An additional comment on Sharon Stone’s ‘karma’ response

While most people criticized Sharon Stone’s association between karma and China’s earthquake, I saw few are trying to help her to get away by quoting her last few sentences:

Then I got a letter from the Tibetan Foundation, and they wanted to go and be helpful. And that made my cry. And they asked me if I’d write a quote for that and I said I would. That was a big lesson to me, that sometimes you have to learn to put you head down to be at service even to the people who aren’t nice to you. That’s a big lesson for me.

Some say that the above comment shows her change of thoughts and she no longer views the earth quake as “karma”. Besides, she promised to help.

Actually this part of her interview infuriates me most. It has to be pointed out that that she never changed her “earthquake is karma” train of thought here. Her ‘big lesson’–help people even if they treat you badly, still points finger at the earthquake victims–you are GUILTY, but I am going to help anyway. I may eventually dismiss the karma comment as coldblooded nonsense, but I can’t stand her scorn toward the victims and her arrogance in the name of charity . She slaps people in the face, throws couple of bucks (maybe only in the plan), and complacently expects APPRECIATION. It disgusts me.

Who knows what she was thinking when she did other charity work? Maybe ‘AIDS fagot, enjoy your karma’?



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25 responses to “An additional comment on Sharon Stone’s ‘karma’ response

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  3. chiralanomaly

    Very well said! Precisely on the point.

  4. Max Ba Yu

    I think it is not right to relate earthquake is a karma because the Chinese government have done bad things to Tibetans. A karma need the same equivalence at some stage. For this Earthquake, The Karma goes to the Chinese Government of what they did to the Tibetans. After they did bad things to Tibetans, now the government face bad things to them. These bad things are 1) they have to help their people and put extra money and effort in helping the victims (because they haven’t been helping ‘their people’ in other region (read it as Tibetan), 2) they have to ask other country for help (The Chinese government didn’t listen to other country’s comment regarding the Tibetans).

    My sympathy goes to both Tibetans people and people who suffers from the Earthquake.

  5. terminator

    To Max Ba Yu:

    Following your logic, may we say that every bad thing happening in the US, such as 911 and Katrina, was a karma to the US government?

    In addition, as many here have pointed out, the earthquake epicenter locates in Aba county. Ironically, Tibetan is the majority ethnic group there (more than 50% of the population). Why the karma goes to the Tibetans? According to your logic, the implication seems to be that the Tibetans did bad things to the Chinese government instead of the contrary.

    Finally, you asserted that the Chinese government did bad things to the Tibetans. Would you mind provide some examples? Please do not quote Da-liar Lama and his exile group – they have zero credit on the truth in Tibet at all.

  6. Sharon Stone is no body, let me repeat, she is nobody. What ever she said did hardly any damage to China and Chinese.

    The west media did million times more harms to China than. The following report is by New York Time, about the parade by Falun in Manhattan Chinatown on Sunday :

    Falun Gong Marchers Are Jeered in Chinatown

    Published: May 26, 2008

    Anguish over the recent earthquake in China helped set off a small ideological disturbance in Chinatown on Sunday when a Falun Gong parade was jeered by supporters of the Chinese government who hurled water bottles and pieces of pastry at the marchers, as well as insults.

    Read it carefully, it implys that the protestors (against Falun) were organized by Chinese government, and those protestors were described as rioters like those rioters on 3.14.

    The reporter from NYT ignored thousands of pro-China protestors, no comments from them at all. On the other hand, he took the comments from Falun goners without questioning them, like he didnt ask the obvious question how much Falun had donated when Falun goners claimed they cared about the victims of earthquake.

    As media like NYT and CNN are the leading roles in US media, once they set the tone, all other newspaper and TV will follow. That greatly damages the image of China and Chinese government.

    NYT is much much worse than CNN, because it is so masterful at misleading the information. They let you see 3% of truth (make people believe them), and manipulate the picture of remaining 97% based on their intepretation.

    The example above is one of the best examples : Chinese people have donated money since 5.12 ; Falun has celebrated earthquake in Flushing, New York for 10 consecutive days, and NYT didnt even bother to interview one supporter of chinese government, but take comment from Falun goners for granted.


    here is what Falun goner did in Manhattan Chinatown :

  7. StuMitch

    I think Ms Stone has a point, all she was saying basically was what goes around comes around, and although I feel sadness for what has happened to the Chinese People in the earthquake, they, in their ignorance, have allowed their soldiers to abuse the poor Buddhist Monks in Tibet, and use force against innocent people peacefully protesting. Do the Chinese Nation forget Tiannamen Square so easily?????

  8. Alessandro

    StuMitch, sorry to say this, but judging from ur absurd statements, the only ignorant here, and by a great deal, it’s you. Do you know anything about chinese history and the truth about Tibet, do you? It surely doesn’t seem so from ur words…u just look another of those TV-fed americans that believe whatever biased media tell them. Try reading some books, and most of all go there and see with ur own eyes please…
    (ah, in case u were wondering, I’m not chinese sorry, I’m italian)

  9. lovees

    i support stumitch’s thinking…
    what about the pollution problem they caused to the environment…

  10. Alessandro

    AHAHAHA, here’s another….so, let me see only we europeans and americans have the right to pollute the environment and destroy the earth? U that when UK, US and Europe had their industrial revolutions, they didn’t pollute as much as China is doing? Only we have the right to develop and live better? Of course environment is important, and everyone should do its best to pollute the least possible, but to accuse someone of doing (later) what we ourselves already did is so dishonest and unjust, other than totally ignorant.
    And never forget u’r talking about 1,3 billion people here..more than Europe’s and USA’s population together, with all the complexities and difficulties easily understandable, if u only try to think about it. They will advance and (as the central government is already starting doing…but remember the complexities of such a huge country/continent with so many level of local administration) they’ll learn to pollute less and protect their environment….Be a little less arrogant and try to open ur mind please.

  11. terminator

    I see this attacking China thing happening numerous of times. Typically it looks like this:

    Attacker: China is evil because of reason a…

    Defender:No, it is not like what you said. Here are the facts…

    Attacker: China is evil because of reason b…

    Defender: You are wrong again. Here are some facts…

    Attacker: China is evil because of reason c…

    Defender: Do you know these facts…

    Attacker: China is evil because reason d…

    Defender: Here are some facts regarding your allegations…

    The argue goes on and on. And you can never imagine how many reasons the attacker can raise to accuse China. And the best of all, the attacker will repeat the allegations after several round of argues. So it becomes a never ending story.

    I think what China should do is to follow the step of the US – forget about all these silly attackers and work hard to be the superpower. Then she can disregard any internal rules and critiques, bomb whatever countries she want to bomb, and invade whatever nations as her wish – all in the name of “freedom”, “justice”, “morality”, “democracy”, fill_the_words_western_media_and_government_love_to_use_today.

  12. Anonymous


    While I appreciate your critique of hypocrisy from the U.S., I sincerely hope you are being sarcastic when you say “I think what China should do is to follow the steps of the US.” What scares me is that some Chinese seem to think that it’s OK to take this attitude and use it as an excuse for China to do whatever it wants. China should be a role model for the world, not the next big obnoxious superpower.

    By the way, I almost lost my lunch (吐) when I heard Sharon Stone say that.

  13. terminator

    To Anonymous:

    I was just joking – I apologize if you misunderstand it.

    As for China being a role model for the world, unfortunately it depends on who defines it. From my point of view, China is already a role model in terms of foreign relations. However, those former colonists, drug dealers (hint: opium war), slave smugglers, war lords (hint: The Crusades, WWI and WWII), and slave owners, do not think so. After lost of their old business and privileges, they suddenly stand on a “higher morality” and start to represent “freedom”, “democracy”, and “justice”. From their mouths, China is nothing but an evil country. Thus, following their logic, a reasonable implication is that China has to take a bloody road like what they have done to the world in order to become a “role model”.

  14. Anonymous

    “…what about the pollution problem they caused to the environment…”

    A significant portion of that pollution is from Western companies that moved their factories to China, thus reducing the pollution back home while increasing the pollution in China.

    By the way, each Chinese on the average produces only one-fourth the carbon-emmission compared to an average American. That’s the essense of the whole argument among countries regarding global warming. Why should someone on this planet, just because he is born an American (and to a lesser extent other industrialized nations), has the right to pollute the earth four times that of an average Chinese (the disparity is even greater between Americans and Indians). That would be saying only Americans should have the right to economic wealth (and own 3 cars per family including gas guzzling SUVs) while people of the poor countries should remain poor and give up their right to move up the economic ladder.

  15. StuMitch

    “freedom”, “justice”, “morality”, “democracy”,

    Four words that can never be used in the same sentence as China….

  16. Alessandro

    AHAHAHA..well Stumitch, go back studying some USA history, and u may end up noticing that’s the same thing, especially in the last 60 years…U’re so funny, really, it’s a joy to read u…

  17. Cindy6

    The concept of karma is dumb in and of itself. If you believe in karma, you only do good deeds in expectation of positive payback in the future, and refrain from bad stuff due to fear of retribution. This defeats the very concept of morality.

  18. terminator

    To StuMitch:

    “Four words that can never be used in the same sentence as China….”

    Of course China should never use these words. The inventors and advocaters of these words have their hands full of bloods.

  19. Miaa Z

    Sharon Stone is a piece of rubbish. I’m Chinese and I’m living there. Don’t just hear, believe and pass on what other people said.

  20. Miaa Z

    Besides, China is no evil. Those who are pretending to be ‘big brothers’ are evil.

  21. parasane

    Karma is killing off little eight year old children by squishing them under rocks and making them suffer excruciating pain? Karma is taking away parents from little four year olds so that they grow up as orphans and all alone?

    Well then, she’s got quite a bizarre sense of karma, has she not?

  22. parasane

    Cindy6: “The concept of karma is dumb in and of itself. If you believe in karma, you only do good deeds in expectation of positive payback in the future, and refrain from bad stuff due to fear of retribution. This defeats the very concept of morality.”

    Very well put.

  23. brian

    Sharon Stone’s insider source of her karma remarks

    Her words: “Because they are not being nice to the Dalai Lama, who is a good friend of mine,” she said. “And then all this earthquake and all this stuff happened, I thought, is that karma? When you are not nice, bad things happen to you.”

    Analysis: Karma is a Buddhist law. The divine Buddha determines who to be punished and others praised. A living Buddha reports people’s behaviors to the divine Buddha. Wrong info was passed and the quake occurred in the Aba Tibetan/Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan. Many Tibetan died but the Chinese gov was praised for its swift actions. If this is the karma as she claimed (based on the insider info from her good friend), it is bad to the Tibetans but good to the gov. His Holiness realized the mistake, and was too embarrassed to participate in a quake-relief effort. Instead, he toured the globe, as if he has nothing to do with the quake (alibi?).

    On June 12th, the Dalai Lama backed Stone’s claim. “Every event is karma”, he said, “tragedy in China is karmic.”

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