Manipulation? How?

What was happeningHow a photo is cropped and published

As a hobby photographer, I applaud to the skills of the journalist for taking the second photo.

As a news reader, I feel ashamed and disgusted for the journalist for distorting the truth.

As another example of media manipulation, Yahoo! News hosts a series of photos taken during the riots:

The first impression: 1) Almost all photos of Chinese Han people show that they carried sticks; 2) A majority of photos of Uighur people show women and children facing the police; 3) Photos of chaos and property damages, such as burned cars and shopts, etc. So what conclusion can you get from these photos? I bet you would say: it seems Han people are attacking Uighur people and causing all the chaos and damages, and the police is standing on the side of Han people.

Put the truth aside, and take a close look at the photos, you will notice: 1) not a single photo shows that Han people are attacking Uighur people; 2) not a single photo shows that Han people were burning car, shops, causing the chaos and damages; 3) all wounded look like Han people. Hmm, doesn’t this seem a bit contradict to the first impression?

I think you can get the idea on how the “free media” is distorting the truth now.



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5 responses to “Manipulation? How?

  1. Weichen

    I wonder why nobody on this blog has yet to comment on how Rebiya Kadeer, the leader of the WUC, mistook a photo of the Shishou riot for the Uighur riot…

    • terminatorii

      There are simply tooooooooooooooo many lies, manipulations, and stereotypes about China in the “free world” for us to go after one by one. But we are trying our best to put them under the sun light… This is an endless war – the “free media” will never stop lying because they would never admit it. They are like drug dealers – once getting into the lying business, they cannot stop. Otherwise, they will lose all their credits.

  2. Weichen

    BTW, this is the story behind the 新疆大妈 you can see in this article’s photos.

    It’s admirable how this woman is trying to get her arrested husband back, and I don’t doubt her sincerity, unlike some other Chinese forums. However, in most western media, they seem to “conveniently” leave out the story of the young soldier who gave her his name and phone number as a sign of his willingness to help her – which I think, considering China’s social and political atmosphere, to be equally admirable.

    • terminatorii

      I’d like to ask people from the “free world”, is it appropriate thing to demand their authorities to release terrorism suspects given that they were involved in terrorism attacks? Think about it for a second, then give me the answer.

  3. terminatorii

    Here is another example of how the “free media” copy & paste photos freely from the Internet to report news:

    First page: New York Time used a photo of wounded Han Chinese to illustrated how Uighur Chinese were attacked.

    Second page: Rebiya Kadeer used a photo taken from a different incident as evidence that the Chinese government “crackdown Uighur protests”. London Evening used photos of two victim girls attacked by the roits to show how the government “crackdown protest”.

    Third page: France media and Turkey demonstrators used photo of a car accident happened several month ago in Hangzhou China as the victim of Xinjiang riots.

    Forth page: The headline photos I showed in this article.

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