“Free Media”, Can You Do Anything Better?

Ever since the beginning of the riot in Xinjiang, exiled Uighur leader Rebiya Kadeer has been closely working with the “free media” to condemn the Chinese government. Here is one of her interviews with the “free media”:

At the end of the interview, Rebiya Kadeer showed a large photo of several protesters surrounded by a large number of police. She claimed that in the photo the number of “Uighur demonstrators” were incomparable to the number of Chinese police force. Thus, she asked “how can the Uighur injure anyone” under such a situation.

Good question, except one thing. The photo she showed was NOT taken at the riot happened in Xinjiang. Under a little scrutiny, many people discovered that the photo was actually taken at the another incident happened thousands of miles away in Guangdong China several days earlier. So, Rebiya Kadeer was using a fake photo to attack the Chinese government. To be honest, I was not surprised at this at all. After all, we have seen such things before. You might recall last year that many “free media” used photos from different countries as the evidence that Chinese government crackdown Tibetan demonstraters. Ooooops, they were caught again this time.

This is not the end of the story. After being caught, Alim Seytoff of the Uighur American Associaition apologized “we deeply regret using this wrong photo, that was not our intent”. He explained that the photograph was one of hundreds of images and pieces of video that had been obtained from a variety of sources following Sunday’s unrest. Hmm, very interesting… So you made a headline news using fake evidence, and then apologized later under the table when being caught? This tactic, making the damage first and then showing a gesture of apology, does sound very familiar. I want to remind you of the history that the white people massacred Indians and enslaved black slaves and many many many many many years later they “apologized” without any compensation. No wonder CIA, NED, and their supported groups are so skillful at this.



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2 responses to ““Free Media”, Can You Do Anything Better?

  1. Weichen

    I’m sorry, but I’m getting quite tired of Rebiya Kadeer’s lies (and I thought Dalai Lama is the political chameleon here).

    Apparently, she accused the Chinese government of paying an actress to slander her reputation…

    • terminatorii

      Yeah, I also read a translation (http://www.mitbbs.com/regnews_wenzhang/Headline/31244947.html) about her interview with a German media after being caught for using the fake photo. According to the interview, she accused that the Chinese government gave her that photo right before she was about to be interviewed. This contradicted to Alim Seytoff’s interview about the source of that photo – he claimed that the photo was selected from thousands of photos. It is not exaggerated that many people call her a professional liar.

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