soviet Bloc that is forming new governmental systems; or where emerging or Third World governments resist US influence or control, the US uses ‘human rights violations,’ as an excuse for political action operations. ‘Human Rights’ replaces ‘Communist Conspiracy’ as the justification for overthrowing governments.”

    In this meaning The Nobel Peace Prize Committee’s decision becomes a political plot to harm China, and Liu Xiaobo an American agent.

    Some additional comments:

    The committee is elected by the dominating political factions of Norway, which are the Labour Party or social democratic party (which is soft anti-communist) and Høyre (Right) or the conservative party (which is hard anti-communist, but impressed by Chinas development).

    The leader of the committee Mr. Torbjørn Jagland, who is a former Norwegian prime minister for Labour, is a right-wing social democrat with strong anti-communist attitudes. He is also clumsy. Jagland is Secretary General of the Council of Europe! Believe it or not. His “neutrality” can easily be seen at his web pages

    To me it seems that the members of the committee does not know much about China. Actually I have the feeling that the leader of the Norwegian Nobel committee Mr. Torbjørn Jagland and the director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute Mr. Geir Lundestad are not up their responsibility.

    From what they have done and said for years one can easily see that the committee is very pro US and pro EU.

  2. ChasL

    Exactely, Liu Xiaobo was convicted of subversion because he took nearly a million $ from US government. Check NED (a CIA front) for China grants to organization founded by Liu, Independent Chinese PEN Center, Democratic China.

    Even in US taking foreign money to conduct domestic politics is illegal (ref: FARA.)

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