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“Free Media”, Can You Do Anything Better?

Ever since the beginning of the riot in Xinjiang, exiled Uighur leader Rebiya Kadeer has been closely working with the “free media” to condemn the Chinese government. Here is one of her interviews with the “free media”:

At the end of the interview, Rebiya Kadeer showed a large photo of several protesters surrounded by a large number of police. She claimed that in the photo the number of “Uighur demonstrators” were incomparable to the number of Chinese police force. Thus, she asked “how can the Uighur injure anyone” under such a situation.

Good question, except one thing. The photo she showed was NOT taken at the riot happened in Xinjiang. Under a little scrutiny, many people discovered that the photo was actually taken at the another incident happened thousands of miles away in Guangdong China several days earlier. So, Rebiya Kadeer was using a fake photo to attack the Chinese government. To be honest, I was not surprised at this at all. After all, we have seen such things before. You might recall last year that many “free media” used photos from different countries as the evidence that Chinese government crackdown Tibetan demonstraters. Ooooops, they were caught again this time.

This is not the end of the story. After being caught, Alim Seytoff of the Uighur American Associaition apologized “we deeply regret using this wrong photo, that was not our intent”. He explained that the photograph was one of hundreds of images and pieces of video that had been obtained from a variety of sources following Sunday’s unrest. Hmm, very interesting… So you made a headline news using fake evidence, and then apologized later under the table when being caught? This tactic, making the damage first and then showing a gesture of apology, does sound very familiar. I want to remind you of the history that the white people massacred Indians and enslaved black slaves and many many many many many years later they “apologized” without any compensation. No wonder CIA, NED, and their supported groups are so skillful at this.



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Manipulation? How?

What was happeningHow a photo is cropped and published

As a hobby photographer, I applaud to the skills of the journalist for taking the second photo.

As a news reader, I feel ashamed and disgusted for the journalist for distorting the truth.

As another example of media manipulation, Yahoo! News hosts a series of photos taken during the riots:

The first impression: 1) Almost all photos of Chinese Han people show that they carried sticks; 2) A majority of photos of Uighur people show women and children facing the police; 3) Photos of chaos and property damages, such as burned cars and shopts, etc. So what conclusion can you get from these photos? I bet you would say: it seems Han people are attacking Uighur people and causing all the chaos and damages, and the police is standing on the side of Han people.

Put the truth aside, and take a close look at the photos, you will notice: 1) not a single photo shows that Han people are attacking Uighur people; 2) not a single photo shows that Han people were burning car, shops, causing the chaos and damages; 3) all wounded look like Han people. Hmm, doesn’t this seem a bit contradict to the first impression?

I think you can get the idea on how the “free media” is distorting the truth now.


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How to Report Riots in China 1-2-3

This is a template for the “free media” journalists to cook any reports of violent riots in China.

. Call it a PEACEFUL PROTEST (or peaceful demonstration) against the Chinese government even though innocent people are killed, shops are mobbed, cars are crashed by the rioters. Do use the words like “protester”, “demonstrator”, “crackdown”. Do avoid using the words such as “riot” and “violence” as much as possible.

. For any facts of violence that you cannot avoid mentioning, always start reporting them as “state-run media reported…”. In the “free world”, nobody gives any credit to the Chinese government statements. For the “protesters” part, always start reporting it as “a witness told us…”, and don’t forget to include “men, women, and children, all ethnic minorities…”. See, even women and children are protesting the evil Chinese government.

. Show photos of the police instead of the tragedy and chaos left by the violent rioters. After all, the “free media” just want to feed their readers an impression that China is a police country. For example, please compare CNN’s photos about riots in France to BBC’s photos about riots in China Do you see the difference? In democratic France, those rioters are bad guys. In a police country like China, there are only “protesters” against a dictatorship.

. Use the word “crackdown”, and mention “armed personnel carriers and what looked like TANKS” (CNN) in the report – hey, never forget to hint your reader about the Tiananmen Square. Oh, don’t forget “tear gas, automatic rifles and armored vehicles”.

. Write some small details about the “crackdown”, such as “police chasing protesters”. Of course, “according to some witness”. Don’t worry, no readers will actually care whether the witness ever exist. Or, if this witness is complaining about the violence by the rioters, cut him off the air. Find another witness who complains about the “crackdown”.

. Cite international NGO’s statements that “condemned the crackdown on what it described as peaceful protest”. (CNN)  Usually those NGO are funded by NED (National Endowment for Democracy) – a substitution of CIA. But who cares about their background? Your readers just need to get the impression that these NGOs are “non-government organization” from their names and thus are credible.

. Now mention how many people died. Up to now, your readers will get the natural conclusion that the whole thing is just about the police killing these “peaceful protesters”. That is one of the many hints in this report. Brilliant job!

. Cite Chinese officials about how many people are detained and will be interrogated. If the officials ever mention “those convicted would be dealt with severely” in their speech, that will be super. A police country like China certainly is going to arbitrarily arrest and harshly “punish” those dissents. We the “free world” would never ever detain innocent people or torture them.

. If the riot is related to ethnic minority, always describe how they are discriminated by the ethnic majority. Never ever mention China’s official national policies that help the ethnic minority. We the “free world” are doing a great job to “protect” and “preserve” the minorities in reservations. China cannot do anything that even just sounds better than us. So do NOT mention those policies!

. If possible, try to find a scenario to use the word “ethnic cleansing”. You will trigger more sympathy from your readers for the “protesters”. And based on all the great job done above, your readers will conclude that the evil China is trying to eliminating the minorities.

. Do write something about the natural resources in the area of the minorities, immigration of the majority into the area, and the minorities “feel they are not getting enough of the goodies”. (bloomberg)  Oh, don’t forget to mention “restrictions on religions”.

OK, now the world is up-side-down. You have done a perfect job on MANIPULATION. Go get your pay check.


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“In a dictatorship, censorship in used; in a democracy, manipulation.”

I am sure that many of you, our readers, have read the news about riots happened in Xinjiang China. From what we’ve read from the “free media”, it looks like another “brutal crackdown” by the Chinese government. Yes, every riot is just a testimony of how the China dictatorship suppresses its people. This, is what the “free media” have been feeding us.

Today, when reading some online discussions about the riots in Xinjiang, I come across the following links, and would like to share them with you:

Trojan Horse: National Endowment for Democracy. Ever heard about NED, National Endowment for Democracy? I heard a lot of mentions of it from the “free media”, including NPR, especially when certain countries are involved such as China, Cuba, Russia, etc. A beautiful name, isn’t it? Well, as some former CIA agent has pointed out, it is just another covert CIA operation to overthrown the governments mentioned above.

Corporate Media’s Threat to Democracy: a collection of quotations. Please read them, and think about the recent reports you have read from the “free media”. And if you can recall the reports about Tibet riots last year, that will be even better. A Chinese slogan is perfect for the “free media”: if it is a dog, it will never stop eating crap.


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