“In a dictatorship, censorship in used; in a democracy, manipulation.”

I am sure that many of you, our readers, have read the news about riots happened in Xinjiang China. From what we’ve read from the “free media”, it looks like another “brutal crackdown” by the Chinese government. Yes, every riot is just a testimony of how the China dictatorship suppresses its people. This, is what the “free media” have been feeding us.

Today, when reading some online discussions about the riots in Xinjiang, I come across the following links, and would like to share them with you:

Trojan Horse: National Endowment for Democracy. Ever heard about NED, National Endowment for Democracy? I heard a lot of mentions of it from the “free media”, including NPR, especially when certain countries are involved such as China, Cuba, Russia, etc. A beautiful name, isn’t it? Well, as some former CIA agent has pointed out, it is just another covert CIA operation to overthrown the governments mentioned above.

Corporate Media’s Threat to Democracy: a collection of quotations. Please read them, and think about the recent reports you have read from the “free media”. And if you can recall the reports about Tibet riots last year, that will be even better. A Chinese slogan is perfect for the “free media”: if it is a dog, it will never stop eating crap.



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3 responses to ““In a dictatorship, censorship in used; in a democracy, manipulation.”

  1. Alessandro

    Well done, well said…I completely agree with u

  2. I thought everyone knows the NED for what it is by now. If not, I recommend the documentary “Behind Color Revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine” by Japan’s NHK station.

    I do notice words like “riots”, “violence” pops up a lot more in stories about Xinjiang, while earlier reports of Tibet were always “protests”, “demonstrations”. The so-called free media’s distaste for Islam and utter hypocrisy is sooo disgusting.

  3. terminatorii

    http://www.hartford-hwp.com/archives/55/765.html has a long list of CIA operations against China under the name of NED, Washington Post, Washting Times, etc. Those operations are related to “human rights”, “democracy”, and Tibet.

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