The Alternative Name for “Free Media”

Since last year’s reports about riots in Tibet, the “free media” has obtained new explanation about their names. Now let’s play a game and come up with your best alternative name for the “free media”. For example:

CNN: China Negative News

BBC: Broadcast Bad China

MSNBC: Must Speak Negative aBout China

ABC: Always Bashing China

NYT: Never Yell Truth



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4 responses to “The Alternative Name for “Free Media”

  1. laith

    The reason the “Free Media” doesn’t like to report the truth is because they are privately run, hence where the name “Free Media” comes from. However this is where the problem begins. Since they are free (private), they need to find a way to earn money in order to stay in business. Reporting the truth won’t earn them a lot of money if it goes against what their sponsors (other big businesses and even the government) want to hear. And that’s where the news censorship starts. (They censor themselves).

    The Documentary 《Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism》describes it well. Some info on the documentary here:

    I have not seen it yet but have read about it in other news blogs. The things that go on are truly scary, including the CEO of the news company telling it’s reporters to report a certain way or risk loosing their job.

    • terminatorii

      I think another reason is about their “credit”. If they start to report truth, it will contradict to what they used to report. People will question what happened during the past and doubt their credibility. So they cannot stop lying and begin to tell truth. They have to continue spreading new lies in order to help maintain their “credibility”.

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