Please pray for them

May, 12, 2:28 pm(3:28am Central Time), one of the deadliest earthquakes in decades struck China. The earthquake affects more than one or two cities, counties or areas. Half of China felt it, it caused damages across several provinces. As of now, the death toll reaches 8533, and is still increasing. For the city of Beichuan, which is 130KM away from the quake’s epicenter, over 7,000 are dead. For the city of Dujiangyan, which is 100KM from the epicenter, about 900 students are still buried under the collapsed school building, with at least 50 dead. For the city of Wenchuan, which has the population of over 110, 000 and locates at the epicenter, little is known because communication in most areas are off. The roads to Wenchuan are now blocked because of the earthquake caused landslide and heavy storm, the rescue team can’t enter the most critical region. Few troops are trying to reach there on foot, but are still 100KM away after 4 hours of marching。

It is such a tragedy. As you are reading the post now, hundreds of thousands of people are staying in the raining darkness, for fear of the aftershock, many become homeless, many are still foodless and waterless, many are still buried in the debris, unconscious, or conscious and fearing whether they can survive and many has passed away. Please pray for them. Thank you!


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  1. terminator

    Bless and pray!

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