PBS for sale

Just watched a PBS program (wide angle) tonight on Japan’s plan to change its constitution on how it operates its military. Namely, Japan wants to change its constitution to start a war or wars.  I didn’t watch the entire episode — as I started in the middle — but from what I had seen, it seems that the entire program stands from the point of view of Japan. That is, how Japan has viewed itself in the most glorified way. How Japan felt that it is threatened by China even though Japan had invaded China during WWII and killed tens of millions of Chinese, instead of the other way around.

So I wonder, why would Japan felt threatened by China and why would Japan has a constitution that prohibits it from waging a war?

Well, the answer is easy: Japan is guilty of war crimes. Yes, the whole Japan is guilty of war crimes. That is why the US occupation force drafted a constitution for the Japanese so that it can’t repeat the atrocities during WWII.

Why is that PBS — a public funded program — would broadcast a Japanese propaganda? After all, PBS is not CBS, FOX, NBC, or CNN, which may be influenced by their business interests and choose to broadcast propaganda (or commercial) as news.

I always thought that PBS is somewhat unbiased, progressive network and reflects the conscience of the American people. Still, my curiousity got the best of me and forces me to sit down and watched the rest of the program, including the final credits.

I want to follow the money. Afterall, money is the root of all evil. Let’s see who had funded this program. So after watch a laundry list of usual funders of the regular program, finally, there it is — “Major funding of this episode is contributed by the Japan US friendship Commission”.  Ah, a US government branch dedicated to instill propagada on American people. 

So let the beast out of the cage. This is not the first time US had done something foolish. It was US government that had trained Bin Ladin and gave chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein. Forget about Pearl Harbor and tens of millions of people Japan had murdered during WWII, try to think what Japan can do nowadays with its 2nd largest economy in the world.



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3 responses to “PBS for sale

  1. qingdaobaby45

    japan is so evil… they go to china and kill people and colonization… then not apologise!!! 😦 😦 😦

    we chinese have never occupy… always peaceful… so why westerner media always heap scorn on us… so angry about western media!!!

    and now support japan. government in us should apologise and stop this dumb program. 😡

  2. This is not unusual. I’ve been disappointed with PBS and many other allegedly high-quality sources of information (e.g., NPR, BBC, etc.) ever since I law school and started thinking for myself.

    However biased the program, I don’t think it was intentional. There is a cultural blindness and bias the US has toward China ever since the 1800’s (the Chinese as the only race prohibited from becoming a U.S. citizen) – part of it arising from ignorance and part of it from fear…

    I am hoping the more Chinese become prosperous, the more Chinese and Americans interact – things will become better.

    I don’t think Americans have ill intentions. But they are afraid – and they are ignorant.

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