Sichuan Earthquake photos and stories behind them

The tragedies, the sacrifices, the help, the ones in need.

Zhang Guanrong is trying to clean her husband’s body. Tan Qianqiu, a middle school teacher, saved four of his students by sheltering them between a desk and himself. He did not survive.

Mama, it’s dark and cold here.

Zhang Jiwan, 11, lived in the remote mountainous region near the epicenter. Before he was rescued, he walked for 12 hours straight with his 3 year old sister on his back.

The crying mother is trying to take a photo off an exhibiting board. It’s the most recent and the last picture of her son Wang Gongliang, a third-grader from Qushan Primary School who died in the earthquake. The photo was put there for his excellent academic achievement.

May 14, Qushan Primary school, Beichuan. Many children were trapped in the debris. Rescuers could hear them crying and begging for help, or even see them. But the building was collapsed into a structure that couldn’t be cleared up by hands or simple tools. Heavy equipments were required but unavailable because the roads to the city was blocked. The rescuers could do nothing but staying with the children and watching them dying. They felt so helpless and hopeless yet had to restrain themselves to comfort the children. Some couldn’t bear the pressure, and ran far away from the debris to cry.

By May 16, the roads were through and the equipments arrived. It was too late for more than 600 students and teachers in the school. Only a dozen survived.

“My dearest baby, if you could survive, remember that I love you.”

These are the last words from the four-month old baby’s mother. She left the text message on her cellphone. When her cold body was found, she was in a kneel position, with her arms stretched out to shelter the baby, who was sound asleep under her without a scratch.



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7 responses to “Sichuan Earthquake photos and stories behind them

  1. Lilth11

    That’s so sad! I pray for the baby and for any possible survivors.

  2. Lulu

    This is so sad. I wish the baby will grow up into a healthy child.

  3. kathy

    oh my gosh
    thats so sad, the baby was still sleeping when the mother died

  4. mAGezEr0

    i cried when i read the part where the mother sacrified for the baby.

  5. mAGezEr0

    this is so so so so so so so so so so so sad

  6. mAGezEr0

    got any search web?

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