Opportunists in action

According to Wikipedia:

Opportunism is a trend of thought, or a political tendency, seeking to make political capital out of situations with the main aim being that of gaining more influence or support, instead of truly winning people over to a principled position or improving their political understanding.

Recent devastation at cyclone-ravaged Myanmar calls for help from international communities. The death tolls would be higher without aids from the neighboring countries of Myanmar and help from far away nations. Just like any emergency situations, people lend helping hands without asking questions or raising conditions in order to assist those in danger of dying. In fact, this is how many countries have done in recent days.

What sickens me however is the reaction of some politicians. They remind me of the worst forms of opportunism. US government offered an astonishing grand total of 250K dollars, or approximately 3 households’ annual income in the US, as the “Aid for Humanity” to Myanmar. That’s a 1/1,000,000th of what US government had spent fighting the war in Iraq. And there’s more, Laura Bush, the wife of the sitting president of the United States used this opportunity to make political points of asking the Myanmar government to allow US personnels entering the country as conditions for aid.

Mainstream media of course won’t waste this opportunity to remind us how Myanmar government is a “dictatorship” and the prizes that had been awarded to the political opposition to the Myanmar government. Hints or suggestions have been made that the devastation of the Cyclone is the result of the poor government instead of the consequence of a natural disaster.

Funniest thing is that some media outlets can manage to link this to China as well — saying that China is not active enough in helping Myanmar while spending too much resources on the Olympics. It suffices to say that China is always generous in helping her friends and neighbors. This has been so since always. China even donated 5 million dollars to the United States — richest country in the world — for the Katrina disaster. What has United States done to help China during her recent devastating snow storms? A grand total of 100 thousand dollars.

I might like George W. Bush if not for the Iraq war. I might like his wife Laura Bush if not for her recent comments on Myanmar. It shows just how little one person can do to look stupid.



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6 responses to “Opportunists in action

  1. Cindy6

    Political opportunism aside, I just think it’s rich that Laura Bush should advise any other country on how to deal with the aftermath of a storm:)

    As for disaster relief, China’s offering 1mn USD to Myanmar, 4 times the “generous” offer from the wealthiest nation on earth.

  2. suqing17

    hehe, U.S is notorious for its stingy charity habit for some countries. For the Katrina disaster, Chinese government donate $5million along with emergency supplies. I guess it’s more than the total amount US donated to China for all the disasters in the past 50 years, since they always donate $100, 000, or $200,000…

  3. realbrandon

    Great insight. I have been feeling deep inside that there is something I want to say, and you said it for me.

    I think what the Americans and the whole west just don’t get the fact that they have lost most if not all of their creditability, and 88% of the world population is treating them as laughing stocks. This incident just showed us why. It’s really both funny and tragic at the same time.

    Indeed there is little one needs to do to make oneself look silly and heartless. The west, ill-served by their self-righteous politicians, is showing their ugliest side to the rest of the world everyday.

  4. Pug

    It is really pitiful. The Western Nations don’t realize that as the result of the sanctions, the people who suffer are the innocent civilians in the delta area, and not the government. The Cyclone didn’t hurt the Myanmar government as much as the civilians in the delta area, yet the US are taking this opportunity to bash Myanmar’s government.

  5. Pug

    After reading this story, I shake my head as in what’s wrong in the US.


  6. mitwildthing


    It is interesting to read the last line of the new article:

    “By comparison to China’s offer of $1 million, the U.S. initially offered $250,000 in aid and assistance to Burma. “

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