The Adventure of Pandas in Earthquake

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China (Wolong) Giant Panda Protection Research Center islated in the center of the seismic zone. For 30 hours after the strike of this catastrophic earthquake, communication couldn’t be established between the center and the outside. During this time, the staff were holding their positions, promptly transferring the giant pandas to safe places even the center had lost all contact with the outside. Giant Pandas were scared by the quake, crouching into a fuzzy ball, and some refused to eat. The staff treated the pandas like children, pacifying them, preparing food as usual even under such difficult circumstances. In order to save the pandas, some staff members were injured. Stranded foreign tourists and researchers were taken care of and no one was injured.

Let all of us lend our hand to contribute to the protection of giant pandas and show our respect to the staff who protect the lovely pandas.

Some of the giant pandas were relocated from Sichuan Provice to Beijing, Zhejiang and Ya’an.

So far there is no death report of giant pandas. But three of them are missing and nowhere to find.



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4 responses to “The Adventure of Pandas in Earthquake

  1. Ren

    i think the cutest picture was when all of them lined up in liek two rows eating food that was soooo CUTE

  2. John Ottewell

    I think it is so very i9mportant to put a supreme effort into saving the pandas. Certianly, it shgould be a priority over saving the [people in the area. After all, the loss of 60,000 humans would be of little or no conserquence to the planet – the loss of 50 panda would be an absolute disaster.

  3. well well

    Just trying to be cynical or what, John? Say that if your family members are one of those 60,000 lives lost.

  4. Tu

    I think so, the loss of the endangered specie is more important than loss of a small section of people

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