Yet Another Recognition – Congratulations to Dalai Lama

Time magazine named Dalai Lama as the World’s Most Influential People of 2008.  When his holiness and his followers are celebrating yet another recognition, I really hate to be the party spoiler but in the aftermath of the Lhasa riot that more than 19 innocent civilians have been killed by his followers and the global movement against the exiled Tibetans by hundreds of thousands of oversea Chinese people, the question is, what good will it do?


In his lifetime, Dalai Lama has received numerous recognizable awards, especially the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize.  We all know what he and his followers have achieved other than receiving useless awards after useless awards after that, while the 6 million Tibetans inside China have made great improvement in their everyday lives.


It must have been very frustrating not only to Dalai Lama himself, but also to his followers and supporters in the west.  The recent riot in Lhasa clearly demonstrated their hopelessness and desperation.  With the new railroad, Tibet has since opened itself up to the China proper and the whole world.  Goods, including food, fuel, and luxury items can now be transported to Tibet cheaper and faster than ever.  Millions of tourists from all over the world can now visit Tibet every year and bring hundreds of millions of dollars to Tibetan economy.  Tibetans are enjoying much better living, much better than that of under the rule of his holiness, and a lot better than just a short few years ago.


What really bothers Dalai Lama and his followers the most is the fact that more and more people from every corners of the earth can now see Tibet with their own eyes.  They can visit Tibet, enjoy the heavenly sceneries, and talk to ordinary Tibetans.  As a result, Dalai Lama and his government in exile lost the monopoly on speaking for all Tibetans.


In fact, the most powerful evidence against his holiness’ accusation of brutal crackdown by the Chinese government on the peaceful protesters came from the almost instant blogs, pictures and videos of western tourists trapped in Lhasa.  They showed us the protesters lead by monks set hundreds of shops on fire, and beaten and killed innocent non-Tibetan looking civilians.  Moreover, the killing and the disruption of the torch rally united the Chinese people, especially those living overseas.  They come out in force to condemn the killing, distortion by western media, and support the 2008 Beijing Olympics.


That’s something that his holiness and his followers had never accounted for.


Now comes another recognition.  It indeed deserves some celebration, especially in this difficult time with all of their lies debunked and their plan to disrupt the Olympic Torch Rally defeated.  I don’t think the celebration will last long tough.  The reality of Tibetans in China are moving on to a more prosperous future while they themselves are still left with nothing should set in just about now.


The question to his holiness and his followers remains, what good will another recognition do?




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5 responses to “Yet Another Recognition – Congratulations to Dalai Lama

  1. mitwildthing

    I don’t think that the whole issue is about Dalai Lama and his followers. In fact, it is not his followers that have generated so much praise for his actions and consequences. It is this Dalai Lama’s handlers or his masters in the west that have generated so much “praise” for him. The West has never stopped “praising” mass murderers and terrorists whne it is to their advantage. The Nobel “peace” prize has lost its meaning long ago. Just how much “peace” has these peace prize winners have generated over the years. In fact, quite the opposite is true. The some of “peace” prize winners are responsible for countless death and destruction. The very fact that these “prizes” and “recognizations” have been the sole properties of the West has said plenty about their significance. The West has never stopped using death and terrorism to achieve its goals of exploitation. So the West will never stop using its token “prizes” and “praises” to boast their actions and support their puppets.

    It is a just another “smart” way of generating “news”. It goes in the following sequence:

    1. the western powers ask one of their controlled organizations to generate a report of praise or a prize awarded to their puppets.

    2. ask their “news” outlets to propagate such news 24/7 until every single western audience is sufficiently brainwashed.

    3. ask their “experts” to go on to the TV and Radio programs to talk about the “prizes” and “praises” more to further suppress dissent opinionsl

    4. the western powers’ polititians go on a public display of awarding such prizes to their puppets.

    5. justify whatever heinous actions by their puppets as for “peace”.

  2. realbrandon

    Well said, mitwildthing, very insightful! Just like the congressional gold medal Dalai Lama received not too long ago, this one will do nothing but to push him to create more troubles for China.

  3. terminator

    Hmm, sounds like these medals and prizes have been a part of Da-liar Lama’s paycheck from the US State Department.

  4. Dav

    Dalai knows how to get the ‘ass-kissing’ job done in the perfect way and there is no doubt his bosses in the West would give him awards after awards.

    Dalai himself is simply an anti-China tool to the West.

  5. garyspedding

    All of you forget yourselves.

    Kundun is the human carnation of the Buddha of compassion. He is a reflection in the water of the great Buddha!.

    You all discussing him as if he is a mere man and an evil man at that is a disgrace!. Did you know that chairman Mao is reported in several historical documents to have had the thought pattern of “Religion is Poison”. China shall soon return to the rule of the great Qing Dynasty. An Emperor Has been found!

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