Why Every Article About China Have the Same Negative Tones About Chinese Government?

WSJ has an article titled Can Economic Sanctions Drive Democratic Change in China? today. The author, Raghuvir Dass, is a 2nd year History Student at Delhi University. He portraited China as the following:

“China is an authoritarian regime which violently suppresses any and all forms of political dissent. It affords virtually no rights to its citizens, working conditions are considered slave-like in nature and peaceful demands for rights such as the right to religion, movement and the freedom of association or expression result in disappearances, detentions and harassment. The use of torture is widespread and accepted by the Chinese state.”

Damn! We ought to sanction the evil China!!! Oh wait wait, should we also saction India since in terms of labor standard, “the most problematic countries are India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. China is actually slightly below the international average—about 15 or 16 [violations per factory]” — according to Auret van Heerden, president and CEO of the Washington, D.C.-based Fair Labor Association?

To be honest, reading Raghuvir Dass’s article makes me feel really really boring. It is just the old word that have been repeated hundreds of thousands of times by the “free media”. As a commenter pointed out, “Raghuvir Dass is an example of the incredible brain washing that takes place in India, the kind of brain washing that can make him not able to smell the stink under his own nose but an expert about the stink in a country 1000s of miles away which he hasn’t even visited.”

Actually, the comments are the fun part of this article. And the questions of Jiyong Chen to the editor indeed shine the discussion. Please allow me to quote them below:

“Since you are here, and in public commentary area, I would like to ask so everyone can read. Every article wrote about China in WSJ have the same negative tones about Chinese government. Is it a procedure that required in WSJ article toward China? There is no single article writer who pro China, and write good option on China in WSJ? If say there is one who write good option on China, is it has to be changed first, then can publish for everyone to read?

If there is any pro China on article saying Chinese government did anything good, please post a link to it.

Please answer, so everyone can understand WSJ is either a truly free press, or it is controlled.”


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