Sharon Stone:the earthquake is karma

When asked about the Sichuan earthquake in the Cannes Film Festival, the actress responded delightfully, “Well, you know, it was very interesting…I am unhappy about the way Chinese are treating the Tibetans… Then all this earthquake,all this stuff happened, I thought, is that Karma? When you are not nice, the bad things happen to you.”

Apparently, Ms. Stone shares similar opinion with Falun Gong practitioners and the Westboro Baptist Church——the lives of more than 60,000 people claimed by the earthquake, including many of her beloved ‘Tibetans’ and thousands of children, are all deserved to die, because she is not happy about the Chinese government’s policy. I guess the same thing goes for people died in the tsunami, 9/11, Katrina, and Myanmar cyclone——well, God and Bin Laden don’t like whatever your government did, so go to hell.

There is no need to protest the hypocrisy of a brainless Hollywood porn star or those human rights activists, as this is what they always do. Ten seconds ago she was still preaching “I don’t think anyone should be unkind to anyone else”, then there came this malicious curse to ordinary people she doesn’t even know——face your karma, rot in hell! Where is the human rights now? Where is the “compassion”? And by the way, where is Dalai Lama’s effort to help those “suffered”——a lot of them are Tibetans, living in the great Tibetan area he always wants to ‘free’?Is ‘karma ‘ all he can teach? Is it the Karma for people who are still worshiping him?

The worst and most shameless part yet to come. “…sometimes you have to learn to put your head down to be of service, even for people who are not nice to you…” My fellow Chinese, my parents and friends who are still suffering in Sichuan, can you feel the mercy and grace from Her Holiness Sharon Stone? She is willing to lower her noble head, forgive and pity you low life sinners. How lucky you are and how gracious she is! She must be a true princess!



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195 responses to “Sharon Stone:the earthquake is karma

  1. Cindy6

    Huh? Since when does one care for the opinion of an air-head?

    Same for the FLG. They are a dead-end cult and should simply be ridiculed and ignored.

  2. William

    It was a shock for me to hear her interview, and wondered how could she say that.
    One thing must be very common for this world, whatever you are, just as a humanbeing.
    Natural disaster has nothing to do with politic.
    I am not against your political opinion, but you might be not so “cold bloody” towards the victimers, who lost their lifes and loved of family.
    I might ask you to consider it again. please!

  3. Helen

    Never mind. How can you take someone serious who is as ignorant as that!

  4. Anonymous

    Haha, she is too stuipd, and she does not have any Tibetan history background. She said it is Karma just because DL is her friend, selfish and no quality words from her butt

  5. AIDA

    Last year when she went to China to collect money she did not mention anything about Tibetan, so SHAMELESS.

  6. Anonymous

    She is a perfect friend of Dailai, as they share common characters like selfish, cold-blooded and hypocritical. So are those Dalai’s followers in Hollywood.

    • sonam

      ha ha Anonymous dnt comment on other people first u have to know ur charecter…….. i think the way u wrote show that u r selfish n cold blooded….. n ya u r the perfect frd of chines govt n one advice for u pray for those innocent people who lost their life………… may god will give u a right path…………………….

  7. Frank

    Shame on you, Sharon Stone.

  8. Frank

    Sharon stone, please show some humanity and love. Your comment towards over 60,000 victims could become your cold bloody karma.

  9. phy

    Is that any surprising? The hypocrisy of the so called “pro-human rights” activists and the so called “religious” FLG people? They have the same mind set, which is most accurately described as insane.

  10. JZ

    Now you know who she is.

  11. Anonymous

    she is insane by any standard. She might get her Karma by breaking wind.

  12. aanagai

    Boycott this brainless porn star’s movies! In case if you are interested in seeing her shaving “basic instinct”, just click here:

  13. StongNorth

    Sharon Stone, is she a real stone or some animal who obviously learned some human language but not use them properly.

  14. Alice

    She’ll be haunted by 60,000 souls for her insult.

  15. AUtiger

    The Epicenter, Wenchuan county is located in Aba autonomy region, Sichuan province. there are not only Han Chinese but also tibetan Chinese and qiang Chinese living in Aba autonomy region. the population of “Tibetan Chinese” living in Aba autonomy region is “52.9%”, qiang Chinese is 17.7%, hui Chinese is 3.2%, and Han Chinese is 26.6%

  16. LSUtiger

    Now you know how stupid this porn-star is now?

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  18. Anonymous

    Agree with Alice. She will be haunted by a lot of souls, but more like 80,000! She’s an idiot and should keep her mouth shut!

  19. Michael

    A whore is a whore, nothing more than that!

  20. jiang

    i am very angry at this old woman. i wish she can be cursed and die.

    By the way, do not make those funny movies any more. You are too old to be a whore.

  21. parallelsidewalk

    I think the vast majority of Tibet cheerleaders here don’t actually KNOW anything about the situation. At any rate, it’s just as stupid as any argument based on “it’s your karma, that’s why a bad thing happened to you” (people who actually understand Buddhism never say this).

    I’ve written a couple pieces on Tibet, here

    and here

    Michael Parenti wrote a pretty solid piece on it here

  22. shainee

    very surprising…Never thought she’d say that. SAD!

  23. prettysleepy

    It proves my point that you don’t have to be smart to be an actress. . .

  24. Oh who cares that she said it. What’s wrong with what she said? Lighten up, folks.

  25. zoecarnate

    At last, the new agey equivalent to a Jerry Falwell or John Hagee. Fascinating.

  26. lol

    That’s pretty low but hey is Sharon Stone we talking about.

  27. Andy

    And I thought she will fly to Sichuan to entertain the victims by stripping naked. Well, I guess not then.

  28. jane

    Hate Sharon Stone. Just a bitch and her speech just proves that how stupid she is. USA also has lots of natural disasters such as Katrina Hurricane in 05. Guess this is the result of stupid rude American attack Iraq. Besides, Tibet belongs to China and it’s none of her business. They shouldn’t interfere with China’s policy.

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  30. Jazz

    She should just shut her stupid mouth – politics and region aside, we are human being first. The least we can do is to feel for those who suffered great loss in the disaster…

  31. kiwian

    Wow, I wonder what made Sharon Stone think she had any authority to comment on this? Although I guess if you’re “good friends” with the Dalai Lama…

    Obivously this was an ignorant and hurtful thing to say, but I don’t think that “i wish she can be cursed and die” Is a good reaction either. Condemn her for her words, and pity her ignorance, but the perpetuation of hate and violence isn’t going to help us.

  32. specul8r

    The word ‘karma’ got a lot of people into trouble for not truly understand what it means (see Sharon Stone and Falun Gone). That is sad to see so many ignorant people with half bucket of knowledge on religion trying to show off what they don’t know.


    Do not use ‘foreign word’ unless you truly understand ‘what it is’.

  33. Anonymous

    Sharon Stone, you’re completely an idiot, whore, trash! You wanna be of service? Sure, you can service those sniffer dogs in the rescue teams, I’d like to pay 99 cents to you fucking slut!!!

  34. openhawkeyes

    who is this shameless silly bird called sharon stone? Is she a real STONE without mercy and soul? just since she is a friend of Dalai, how could she think the earthquake was interesting and imply that those victims of the quake, just ordinary Chinese including Tibetan Chinese, women, and children, deserved a quake “karma”? really feel disgusting with her! evil and cold-bloody she is! shame on sharon STONE!

  35. dee

    So low quality is her. No wonder she had to sell her nude for $ … gosh. Did she also mean the 911 tragedy was karma to U.S. as well?

  36. nick

    She is stupid.
    The quake primary hit the tibetan autonomous area, in which a lot of victims are tibetans, Karma ? what did those tibetans do wrong in their past ?
    The chinese government are rescuing the tibetans. Better than Bush government, what was bush doing ? golfing ?

  37. Lee

    Shame on her!

  38. Lee

    To specul8r:
    Don’t say you know more than that:
    The philosophical explanation of karma can differ slightly between traditions, but the general concept is basically the same. Through the law of karma, the effects of all deeds actively create past, present, and future experiences, thus making one responsible for one’s own life, and the pain and joy it brings to him/her and others. The results or ‘fruits’ of actions are called karma-phala. (Wikipedia).


    Don’t think you know more than others!

  39. Elaine

    This is a comment on Sharon Stone’s view on recent China Earthquake as a “karma” for any alleged wrongdoing by Chinese Government to Dalai Lama and Tibetan people, and her contract with Dior. Considering that the earthquake epicenter is in A Ba autonomous Area with ethnic Tibetan as majority, is she saying that God is punishing China for any alleged wrongdoing to Dalai and Tibetan people by sending earthquake to kill more than sixty thousand people including ethnic Tibetan? That is just retarded (and cold). It’s ironic, isn’t it, that she was chosen to target Dior product to mature and intelligent women? After seeing her Dior capture total commercial, I am looking forward to seeing that she “gets what she deserves” – a termination of her contract by Dior. Before that happens, I am going to continue raising awareness among Dior consumers here in affluent Northern California and getting people to boycott Dior products.

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  41. Anonymous

    She is totally idiot, full, silly cow.
    What does she think she is? Typical white trash!!!
    She had brain operation before if I remembered correctly, was it karma? or just because the operation took away all her warm heart

  42. SSSB

    She has no child of her own blood, even though she tried and tried… That is called THE karma for her.

  43. Lily

    Well, this approves what a brainless ‘beauty’ & cold hearted woman she is. Whatever bias opinion she might have on Tibet, but making such a comment linking natural disaster that resulted in so many human deaths, injuries and homeless to politics is absolutely and extremely stupid behaviour. I now know all Sharon has and can offer is her beauty face and clothes, under is empty.

  44. Anonymous

    Sharon Stone is a whore, is that a karma?

  45. China’s karma wouldn’t be affected by Stone’s opinion, and nowhere did she say she desired anyone to die.

    Why are you picking on a harmless old woman?

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  47. ahmedsaleh

    Maybe karma will get her one day

  48. will

    If sharon stone wants to play god, she might bite her own fingers.
    I remembered when Glen Hoddle, the ex coach of England football team told the press that disabled people suffer because of karma in the previous life. The next thing he is being sacked as England coach.

  49. FZH

    yaaa…never mind.
    just that bitXX again….. and Old~~ XX.

    is 911 a karma?

  50. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Yeah! It’s a Karma! What would she say if she knows that lots of people in Sichuan are Tibetan. What a idiot.

  51. SS

    First of all, I’m rather surprised that people would find the opinion of an actress so important.

    Have we forgotten that she’s from Hollywood, where countless people have made countless ignorant statements?

    Secondly, insulting the Dalai Lama because of Sharon Stone’s ignorant comment is a bit of misplaced anger.

    While Sharon Stone may claim that the Dalai Lama is a “close friend” it doesn’t suggest that the words she carelessly spewed in front of cameras reflect the beliefs of the Dalai Lama.

    Third, while it is indeed “cold” that she would link a natural disaster to karma, as if the victims had it coming, you must realize that Sharon Stone isn’t an expert on the feud going on between Tibet and China, nor is she an expert on karma.

    This is an actress, who is biased in her opinion, and failed to be politically correct.

    Of course, given that most public figures, including celebrities are held on a pedestal to be politically correct, she is none the less just an ordinary woman.

    I’m not indicating that Sharon Stone’s comment about the earthquake in China is correct. I’m simply stating that while there are far more important matters at hand, why do we care so much about the opinion of an actress, whose opinions are biased?

  52. And I’m still wondering why it appears so few paid attention to what she said.

    Stone said,

    1. She does not like the government of China.
    2. She wondered whether the earthquake had been a result of karma against the government that is so repressive (and you guys defend it?).
    3. She realizes that people were hurt and aid is necessary to help them out, regardless the politics.

    Now, which part do you think she should be criticized for, loving freedom, or endorsing aid to the earthquake victims?

    If I listen to Stone’s statement, and then read this blog, I get the idea that you all agree that repression is good, freedom is bad, that you all thing Tibet should fall off the face of the earth, and you’re not troubled about denying aid to earthquake victims, either.

    Perhaps Ms. Stone said something in a way that offended you. Put on your big boy pants and get over it. What she said — ‘send aid to the earthquake victims’ — is a solid statement of compassion.


  53. john

    talking about the KARMA, i think this hartless lady really deserves one…

  54. John

    I knew already, she has the instinct to know that.

  55. Lily

    I care and I am absolutely feeling so affended by your comments. You seem to play a role as a judge to defend for this brainless woman’s comments who just knows how to open her big mouth to make such cruty comments without giving a proper thinking. Just put your shoes into thousands of thousands of Chinese people who lost their loved ones, families and become homelss, if they are your parents, brothers or sisters, your sons or daughters, would you not feel affended? Think……

  56. Anne

    O well, just another low educated irresponsible Hollywood actress.

  57. Ed

    ‘Tis better to remain silent and be thought the fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.’

  58. Lily

    Are a fan to this bitch…

  59. Victor

    what kinda human being would think that is a karma!

  60. suqing17

    Ed Darrell,
    when you agree “the earthquake had been a result of karma against the government that is so repressive”, are you trying to say the karma for the GOVERNMENT should be paid by 60,000 innocent people, including children? Do you even know what karma is? I am wondering if you are going to suffer the “karma” caused by your government, for example, the 1 million civilian it killed in Iraq–watch out when you drive on highway, or take a plane, give the same advice to your wife and kids.
    As for ’send aid to the earthquake victims’, is that a “solid statement of compassion” from her, or just a quote from someone else? I may not be an American, but at least I can hear and comprehend English. I don’t know what they teach you in school nowadays, it simply strikes me how education fails to teach you to understand English properly in an English speaking country! Go back to get your GED before you start to blog, mister!.

  61. john

    re: Karma..God’s Word, the Bible tells us the world will experience wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes, famines and pestilence before the end of this “age”.

    If one would care to notice the past history of the past history and locations of the many horrendous “natural”events suffered by many countless people you will notice, if you would for a moment remove your “spiritual blinders and religion”, you may notice that the overwhelming loss of life was in counties who disavow God’s Word and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am not religious in the loosely used context of that overrated word but I do have a saving knowledge of the Creator of all. His Word states that there is a reason for all that happens to us. It is incom-prehensible, I know, to our minds as a human, how the innocent also suffer. He is not cruel He is Just and it isn’t “karma”, it is a wake up call to repent and believe what He says about “man” and what He says about His Son.
    Let us all pray for peace and have compassion for all of mankind, even Sharon Stone, for “lack of knowledge” causes man, made in God’s image, to perish and suffer And rejection of Truth will always lead to sorrow somehow, someway.

  62. celia

    Civilized Americans, please help educate this barbarian. It has put a lot of shame on your nation. Shame on Sharon Stone!

  63. Did anyone including the poster listen to what Sharon Stone said in the interview? She never said anything about not having “compassion” for the Chinese who died in the earthquake.

    From the post…

    “And by the way, where is Dalai Lama’s effort to help those “suffered”——a lot of them are Tibetans, living in the great Tibetan area he always wants to ‘free’?”

    In the interview Ms. Stone herself mentioned that the Tibet foundation is helping with the cause. Please check out their website. The Dalai Lama has offered his prayers for the victims of the earthquake and even credited the Chinese government for their quick action in the rescue efforts.

    All she really said is felt the earthquake was due to Karma. I would not agree with her on this since feel karma effects us more on a personal basis. The earthquake is something that happened on a mass scale and the people who died were innocent.

    I am also confused on the comments here that were made that compared the people who say Katrina or 9/11 was caused by God and Karma caused the earthquake. Ms. Stone practices Buddhism which believes Karma is based on the actions of people and NOT God. Two different things I think… Now many westerns do incorporate Buddhism in with the concept of God but I don’t believe Ms. Stone is a Christian so not sure she even believes in God.

    I can understand people here including myself disagreeing with her opinion but resorting to insulting personal attacks? Obviously the real issue the author of the post and some people here have is Ms. Stone’s support of the Dalai Lama and the Tibet people.

    I am not real familiar with this blog but the author of this post does not seem very objective. The video I assume was from a Chinese government TV news source? The whole post sounds like nothing but pro-Chinese government propaganda.

  64. Sharon Stoned

    The most cold-blooded comment around the world on the earthquake.

    Stone may have high IQ but it certainly does not reflect on her understanding of human rights and humanity. Her ally with Dalai Lama probably shamed him.

    So Stone talked about karma.

    Was karma at work that she had brain hemorrhage?

    Was karama at work that she need to show her pussy to earn some bucks?

    Only Stone knows. And the god of Karma will certainly strike her again.

  65. Lily

    To MJ “revoltingpawn”

    The video is not as assumed by you from a Chinese government TV news source, but from an independent TV news source in Hong Kong, and is absolutely not pro-Chinese government propaganda.

  66. Anonymous

    I can understand people here including myself disagreeing with her opinion but resorting to insulting personal attacks?

    The public right to attack her personally due to her double edge sword as a celebrity and public figure.
    Obviously the real issue the author of the post and some people here have is Ms. Stone’s support of the Dalai Lama and the Tibet people

    So what do you expect from an anti chinese racist. she lucky if not stone by chinese supporter.

  67. Sabah

    I can understand people here including myself disagreeing with her opinion but resorting to insulting personal attacks?

    The public right to attack her personally due to her double edge sword as a celebrity and public figure.
    Obviously the real issue the author of the post and some people here have is Ms. Stone’s support of the Dalai Lama and the Tibet people

    So what do you expect from an anti chinese racist. she lucky if not stone by chinese supporter.

  68. thefooledmass

    I found something interesting: whenever some people see something they feel uncomfortable the first instinct is “is this real?” and then:
    if (real)
    “this is some sort of communist propaganda”
    and all right I can pretend it’s not the truth

    MJ “revoltingpawn” do you mind telling me where you are located? It might worth it to start a research on the correlation between geographic location and psychiatric reflex.

  69. suqing17

    MJ “revoltingpawn”,

    If your family were killed in 9/11, you won’t get “objective” on people who told you “it’s karma”. My family suffered and is still experiencing the havoc caused by the earthquake. Sharon Stone’s attack is more than just “politically incorrect”, it’s personal. But I forgive you for saying “obviously the real issue the author of the post and some people here have is Ms. Stone’s support of the Dalai Lama and the Tibet people” because you are just as stubbornly suspicious and arrogant as many lefty westerners who know little about China, including the earthquake–‘propaganda’ and “government conspiracy”are the only words you can stuck in your head. As for the comment on the video is from the “Chinese government TV news source”–the video footage is from an independent TV station from Hongkong (next time, try not to be a smart*** when you actually don’t know the truth. BTW, I predict that you are going to label all Chinese-speaking TV stations as manipulated by Chinese government).
    And last, please stop saying “objective”, when your final conclusion based on nothing is “this is a Chinese propaganda”. It seems 60,000 lives mean nothing to you. Maybe because they are not American.

  70. Lily…

    I did not know the video was out of Hong Kong but the piece appears to be very bias. It was nothing but the bashing of a comment by an American celebrity. Really who cares what any celebrity has to say anyway?

    This does not change the fact that the author of the post is using her comments to promote his anti-Tibet and Dalai Lama sentiments.


    No one really cares about your Christian philosophy views and your comment was very ignorant. Preach somewhere else…

  71. tickles

    The nerve of this outdated, arrogant actress to make a ditzy and inhumane comment like that. She must be implying that all the other natural disasters or bad things (i.e. 9/11, bombing in Spain, etc) all have to do with karma.
    I believe karma for her is not ever having a decent career again in her life! She will not get another job in Hollywood nor anywhere else with that type of ignorance.

  72. Lily

    To: MJ “revoltingpawn”

    Well, all I know normal people with normal hearts deeply care for over 60,000 innocent human’s death, for over 360,000 injuries and over 5m people becoming homeless.

    I totally agree “thefooledmass” comments, perhaps it is time for us to do some research on the correlation between geographic location and psychiatric reflex.

    “bias” is a word stuck in your mind, if you need my advice, my advice to you is to go out or go to Beichuan to see in your big eyes, then make fair and decent comments.

  73. Sabah…

    You can disagree with a person’s opinion but rarely is there reason to personally attack a person.


    What from my comments made you state that the lives of 60,000 people mean nothing to me?

    I am sorry about the deaths of your family in the quake and you have bigger things to worry about then what Ms. Stone said.

    I did not know the video was from a Hong Kong TV station because the author did not credit the source. Notice I used a question mark on that statement. I did take a swipe at the Chinese government but not the people. To be fair I did provide a link that supported the Chinese government acted quick in the rescue efforts.

    I am thinking some people did not understand the point of my first comment and now trying to paint me as something I am not.

  74. Lily

    MJ “revoltingpawn”

    I sincerely apologise if you feel personally attacked, but now you would understand how affensive Sharon Stone’s comments affected to a normal human being’s heart!

  75. JennyL

    Sharon and who ever agree with her would be haunted by 60000+souls if karma is for real..and i really do wish that..Plz..since when ppl start to care wut S.S said?> for me..her basic instinct time was lyk last century…Grandma..Please just Shut the F up…Ur being a psycho B* here!!

  76. F USX

    China Earthquake is a Karma?

    How about 911?

    Sharon Stone forgets that one of the major victim area is Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, where is high death toll of ethic Tibetan.

    Dalai Lama will be unhappy about her ignorant speech.

  77. Lily…

    I think you are reading to much into Sharon Stone’s comments. She never has stated does not care about the death and homeless caused by the earthquake.

    The more I look at this blog see was right about the anti-Tibet and Dalai Lama bias. The author is using the 60,000 deaths to promote his own agenda which is no different then Ms. Stone.

    For those asking where I am from all you needed to do was “click” on my name…

    Yes, I am an American but please do not group me with other ignorant Americans who understand nothing about world affairs.

  78. suqing17

    MJ “revoltingpawn”,

    1. there’s no death in my family, thanks for the concern though.
    2. The attitude of blaming any pro-China/anti-Dalai posts as government propaganda is inappropriate–if you truly are objective as you wish to be, you should realize majority of them are voices from individuals who think independently like you.
    3.I understand you are not happy about the association of Dalai Lama in this post, feeling that blaming Dalai is the hidden agenda here. But it’s simply a comment since Dalai is emphasized in Sharon Stone’s response. And I think the comment is valid and reasonable. Compared to his active “human rights” “free Tibet” agenda in the past, Dalai did VERY LITTLE for the earthquake victims . The link you gave summed everything he did. Three words–limited lip service. No calling for donations (sorry, he and the Tibetan foundation are two different things), no Recitation Sessions,no stop from his visiting schedules. And in the interview where he praised Chinese government and offered his condolences, he spent MOST of the time blaming the ‘one child policy’ of Chinese government instead of offering positive information to encourage his followers . As someone preaching compassion, he did far from enough. Besides, even a “close” friend like Sharon Stone can say something so deviate from compassion, can’t one doubt his ability of teaching?

  79. Lily

    To: MJ”revoltingpawn”

    Frankly, I am getting annoyed your stubborn opinion. I wonder whether you have ever travelled or travelled to China. I am sure you are not an American who understands nothing about world affairs, but I am asking you, please click here:
    Does an old ‘Qiang’ minority lady whose whole family are all died in the quake deserve what Sharon Stone said?! She is only a symbol, there are thousands of old people, children and Tibetans and qiang minorities lost their complete families, and do they deserve what Sharon said? The comment should throw back to her, and no decent people should come out to defend for her. Sadly the interpretation of your comments to Sharon’s is only to defend but nothing else.

  80. Lee

    This article will have more credibility if not attacking Sharon as “porn star” and Dalai Lama as unpassionate to his own people. Dala Lama is a great person otherwise he would not win the Nobel Peace Prize (he is not what China says he is).
    Don’t get me wrong, I think What Sharon said was terrible.

  81. outraged digger

    for all those that say she didn’t really say anything wrong. well. first of all, no, she didn’t say the chinese people deserved to die, but it certainly came off that way.
    If your first response to: how do you feel about the earthquake in Sichuan is: Chinese people are mean to Tibetans so I can’t help but wonder if it’s karma. Then you obviously haven’t thought about the 60,000 people who have lost their lives, and the thousands more who’ve lost family members. Aren’t those the people who matter the most at times like these? Instead of thinking how your helping them is so wonderful and “Samaritan” and how, even though people are mean to you, you can help them, and how noble it is. think about how the 60,000 people are innocent of any wrongdoing, and have nothing to do with suppression of Tibet.

    Although i don’t think she is completely devoid of compassion for these people, i do believe that she feels that people should praise her for helping people, who have a cause that’s different from her own. which is, complete bull sh*t in my opinion. but whatever. She needs to think about what she said (TO A CHINESE REPORTER) and apologize for it, preferably with millions of dollars to the victims.

    I think that is a just retribution for what she said.

  82. As a moderator of this blog I thank you all very much for spending time reading and commenting.

    Please try to refrain from abusive words though, as they genrally don’t inspire thinking and understanding…

    Thanks, and have a great day.

  83. Kenny C

    When people put on the goggles of enmity, they are blind to see what “compassion” is all about, be they followers of the Dalai Lhama, or Jesus or whatever. Of course our naive cutie Sharon didnt’t even heard of a place called Aba when she said she was pro-Tibetan. What a shame!

  84. Lily

    To: All


    If you want to know what the story is about, here you are.

    This 80’s years old ‘Qiang’ lady who lost her entire family members went back to her ruined house and tried to find something she felt she can live on. She found a bowl of lard and a pack of dry noodles that she felt she found hope. She packed every single noodle and packed them carefully. She left while quietly murmuring to herself how I can live without your support (her family).

    Even though people living in this small village lost their entire belongings, when relive goods was dropped to the village after 2 days earthquake struck, people who picked up the goods and climbed down the mountain for 2 hours and handed those goods to the county government as they thought these were not their belongings. You can see from this how decent and innocent those people are. So I have no way whatsoever to accept what Sharon said about the disaster that terribly affected so many innocent people’s life, her comment is absolutely heartless and unacceptable. I have no way to accept anyone who tried to come out to defend for her and totally misinterpret her comments but truly to defend, perhaps his/her own feeling in his/her own mind.

    I can tell you all, whatever Chinese government or Chinese people will all make sure that this old Qiang lady and all other children, old people who lost their entire families will be well looked after. We all are their sons and daughters, as well as their parents to make sure that they will have a normal and happy life.

    So those tried to defend for the comments Sharon made just simply shut up, just be hearted for those who do not deserve what Sharon said about this unfortunate natural disaster.


  85. Wu Di

    Better to also check out

    At least that blog translates the whole interview. Quite important if you want to “inspire thinking and understanding.”

  86. Alessandro

    To MJ revolingpawn:

    ur worst error has been doubting at once the TV that showed the posted clip and resorting to the old excuse “it all looks like CCP propaganda”, which is the very first excuse people with little knowledge and little understanding of China resort to when they have little or no thing to say.
    I STRONGLY invite u to pay closer attention to how much propaganda and lies US and western TVs at large transmit every single day. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have only been the tip of a huge iceberg of lies and pure propaganda from US TVs and US government (readily retransmitted by all the other media in the west) that have been going on, and keeps going on, for many decades now. It’s funny that all the people that resort to the old excuse of CCP propaganda, accept without any question or doubt all the lies, biased reports and propaganda our “free and democratic” media give us (by the way, i’m not chinese, if u may have wondered that, i’m Italian). It’s so really funny and so really sad at the same time.
    And tell me another thing….i was wondering…why it is that when americans rallied around their government after 9/11 and displayed a flag in every house and supported a war based on nothing else than lies, economic interests and pure, unadulterated vengeance, their behaviour were romantically defined and called “patriotism”…and when instead a large number of chinese people protested for the totally biased and false report from Tibet and the insults from CNN “anchorman”, western media have at once used the far less romantic and positive term “nationalism”?? Can u explain to me what’s the difference in it?

  87. USA#2

    Wow. What a string of ignorant comments by Sharon Stone. Oh, and she’s “friends with the Dalai Lama.” lol

  88. PROVEN FACT: The United States is being destroyed right in front of us.. !! and every one is too stupid or focused on something else..

    As soon as George Bush divided the land in Israel.. that is when the begining of the destruction of this country began.. WATCH… .. !!
    tornadoes killing people every day now..
    This is just the begining of the END..

    The late great USA is finished !!! 20 bux for a gallon of gas is on the horizon !!

  89. huijie

    Even if what Sharon Stone says is right(which many beg to differ),she SHOULDN’T have,regarding the Sichuan earthquake,said that it was KARMA.It OBVIOUSLY implies that she means ‘the people who died in the earthquake are SUPPOSED to die’.What an INSENSITIVE comment!

    Sharon Stone,you’re cold as a stone.Don’t you feel any sympathy?

  90. whocares

    Should someone care about what a brainless, ignorant actress (xizi) says? Of course not!

  91. Now you know who she is.

  92. this post is dumb too

    Who cares about what Sharon Stone says or thinks? She’s lucky to still have someone wanting to stick a microphone in front on her sagging face to witness crap coming out. Why even post about it and give that “thing” more publicity?

    I love to see some people here dishing on the Dalai Lama, while unable to even spell his name properly. Anyone with a brain would be on the side on Tibet.

    No one is better than anyone, but China does suck.
    Let’s not even mention Chinese people eat anything that moves, including cute kitty cats and dogs.

    Fragrant beef, anyone?

  93. Gaia's revenge

    These disasters are needed. The planet is overpopulated and is suffering tremendously.
    It’s sad but necessary.

    Read about Gaia theory and please stop breading.

  94. sharon stone is an idiot

  95. Gee, thanks to the Ms. Sharon Stoneheart, we know all about what her and her admired friend of Da-lie Lama wanted for those 60K+ innocent people, including many of them Tibetens. So much so for the “fighting for human rights”, which she tried to sell so hard to the Chinese people, but not the Chinese Government. This should be a perfect lesson for the ordinary Chinese people.
    Thanks again, Shanron, keep ur profession on fleshing you private part, the Ordinary chinese will not be interested to what you have. If there is a Karma, perhaps the 60K dead soul will hunt you down when you go to hell.


  96. Gee, thanks to the Ms. Sharon Stoneheart, we know all about what her and her admired friend of Da-lie Lama wanted for those 60K+ innocent people, including many of them Tibetens. So much so for the “fighting for human rights”, which she tried to sell so hard to the Chinese people, but not the Chinese Government. This should be a perfect lesson for the ordinary Chinese people.
    Thanks again, Shanron, keep ur profession on fleshing you private part, the Ordinary Chinese will not be interested to what you have. If there is a Karma, perhaps the 60K dead soul will hunt you down when you go to hell.
    Btw, what is Shanron’s IQ again?


  97. dawn

    she lost her mind? her soul must have been cocaine-soaked

  98. hmm

    as an american living in asia, i was totally shocked and disgusted when i just saw a clip of this on the news…
    her comment is self-righteous and ignorant, so i went to look it up on the internet to get more info, and i was also shocked that most of the video clips and written “quotes” omit the last part of her comment, which makes a HUGE difference and it makes what she says in the first part of her comment sound totally different. it sounds like she revised her former thinking to make sure to practice kindness always.

    Here is the last part of her comment:

    And then I got a letter, from the Tibetan Foundation that they want to go and be helpful. And that made me cry. And they ask me if I would write a quote about that and I said, “I would.” And it was a big lesson to me, that some times you have to learn to put your head down and be of service even to people who are not nice to you. And that’s a big lesson for me… [Transcript from Speak4China]

  99. caonimade

    Simple fact:

    14% of earthquake casualties are tibetans (about 10,000 of them).

    Tibetan accounts for 0.2% of chinese population.

    Karma? for whom? Do your math! You fvcking blondie pubic hair idiot!

  100. hmm

    …but i also just want to add, my sympathy and empathy goes to the chinese people affected by this terrible disaster, and in no way do i agree with sharon stone’s ridiculous comment about it being “karma”

  101. Maryana

    Her brain hemorrhage seems more lika a Karma, but the earthquake was not.The Heartless Stone!

  102. meor@maru

    wow… that’s an animalistic statement…
    no… no… no…
    even animals have compassion…
    she is waaaaaay lower down the scale…

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  104. Jasmine

    A lot of people in the West are brainwashed by the Dalai Lama. Do they know that before China took over Tibet, most people are serfs (agricultural slaves) to monks and noblemen. Children slaves’ skins were peeled off as a religious sacrifice for the monks’ ceremonies, some of which are still in museums in Tibet. The serfs were very poor and mistreated by their masters, the monks and noblemen.

    China liberated the serfs and pumped a lot of money to build a railway and a robust economy. What is wrong if the police arrest mobsters? Doesn’t the police in USA arrest mobsters who rob, hack people to death and set fire to buildings? This is called maintaining law and order.

    If Ms. Stone thinks the Chinese are bad to Tibetans because we do not wish to give back the and, then ask the Americans to give land back to the Indians and return to where their ancestors came from. Ask the UK to give N. Ireland back to Ireland and ask Spain to give in to separatist demand.

    Tibet has been part of China for hundreds of years. There are many nations within the China motherland and we live and let live. We did not kill Tibetans so don’t say heartless things like u did. BTW, is Ms. Stone heartless or brainless to insult one quarter of the world’s population?

  105. Zeeshan Khan

    what a bitch,no brains at all.
    I don’ t think these people even understand what the say .
    so katrina happen because USA bombed Iraq.
    and all teh natural disasters where people die happen because of some stupid decision of other.
    I am no supporter of anyone but this remarks made me angry as hell
    I hope you rout in hell bitch!!!

  106. a comment from Taiwan

    I just couldn’t believe what I heard from her interview on TV, when the background of the interview was a fundraising for AIDS. How about if the stupid, self-righteous woman said “AIDS is the Karma of some sybaritic people”? or can anyone said “911 attack is the Karma of U.S.A”???
    I love American even I knew there are still some self-righteous and cocky people among them.
    I don’t think we even need to spend our time to comment on her behavior. If she wanted to earn some corner from the printed sheet since she has been passe for a long time, then she got it.

    “who?” you don’t know Zhang Ziyi? Sharon Stone? Ziyi Zhang is a much much hotter actress than you currently.

    Taiwan had given beaucoup donation to Sichuan,because we care about them and it’s stressful to see so many children were buried the rubbles. But still some Taiwanese are so cold-blooded and incredibly cruel that they even voted showing welcome to Sharon Stone’s nonsense.

    What’s the big deal you know Dalai Lama? Don’t brood hatred when you are doing the charities.

  107. AGNL

    Sharon Stone is so absurd out of place to say taht while doing charity work to raise fund for AIDS.She is a largest hypocrite!
    Remember many years ago people used to say same AIDS is a karma to gay people too.
    It shows her low quality brainless low IQ truth as a dumb dumb fake blonde….
    She is no substitue of Elizabeth Taylor anyway as a founder and spoke woman used to be of Amfar!
    A 2nd rated actress who has ever played any decent role except that of crossing her leg to show her stink bottomless.
    She should be fired immediately by Amfar!!!

  108. Ni

    She said that because her brian has been fucked out during her porn session

  109. Anonymous

    Bad things are gonna happen to her. That’s karma.

  110. exactly a porn slut!no brain at all, just know how to get naked…shame on you…

    how could you blurt out sth like this? makes u the stupidest woman in the world. well,surely the fact is you are!

    is your blood red? do you have parents? families? maybe you not! that’s why made u so rude,stupid and cold blood.

    if there was really karma thing, certainly you will get it soon.

    go to hell!

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  112. Lily

    It now seems to me to make a good sense why there are many deaths (over half millions Iraqis) resulted directly by the invasion, but still with no withdrawals – who cares?!!!

    But still

    I won’t say 9.11 is Karma but by hatred act,
    I won’t say Katrina is Karma but a natural disaster.
    My heart is still going out for those who lost their loved ones in those terrible tragedies.

    It can be agreed to disagree on Dalai Lama or Tibet issues, but by victimising those – so many innocent people including Tibetans who lost their loved ones and who suffered terribly by the disaster is absolutely low and cruel.

    It is simply not right only because you are a friend of Dalai Lama and have your own opinion on Tibet, then you have right to look down upon those innocent people’s life.

    Do remember, we all are passengers on this planet, so caring every single life is every single one of us duty.

    It is not an excuse only because you are an American, then you feel you can say you do not care other races life.

  113. Whatever Sharon stone says does not change the ground reality that China is oppressing Tibetans. The Dali lama’s deeds do not change it, Nor does the oppression of Native Americans, nor Irish, nor Palestinians.

    In America people are allowed to be critical of their own government, and in many instances they are. It takes no courage to back your own government’s line. Particularly when they censor the opposition.

  114. Lily

    To: nhorning

    I agree your fair opinion on deeds for Native Americans, Irish and Palestinians, but disagree on Dalai Lama’s as I formed my own opinion on this issue only because I did my own research on knowledge of relationship between Tibet and China for the past 1000 years. Having said that, I still agree to disagree our difference.

    I am happy to say and to see that the Native Americans are living happily with all other Americans nowadays.

    I am not sure what you meant ‘it takes no courage to back your own government’s line’, I thought we are here only discussing the issue of Sharon’s comments made to those victims and life in general.

    By the way, I am not a Chinese citizen, I only voice for my own on base of my own integrity and principals.

  115. Janet

    Seriously, Sharon Stone is the shame of America by saying what she said about Sichuan earthquake. Dior should change her as the spokeperson in Asia ASAP. Who will want such a monther fucking nasty/dumb/old bitch to represent brand?

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  117. chen

    Dalai Lama should denounce such comment by Stone or any one else. If not, he is in the same despicable class as Stone. Many victims are Tibetan and other minorities in this earthquake.

  118. It’s hard to ignore Stone’s disgusting comments but, when we look back at all the garbage this woman has spewed over the years, is it any surprise that she again proves herself to be little more than a living, breathing, dumb-blond joke.

  119. Anonymous

    And for anyone that thinks it’s “no big deal” that she said such a thing, stop smoking pot before you comment on something serious.

  120. god bless my country

    I hate to say this. Obviously she has no brain and no heart. How could she say this is a karma? Well, Ms Stone, the same logic will apply to you if you are not treating other people well. Some Karma will come to you? Watch what you think, what you say and how you treat other people. If you don’t agree Chinese policies, that’s your own choice. But the victims are innocent people. You have gone way too far. You have shown enough of your ugly and nasty personality. Nobody will watch your stupid movies.

  121. yawn..sharon who?

    You people give too much ‘honor and credence’ to empty wind talk from a classless clueless rapidly aging ‘has been’ who just happen to have had a ‘good karma’ of being cast in a sordid movie with weak story line. In those days, bit flashing of the female genitalia of whatever third rate actress was apt to cause raves. Today, with a face twenty years younger than that, even if she were to get casted in any B rated, I strongly doubt if she’d get past 1st base in any small US city. It’s so easy to send Stone tumbling. Save your passions, sympathy and anger for the poor kids all over the world.

    Just tell your friends and family to boycott all products she fronts. Let those companies know that they’d pay for signing moronic hypocritical loudmouths as spokespeople for their products. Unless her sponsors sell only to her friends, she’ll fall in a blink. Now, that’s basic karma..from us the living for looking out for the weak ..

  122. Michelle

    what do you expect from a cold bloody bitch without head and heart?

  123. Anonymous

    Watching any of her movie will make me sick.

  124. Lily

    To: yawn..sharon who?

    I totally agree with you.

  125. The comments addressed to me keep getting more bizarre but I will reply anyway.

    suqing17 said,

    “…Dalai did VERY LITTLE for the earthquake victims.” “No calling for donations…”

    Sorry, are you sure about? The Dalai Lama in general does not do fund raising. He has other people do that on his behalf like say the Tibet foundation.

    It’s ridiculous to attack the Dalai Lama over this matter.

    Lily said,

    “Frankly, I am getting annoyed your stubborn opinion.”

    Are you joking? You are the annoying person on this tread… Sorry if have a problem with people who do not parrot your opinion.

    “Sadly the interpretation of your comments to Sharon’s is only to defend but nothing else.”

    Oh, I see the problem… You do not even read my comments. In my first comment I clearly stated did not agree with Ms. Stone’s comments.

    You are a great spokesperson for the Chinese government and people.

    Alessandro said,

    “ur worst error has been doubting at once the TV that showed the posted clip and resorting to the old excuse “it all looks like CCP propaganda”, which is the very first excuse people with little knowledge and little understanding of China resort to when they have little or no thing to say.”

    I already have said since the video was not credited in the post so could have no idea where it was from. Once again I used a question mark when stated it was pro-Chinese propaganda and it was not meant to be literal. I still stand my remarks that the video and this blog is bias in nature. Note, bias does not have to mean wrong but certainly is not “objective” as stated on the about page.

    As far as the rest of your comment if you had checked out my blog you would have realized you were not saying anything I do not know already.

    I will not have time to check back on this tread again but anyone here or their family who was affected by the earthquake my prayers will be with you.

  126. Lily

    To: MJ “revoltingpawn”

    Sadly, I only speak for my own, I do not need to speak for Chinese government as I am not a Chinese citizen, simple as that.

    Again, I am not sure whether you ever travelled to China, if not, perhaps it is time for you to go there, particularly go to see those victims who affected by this dreadful earthquake in your own eyes, by then, tell me how you feel about Karon’s comments. Yes, indeed, as a mother and as a child, I am absolutely offended by Karon’s comments, here is a place provided for me to express my feelings and opinion.

    So do not get me wrong, I only speak for myself, not for Chinese government that is only your assumption but that is wrong.


    It’s one thing to wish death to the CCP over Tibet, but its simply wrong to justify the human tragedy of 80,000+ deaths due to an ignorant understanding of Karma.

    Sharon Stone is no better than those New York Falun Gong followers who attempted to have a big party in Flushing when news of the earthquake first broke out.

  128. Anonymous

    Majority living in epicenter,Wenchuan, is Tibetan.
    If it is a “karma”, it is a karma to Da lier Lama, not Chinese people.
    What about Kartrina, karma to who?
    What about 911, karma to who?
    No wonder why quake happens everyday in LA, only because of you, Stupid bitch, Sharon Stone!

  129. Henry

    Sharon Stone is just a brainless porn star. Her opinion is of no value to anyone anywhere.

  130. sharon's father

    my daughter is only good at opening her legs than her mouth, pls forgive her.

    btw, fuck DAI LAI LA MA

  131. john

    To: MJ & to those who are “called” to read this,
    My so called preaching, which you objected to, was and is the truth. No matter your views and/or opinions. A lie or attempt at deception will “never” change the truth. The truth will, however, “always” change a lie.
    Every great civilization has been destroyed in the past and the great nation I am from is on the the same path because of the spirit of deception rampant in our churches and which in turn goes out into our society, which is evidenced by the growth of homosexuality and violent crimes.
    We will all one day meet our “karma” in the form of the Judgment Seat of God. I understand you more than you may know. If you really want to know the truth all you have to do is ask God and He will reveal it to you, irregardless of your ethnicity or “religion”. Just be willing to accept it as He reveals it to you, no matter how or through whom He delivers it. Who knows, it may be me, one who’s crying in the “wilderness” of this comment section?
    Jesus is Lord of matter what you believe or say.
    No amount of money has ever changed the nature of fallen man. No one’s religion or country has improved the state of civilization because of man’s devices. The only remedy for us as individuals is seen in the face of Jesus Christ, the Innocent One , who died for us in order we could be brought back to the place God intended for the first man, Adam. Until one accepts this truth they will be forever blinded by the god of this world and think to trust in man’s wisdom and schemes, which in reality are Satan’s.
    Remember this, you will see me one day and recall these very words, maybe for praise and maybe for regret. I hope for your sake it is for praise and for God’s glory and your eternal joy.
    I write this in love and concern for all who take the time to read and ponder my words for they are inspired by my love for Christ and by His commandment. My prayers for all sincerely.

  132. Anonymous

    The most ironic thing about her cold-blooded speech is the earthquake took place in the “Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, where the ethnic Tibetan population is 53.72%”, quoted from

  133. X

    Sharon Stone is unbelievably unkind and has no sympathy for the victims of a natural disaster. I don’t think she is worthy to be a representative for any products. I don’t think she should be hired to be an actor. She can only be a very bad politician with all of bias views. I would say she is an extremity that should not be counted as a human being with a good heart.
    By the way, she should read history about Tibet before she makes a comment. View the Video by Hollywood corporation.

    Dala Lama has thousand slaves before china liberation. Majority of Tibetan had no life at that time. If you support Dala Lama means you support slave. If so what kind of humanity you can talk about??

  134. john

    I work at a hotel in Seattle, Washington where the Dalai Lama’s representative stayed, along with his entourage of orange clothed monks and escort of U.S. secret service agents. They paid $600.00 a night for the Presidential Suite as well as for other rooms for those further down the food chain. I wonder how comfortable their fellow countrymen slept in Tibet and if they shared in the glory of his holiness’ travels and accomodations.
    See what a charade man’s religion has made of this world? It hasn’t helped. Does any of the money collected by their benevolent society ever actually reach the outstretched hands of the poor in Tibet? Or does it, like so much of all the aid given by the U.S. taxpayers and other countries, go to enrich the greedy rich who never seem to have enough money or power? And all of it is not a secret, our leaders know exactly what is going on with the aid and assistance, they never do anything about it until those who have been the recipients start to “misbehave” and are not considered loyal to our business interests. Once they don’t kowtow anymore they are exposed and removed from power, one way or another. We usually let them immigrate to the U.S., Shah of Iran, Marcos, et al..

  135. Charles Chen

    I am a Singaporean Chinese who is enraged by the comments that Sharon Stone has made and also at the same time puzzled by what MJ has said on telling people not to ‘read too much’ into Sharon’s words. I supposed what Sharon Stone has said hasn’t been misunderstood by all the bloggers here but only by you. When Sharon Stone was asked by the reporter on the Sichuan disaster, the first thing that came to her mind is Dalai lama and the Chinese government but not the people who suffered in the disaster, so what compassion can a woman like her actually have? Secondly, it wasn’t a political neither religious question post to her but she actually responsed to the question with political and religious comments. It seems like she just want the spotlight of the media to be on the Chinese government and Dalai Lama again. Why would a person even want to mentioned these 2 elements if she is truly compassionate? When US was attacked, the first thing that came to my mind was the innocent people and the courageous police and fire fighters who perished on that fateful day. It wasnt the face of Bush or Satan that came to my mind. And one last thing, when such events happened, it is definitely NOT ‘INTERESTING’. She had better mind her words.

  136. Dave Newell

    She would have been well to pass on that interview.


  137. bulgehead

    I take issue with anyone who says, “When you are not nice, the bad things happen to you.” Don’t mean to be self obsessed but on a purely personal level I have had quite a lot of bad things happen to me of late but I’m pretty sure it’s not because I’ve spent most of my life wankering about. In fact I know many people who have spent their entire lives cultivating cuntdom and who, in contrast, lead quite charmed lives.

    Saying that bad things happen to bad people is like saying ‘crime doesn’t pay’. Of course it does, otherwise why would there be ‘a great crime behind every great fortune’? I have lead a crimeless (not quite faultless but never the less benevolent) life but despite that am left to battle crackheads in my block of flats while the authorities give the dealers yet another opportunity to fuck up their umpteenth chance. And even if we are horrible fuckwits does that make our children guilty by association? Can we inherit bad Karma? There’s a way of being politically and culturally astute without being downright idiotic; what a pity some people haven’t quite mastered that art. I’m not going to make lots of jokes about people opening their legs; as long as such people don’t seek to offend me by talking straight out of their arses or vaginas then what the hell do I care?

  138. Oh, and don’t even get me started on The Laws of Attraction.

  139. john

    There is a scripture that quotes Paul, Whatsoever a man sows, he reaps. You plant corn, you get many more of the same. You plant kindness, you will reap kindness. The problem is, you may not see it in 90 days, as with most sowing and harvest times. The Word of God and His timing is not the same as ours. He doesn’t consult a watch or calender. He doesn’t respond to ours pleas or cries of anguish as long as we are outside Christ and disobey the Royal Law of love your neighbor as yourself. Sharon Stone, and others, who trade on their short lived lives of stardom or fame and fortune burn out and die because there is no “life” in them. Jesus Christ is the only man on earth who ever said He was the WAY AND THE LIFE .
    Alexander, Ceasar, the Pharoahs, Ghengis Khan, the Popes, Hitler, Stalin, Abraham, Mohammed, Budha, Krishna or even the Beatles ever made that claim because they knew the truth of their fallibilities as “mere” mortals. Jesus could make that claim as He was Sinless and only went about doing good and abraiding the religious leaders for their “traditions” handed down from their ancestors and those that persecuted all those whom God had sent who preached righteousness and warning them to return to God, the Creator of man and everything in the universe.

  140. Right, just blame it on Karma. If it’s true then the whole human race would have been wiped out long time ago due to karma. Think about what the human species have done throughout their existence. Yet life goes on with all the evil happening around, karma my ass.

  141. alexaboomikels45

    that is sad!!!

  142. alexaboomikels45

    sorry i’m going to cry!!!!

  143. chiralanomaly

    Charles Chen had put it perfectly correct!

  144. ApK

    Wow – I’m a big believer in Karma, and not once did such a conclusion occur to me, even with my personal views about China and Tibet. With the most recent natural disasters, I see people who are coping with very difficult traumas, and any one of us, sitting snugly in our own towns, could be next. Better to have compassion for those who are suffering, so that some compassion may come back around if we should ever find ourselves so in need!

    What a cruel and heartless way she chooses to view the world…

  145. womanat35

    Well, let’s face it. Like you and me, Sharon Stone is entitled to her own opinion. And as far as I know, she is no airhead, in fact she has and IQ of a genius.

    Calamities will always have its victims, that is why it is called so. And may the souls of those who died may attain eternal peace.

    But of course we cannot also dismiss the fact that the Chinese government can also be questioned over maltreatment and abuse of human rights, right?

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  147. Karma sure punished the wrong people.

  148. Charles Chen

    I agree with WomanAt35 that everyone is entitled to their own opinion as this is a basic human right. No one will burn down Sharon Stone’s house or run her over with a tank for saying what she wants to say. But do you seriously agree with what she said and feel that it is normal?? If you do feel so, try going down to the quake zone to help out and see things for yourself. Try repeating what she said to the 5 million chinese who are affected by the disaster. Furthermore, i am sceptical of what you have said over her IQ level coz i havent seen her displaying yet and i am 100% confirm that she has a low EQ by responing to the media with a ‘maybe they deserved it’ attitude and not to mention that she did find the whole event ‘interesting’.

    You have only heard news about Chinese government being harsh on tibetians but have you actually visit tibet to see things for yourself? The Chinese government is doing their best to help the tibetians improve their standard of living and in this disaster, the Chinese government mobalised 100,000 troops for the rescue mission in just 2 or 3 days plus the fact that the commander in chief for the rescue mission is actually their prime minister. When Katrina strikes, how long did the US government response? I remembered that my country Singapore still needs to send 3 Chinhooks helicopters to rescue those poor souls coz the Americans have no idea how to get into the disaster area.

    Once again, I find it amusing that someone else besides Sharon Stone try to make an effort to link political issue to the disaster again. THAT IS 2 SEPARATE ISSUES my dear womanAt35. If you want to talk about the Chinese Government, you are at the wrong blog. You dont go into a club to play monopoly instead of dancing or drinking right?

  149. Ian

    I wonder if she knows anything about history, religion, and politics. She is a typical actress addicted to sex and cocaine. For such a no brainer, why do you guys take her serious ? For such hollow brain actress, you should always look down on their mind, they know noting except opening the legs to have sex or make a movie.

  150. asdf

    If what she say is true, then the USA and Israel have a lot to worry about..

  151. Apple

    I agree to Charles Chen.

    The earthquake is not a political issue. Stone and her like hurried to make it a political one and made a connection to Dalai Lama issue. Her words evidently shows her hatred for China and the Chinese people. This view is shared by a “not-so-small” percentage of Americans,the sofa potatoes, who never read, know nothing about China or Tibet and don’t know what they are doing or saying.
    In most cases, they use “Chinese government” as an excuse to cover their hostility to China and Chinese people. They have attacked and will continue attacking average Chinese people in their media to give vent to their bitter hatred to Chinese,which has nothing to do with Chinese government. In this respect, they attack the Chinese nation, not a government. All their apology will amount to nothing. All our counter attack can be labelled pro-government. Just like Ed Darrel on this blog has done. A fact-finding mission to China? It’s not necessary and doesn’t serve their purposes.

    Whatever trouble haunting China is involved with Americans. Whoever wants to separate Chinese territory will have the backing of America. You get
    money,accomodation,media support or maybe favorable residence status if you want to separate
    any part from China. If you can’t resist all these,
    do it!

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  153. noname

    What S.Stone said is bad and insensitive enough, but to see that there are people who agree with her is even worse! Now we know, the world peace will never be reached…

  154. Baba

    What is KARMA? Self responsibility. Actually everything happening to oneself or other is a result of Karma. If i am suffering, it is due to my own karma. If anybody is suffering, anybody has done something for that. It doesnt mean that one who says`, wishes that or happy due to that. But Karma is karma..for 1 person or for 100000 person. First understand Karma and then discuss it. Miss Stone has her opinion and we are ourself nobody to judge it. Learn KARMA first and discuss.

  155. Charles Chen

    In response to BABA’s comments, i must first stress that we are not discussing about karma over here but over the irresponsibility of the content of her speech. So please dont try to kick start a topic on karma and pretend to be an expert on it.

    What happened in China is purely an earthquake which is a NATURAL disaster so please dont link it with a non scentific SUPERNATURAL cause and tied the sufferings of the innocent souls to it. It is like labelling them with a ‘You deserve it sign’ which i felt disgusted by the thought of that. It is just heartbreaking enough to see the heartbeats of the children forever gone in a split second and now someone wants to use a irresponsible reason to justify their death.

    Nowadays in our modern society, everything needs prove. So in your case even if you think that it is karma, have you investigate the lives of those 5 million chinese to see what they have done in the past and justify the earthquake that results in such a heavy casualties? Or did you conduct a large scale survey during the kartrina, 911 or the tsunami to come out with a conclusion?

    Please DONT pass a remark so casually based on your own assumptions that has no substantial backings behind it.

    And for Sharon Stone, like what you said has her own opinion and so do you, and everyone is free to say what they want. But dont you think freedom of speech needs to be accompany by a sense of public responsibility? Please learn that first before commenting in public.

    Who is she to judge the poor souls of the disaster anyway?

  156. ryan

    What the hell is this Charles Chen trying to say? I think this is all rubbish and Sharon Stone rox!

    Who is Charles Chen to pit against someone who is of a higher statues then him and to think some idolts actually agree with his foolish words…

    Treat what he said as trush or face your KARMA!!!

  157. Mark Chen

    If Mainland Chinese don’t understand situation of Tibet, stick with wrong history taught by communist, there might be more disaster in near future(let’s wait ‘n see).

    I just wanted to laugh when these pro-China comment about Tibetan history, whether non-chinese really know the fact of Tibet/China history.
    Makes me laugh my ass off when they say western people are brainwashed by media, is’nt your media state controlled, isn’t your content of books in schools written by your communist writers?

    中国是通过明朝代(蒙古人)统治for 3个世纪.
    then 清朝(滿清人) and KMT(國民黨), finally, I should say sadly, Communist took over China after forcing KMT to Taiwan.

    So how could you justify that you ruled Tibet, just admit that Red Army marched into Tibet in 1959 and since then it’s being occupied illegally.

    日本在第二次世界大战期间,何时统治了中国,您同意日本人是否说中国是他们的土地,you will never agree.

  158. Wu Jian

    To Mark Chen:
    You admit that Tibit has been a territory of China since 300 years ago – “中国是通过明朝代(蒙古人)统治for 3个世纪”, that’s right! Then tell me, how long has European entered America continent? Did Indian speak in English? Should we jump to conclusion that Indian should be independent of the United States, or all the islands colonized by Franch should be independent?
    Japanese haven’t get a chance to rule China, they just had a try and failed.
    By the way, I wonder where did you get your Chinese Surname, that’s quite funny.

  159. Charles Chen

    In response to Mark Chen’s comments, i feel that there is a contradiction to what he has been saying. First of all, he mentioned in Chinese that Tibet has been part of China’s rule since the MING dynasty but he in (), he put (Mongolian). He dont even know who is in power during the Ming dynasty, it is not the Mongolian but the Chinese. The founder is Zhu Yuan Zhang and it is him who overthrown the Yuan Dynasty (Mongolian).

    Secondly, Tibet has been part of China since the Yuan dynasty and if thats the case, it should be close to 7 or 8 centuaries instead of 3 since Yuan Dynasty was founded in 1271. Futhermore, since he admited that Tibet has been part of China’s rule since a few centuaries back so i dont see why he should slap himself in the face and say the Chinese marched into Tibet illegally. In addition to it, on 3 July, 1914, the Tibetans signed the Simla Convention which reaffirmed Chinese suzerainty and Tibet’s status as “part of Chinese territory”.

    Thirdly, Communist never force KMT to Taiwan,. It is the KMT that loses its fighting will and gather all the resources and retreat to Taiwan. I think the Communist will love to finish off the KMT in China instead of letting them flee. I also feel puzzle why Mark will use the word ‘sadly’ as it only suggest to me that Mark is Pro KMT and he is only bais towards Communist rule but the not the Chinese themselves. If it is the KMT who is still in control of China and KMT march to Tibet to regain control, i dont think he will make so much noise. (Look at Taiwan’s political situation under KMT rule and there’s only a word to describle it, Messy. They cant even handle a small country not to mention the state that China will be in if KMT is in power)

    Lastly, regarding your words on the Japanese during the world war 2, i must said that Japan NEVER conquered China. They only occupied part of China and war is still on going at that point in time. It is a situation totally different from China and Tibet so please dont use it as a analogy and please, this is a english blog so write in english instead of mixing your languages. Thank you..

  160. Lily

    Sharon Stone apologised. If her sincere act for the apology will follow, I think we should forgive her. In the end, we are all human beings, we all have the moment to make stupid mistake due to all different reasons.

    Action speaks louder than words.

  161. Alessandro

    Mark Chen…how about studying a little history before speaking? PLA marched into Tibet in 1950, not 1959 and so on..Ming were not mongols, Yuan were. Please, try to think about what u say before u actually say it, otherwise u end up writing and endless list of silly statements with no ground in actual facts…


  162. terminator

    Mark Chen is a funny guy. He gives me a good laugh today. Is he thinking that all over the world, historians are brainwashed by the Communist China, or historians lived long before the Communists have ever emerged were brainwashed by the Communites?

  163. Actually I think she is quite correct, the earthquake was the result of bad Chinese karma.

    Of course, the rest of us still need to help the victims whether the suffering was because of bad karma or not.

    For more info on group karma see

  164. Lily

    To: Dave

    You were certainly not brought up but screwed up. The question is by whom?

  165. Wilson

    I’ll forgave her if she kept her word of contributing money for the victims…otherwise no chance in Hell.

  166. Charles Chen

    To: Dave

    Whether or not this disaster is cause by karma, there’s no prove and are only based on the assumptions of superstitious persons who care to focus more on their selfish religious claims for this earthquake. Only people like them will want to seize the opportunity of such a huge disaster to support their ideas.

    For those who keep saying about karma, what strong evidence is there to be supported by science that this disaster is DEFINITLY cause by karma? Until now, it is only a “I think….You thought….” but NO ONE dares to confirm theory.

    Even if it is cause by karma (I strongly disagree), who really cares about it??? If people like you have so much time to spend your thoughts wandering in the supersitious world over such things, why not i suggest that you DO some or do more practical things like helping the people in the earthquake?

    YOU are definitely entitled to what you wish to think and say but you have to be responsible for your own words, especially to the public.

    Dont casually voice out any unconfirm thoughts that will hurt the feelings of the sufferings and this is definitely one thing that i can CONFIRM, will get you into serious trouble.

    Thank you.

  167. noname

    yes, she apologized, but to me she didn’t mean it, she’s only worried about her Dior deal. Come on, she only said she’s sorry about her words have upset Chinese people but not about what she said, thats’s two different things

  168. outraged digger

    I, I, I, I, I…..the world doesn’t revolve around you lady!

    just take it like an adult, and give them money. you’re indignant because you’re a fool. and you look like a complete idiot, and pissed of billions of people. good job.

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  170. Dalai Lying Lama

    Sharon Stone’s comment about Katrina.

    News Reporter: Did you hear know about the typhoon in New Orleans?

    Stone: Of cause I have. You know, it’s very interesting about that since first, I’m not
    happy about the way USA treats the Iraqis because I think anyone should not be unkind to
    anyone else. And so I am being very concerned about the election of the next president
    of the US and A, because we had not being nice to Saddam Hussein, who is a good friend of
    mine. And Katrina typhoon ,and all the stuff happened, and I thought, is that Karma?
    When you’re not nice that the bad things happen. And then I got a letter from the Iraqi
    Foundation that they want to go and be helpful. This made me cry. And they asked me if I
    will write a quote to that, and I said I would that it was a big lesson to me, that
    sometimes you have to learn to put your face down and be a dog to the person who aren’t
    nice to you. And that is a big lesson to me.

  171. Dalai Lying Lama

    Eat at Panda Express for a good cause!(Everywhere)
    China Earthquake Relief Fund
    $1 from every 3-entrée Plate purchase at Panda Express will be donated to China Earthquake relief efforts. The $800,000 target amount will be donated to the American Red Cross and Tzu-Chi Foundation. This fundraising effort will take place at over 1000 Panda Express restaurants in 36 states.
    Panda Inn will donate $1 from every item ordered from the Chef’s Entrée Menu.
    Relief Efforts
    The American Red Cross mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity. For more information about this organization, go to .
    The Tzu Chi Foundation a compassion relief organization dedicated to helping all people. Panda partnered with Tzu Chi in 2005 to rebuild homes after the Asian Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. For more information about this organization, go to .

  172. Dalai Lying Lama

    May 29 (Bloomberg) — LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA, the world’s largest luxury-goods maker, urged its model Sharon Stone to clarify remarks suggesting a May 12 earthquake may have been “karma” for China’s policies on Tibet.

    “If there is a possibility of putting things in the right perspective, coming from the heart, I think that is the best thing to do,” Group Managing Director Antonio Belloni said at a luxury-goods conference in Tokyo today. The comments from Stone, who appears in advertisements for LVMH’s Christian Dior cosmetics and perfumes, were “unfortunate,” he added.

    “If she doesn’t agree, I think we have to acknowledge she doesn’t agree and detach us from her,” Belloni said.

  173. We now know that Stone was fundamentally right. China’s corrupt government was responsible for building safe school buildings, and failed to do that.

    Karma has meaning in the real world, too.

    Quit slamming the woman and help the earthquake victims, will you?

  174. Charles Chen

    To: Ed Darrell

    You still havent get the facts right….. The safety of the school structures does played a part in the casualty level but it DOES NOT explain why the earthquake happened and why other people(students/adults) besides the corrupted officals will have to suffer.

    Your arguement is worst than lame as it is like telling people that you will slaughter the whole village if you find out that one of the villager’s dog went to your house and pee at your doorstep. The corrupted officials(dogs) in China should be punished but not the rest of the people. So whats your logic? Your are not making sense.

    Quit chiding people here and pretend that you care for the victims in the earthquake because i think you have already successfully hurt the feelings of those people in the disaster by telling them that they ‘deserved’ to die because of the corrupted officals.

    I think WE should be the one telling you to shut up and do more for the victims in the disaster.

    Your continuance insensitivity, irresponsiblity plus your reluctance to use your brain(if you have one) before you speak have make you lost your right as a human being to voice out anymore for matters regarding this disaster. However, you may still continue to post your comments as a DOG and keep on barking as we also respect the rights of animals here. 🙂

  175. Charles Chen:

    My insensitivity? Hey, this woman called for aid to the Chinese, and you’re raking her over the coals. As I understand it, you think everything she said was horrid.

    Here’s what she said:

    1. She wondered whether it was karma, but decided it wasn’t.
    2. Send aid.

    If that’s contrary to your views, slap yourself a few times and come to your senses.

    Your government has some serious problems — as most do — which it hopes to sweep under the rug during the Olympics. Added to that, you get struck by a natural disaster — happens to to all nations, eventually. Take it from the U.S., when the government’s actions fail to alleviate the damage, but make the injuries worse, it’s time to change the government.

    But rather than call for aid, rather than discuss the disaster situation, rather than provide accurate information for any incorrect statements Ms. Stone may have made, there are more than a hundred posts here dithering about the imagined sins of Ms. Stone.

    If you were concerned, you’d be out working for relief, wouldn’t you? I’ve already contributed (but the agencies are facing difficulties getting into China — go figure, didn’t we learn from Myanmar?).

    And I’m urging you to get off this waste of time diatribe and do something.

    What have you done?

  176. Charles Chen

    To: Ed Darrell

    In the first place, go and check on all my previous posts first before barking here. I have already stated that we are arguing over her insentive claims by relating this disaster to politics and religion issues.

    When a person tends to focus so much on these areas rather than addressing to the victims first, we seriously doubt her sincerity by asking for aids to the disaster zone. Furthermore, she did say this “…sometimes you have to learn to put your head down to be of service, even for ‘people’ who are not nice to you…” Who in the context of ‘people’ here does she refers to??? Chinese people? Chinese government? If she meant the ‘people’ to be the Chinese government, i think she still havent realise the suffering parties are actually the commoners. But if she meant that the ‘people’ in another context is the Chinese people, dont you think she deserve to be reprimand?

    Furthermore, she only decided that it wasnt karma after theres a widespread of comdemnation to her speech across the globe thanks to the voices from the public on forums like this.

    By the way, why are you pulling the discussion back to politics again? This is a nature disaster and so why should politics be discussed over here?? YOU are only keen to focus your attention in these areas and i doubt your motive in posting your comments.

    China and Myamar situation are different as one responed within 24 hours, open their situation to world media and request for assistance from countries like Russia, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore etc while the either refuse foreign entries for 2 weeks and close off the delta area for foriegn access until the UN needs to interfere.

    Personally, my country men and i have been doing fund raising and my company (a Canadian firm) pledge to give a dollar for dollar in every donations that we give. Besides doing that, i also chose to come online every now and then to try to shut the mouths of those dogs that cannot think and keep on hurting the victims through their inconsiderate post.

    Last of all, my government is not the China government. I AM A SINGAPOREAN. Go find out where Singapore is first before you make you bark again.

    I think only people with brains here can get what i mean so i will forgive you for barking without thinking (again). I do hope i can get the views from more bloggers here regarding what i have said so far and i am looking forward to it. 🙂

  177. Louis

    I feel that what charles chen said is correct. Ed darrell should not anyhow say things when he havent got his facts right. This earthquake is not a political matter so he should shut his mouth and go to hell.

  178. Yamada

    For heaven’s sake, this is just another disaster. Dun complicate things anymore ED BARREL!

  179. Anonymous

    Before one criticize Sharon Stone, one has to find out what she actually said. It is wrong to read her comments out of context.

    “Well you know it was very interesting because at first, you know, I am not happy about the ways the Chinese were treating the Tibetans because I don’t think anyone should be unkind to anyone else. And so I have been very concerned about how to think and what to do about that because I don’t like that. And I had been this, you know, concerned about, oh how should we deal with the Olympics because they are not being nice to the Dalai Lama, who is a good friend of mine.

    And all these earthquake and stuff happened and I thought: Is that karma, when you are not nice that bad things happen to you? And then I got a letter, from the Tibetan Foundation that they want to go and be helpful. And that made me cry. And they ask me if I would write a quote about that and I said,”I would.”And it was a big lesson to me, that some times you have to learn to put your head down and be of service even to people who are not nice to you. And that’s a big lesson for me…”

  180. Who in the context of ‘people’ here does she refers to??? Chinese people? Chinese government?

    It doesn’t include you, unless of course you are personally oppressing Tibetans, or supporting the government’s oppression of them.

    If either of those applies, then you’re making Stone sound saner all the time. So tread more carefully.

    Stone came out in favor of aid in that same interview — there was no gap of time. If you listen to the thing, what she said was that the Tibetans asked her to help before the interview, and she had already supplied her star quote to them. So at the time of the interview, she was already on record calling for aid.

    And though she didn’t need to, she apologized.

    Now, can y’all be big enough to accept the apology, or will you continue to try to make political hay off the suffering of others?

  181. Last of all, my government is not the China government. I AM A SINGAPOREAN. Go find out where Singapore is first before you make you bark again.

    Hey, I’m not the one who took offense at her remarks. When she criticizes the human rights record of the PRC and you take offense . . . well, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    Not even the PRC has come unglued like this blog.

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  183. Anonymous

    I think the thing that’s most upsetting, is that she isn’t capable of seeing the error of her own assumptions. Even within her apology “It was a big lesson to me that sometimes you have to learn to put your head down and be of service even to people who aren’t nice to you,” China’s Government is not asking for help, it’s the victims who are asking for help. STUPID BITCH, i’m glad ur lost ur job with DIOR in china. 🙂 … btw, what she’s receiving now. IS karma. live to learn what karma really is. Take up Indian, Zen, or Chinese Buddhism …cause obviously the DL isn’t a true buddhist if u can talk shit like that.

  184. Anonymous

    Until now i don’t have a religion for myself , I heard and learned about Budda from my Grandma ever since i was a child and this one thing i had learned is that people should be kind to each other and not to fight and to kill . And this always stay on my mind . Its surprise to me when i read from many other discuss spaces like this one , a few of the Dalei Lama’s followers and believers said that if The Chinese keep on treating Dalei Lama like that , then bad things even woser than this earthquake will happened to Chinese people . IS THAT KAMA? Isn’t that bad enough? Sound so alike Sharon Stone’ talk . When someone is not nice to your friend ,then that someone should paid with someone’s life? So this is what those famous celebrities like Sharon Stone and other followers learn from Dalei Lama’s teaching ? So NICE ,SO KIND AND SO SPIRITUAL . Isn’t he a religious leader? but more like a political figure to me.
    These days, people are so mixed up inside their head. Someone asked her about the nature disaster,not about China and Dalei Lama . From what i saw from the video , she’s just trying to show off that her talk has substance and she’s deep. But A SHALLOW RIVER JUST CAN’T PRETEND TO BE AN OCEAN DEEP. Wrapped under the glamourous surface is just a hollow with no soul , thats why they need to choose something to believe in and make themself look and feel spiritual and not empty.
    No matter under what condition, i cannot accept what she had said about the Kama . But i think we should not use the abusive words to expressive our angry feelings to her. I don’t want to be not nice like her.

  185. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Overgrow

  186. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Variably

  187. Ruba

    I thought it was a revolting comment when I first heard it, but in context (with the ‘apology’) it is a bit more understandable. I have to confess that I had a similar thought to Ms Stone, only it was about the US government when 9/11 struck, and whether they may have brought it on their own heads with their hypocrisy and undue interference in Middle Eastern affairs. (Admittedly, there was a greater causal link here than ‘karma’, but one must adjust for stupidity). It wasnt really till I saw the jumper footage that I retracted.

    It’s easy to get disassociated and forget that there’s real lives at stake when you’re constantly bombarded with tragic news footage. Oddly enough the larger the statistic (60,000) the more often this seems to happen, like with Holocaust or Nanjing deniers. Of course, it’s also true that the Tibetan monks are much more cuddly and lovable than the Chinese government and its tendency to ride rough over environmental matters and student activists. Not such much a racist thing as an Anti-Sino thing IMO.

  188. Ruba

    Oh btw, Mr Darrell, surely it’s plain to see that Stone’s intimation about karma is at the least insensitive and tasteless. One of our Aussie heroes in Steve Irwin was stung to death by a stingray. Another local star in Germaine Greer opined that Steve, who rocketed to fame by filming, poking and generally annoying various animals, may have brought it on himself. The assertion was universally condemned as malicious and in bad taste, because of a universal respect and empathy for death.

    In this case, the link’s not even logical, with the supposed karmic retribution falling on a completely different party (or more accurately, 60,000 parties, half of which are Tibetan) to the supposed offender. Let’s take the Irwin analogy a little further. If Greer had said Steve brought his death on himself because he slapped his daughter for breaking her mother’s vase, do you think Aussies would have liked that?

    Your ridiculous refusal to admit that Stone’s comment is revolting makes it obvious that it’s you that is trying to make some sort of political hay. Never let logic stand in the way of some China-bashing, hey.

  189. qingdaobaby45

    Wengan is part of China! We must not let evil separatists from western let us split country! Police must stop evil violent gangsters

  190. Karen Taylor

    Dalai Lama has convinced Richard Gere, Uma Thurman, Harrison Ford, John Ackerly, John Melnicki, Sharon Stone… etc to do his dirty work of fabricating & telling lies about Tibet & Tibetans. Tibet is an autonomous region which is self-ruled by the local residents. There are many ethnic groups living in Tibet such as Lhoba, Moinba, Naxi, NU, Drung, Mongolian, Sherpa, Han, Hui, and Deng.

    Over the years China have built many hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, roads, and a railway to carry fresh vegetables, fruits to Lhasa at a bargain price. The Dalai Lama created more troubles for the people in Tibet by making their life miserable & unbearable. Tibetans used to die at a very young age due to drinking very high fat content yak (Tibetan cattle) milk. It was the Han who brought them daily supplies of tea to deal with high fat in their diet.

  191. jon

    Maybe 911 was America’s Karma for dropping Fat Man and Little Boy in Japan?

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  193. for the money that stone lost to Chinese advertising, i wonder how much more money she made from reward money from the cia black budget.
    its funny how stone, who cares so much about “human rights”, has been hanging around israeli leaders, and dating jewish men. would also not surprise me that stone also “supports the troops” that happen to be beating, harasing, raping, and murdering iraqis, and afgans.

    let’s bring back dalai, and re-enslave the tibetan people again. great plan.
    if the sichuan earthquakes were truly a result of karma, then when does the british get its karma for the opium wars? turning india from the richest country to the poorest; massacring the native americans; australian aborigines; mi6 torture; sucking africa dry, murdering the maori; murdering iraqis; murderous sanctions; and god knows what else they did, and still are doing.

    god bless communism, and socialism worldwide.

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