Some Inconvenient Truth

On April 6, KQED forum interviewed George Galloway, a British Member of Parliament, who is announced by the Canada government as a terrorist supporter. Usually, I did not give any credit to the political views of any British politicians. After all, one cannot expect too much from some one who sits on the legacy of the largest colonist, slave smuggler, drug dealer, pirate, and war lord ever in the human history. But this time, I was quite shocked by Mr. Galloway’s talk about the Middle east, Gaza, Iran, etc. Indeed, in the main-stream (extreme) media of the western world, his opinion is very unique. He speaks out some inconvenient truth that western people can hardly hear from their extreme media, and can hardly understand without putting their feet into the shoes of the people in the middle east. By this mean, I see the so-called Middle East Peace Process going nowhere under the rules drawn by the western world.

For example, Mr. Galloway’s interview of Iran is particularly insightful. The western public often cannot forgive 1970s Iran Evolution which took over the US Embassy in Iran. The truth is, the US government helped a brutal dictatorship to overthrown a democratic Iran government. The Iranees have no choice but to drive the US influence away from their country and restore their democracy, even if they had to occupy the US Embassy. It is a natural reaction. When some one back up a brutal dictator who has killed your families, what will you do? Throw flowers to them? This is simply ridiculous and non-sense. Unfortunately, the western extreme media have been feeding this to the public for decades. Finally, Mr. Galloway spoke out this inconvenient truth. Without understanding this, the western will never find peace with the rest of the world.

One thing Mr. Galloway did not realize is the Jews’ influence of the western society. He repeated states that Israel is just a “puppy” of the US. This is so wrong. Just take a brief look at this list, you will get the idea who is the puppy of the Jews. This well explains the questions that a caller raised during the interview. Why is it politically unacceptable to criticize Israel in the western world? It is not because doing so is equivalent to denying holocaust. It is because the governments, the media, the financial systems, and the society in the west are deeply influenced (controlled?) by the Jews.


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