Thousands to Rally in New York to Support Beijing Olympics

New York – When the Olympics torch has finished the global relay and is scheduled to return to China on May 4th, New York residents decide to rally to show their support for the games. According to a document from New York police, thousands of people are going to gather at Foley Square this coming Sunday to cheer Olympics.

The theme of rally, according to the coordinators, is going to be “Peace and Olympics”. A post from the official homepage of the rally says “Sport is sport. No politics”.

Apparently, many people have been turned away by the month-long political farce surrounding the Olympics torch: Tibetans in exile seeking the opportunity to voice their political stipulates; the Paris city hall indulging violence toward torch bearers; the Western media questioned for their sided stance in reporting the Tibet issue. For the first time in decades the hype surrounding the Olympics is not regarding the torch or the games, but the geopolitical battle involving some of the world’s superpowers.

Now New York decides to ditch the politics and welcome the Olympic spirit. Or at least thousands of the New Yorkers do. So far more than two thousand people have responded to the rally, according to the coordinators. 1200 people have registered with the rally’s Facebook group. All these people, a lot of them of Chinese background, are going to appear in the May 4th rally. Speeches, balloons, songs, souvenirs will be available, according to sources.

The rally is completely non-political, initiated by individuals without political background, sources say. All organizing work was done by Internet posts and mailing lists.

As of Apr 29th the Olympics torch has traveled 19 cities around the globe. At the first two stops the torch was ambushed by professional and well prepared protest groups, and their hired mercenaries. In all of the following relays Beijing supporters outnumbered protesters.



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  3. Charlie

    It’s official now! There will be a call-for-action protest in front of New York City Supreme Court‎ on May 4th.

    Today, the NYPD has issued a permit to allow thousands of angry people to protest against Jack Cafferty and CNN in the degenerated racist comment about Chinese.

    The location (40 Foley Square, New York, NY 10007) seems to be deliberately selected according to one of the participants. “The New York City Supreme Court‎ is a symbol of justice”, he said, “people here are supporting the US$1.3 billion law suit against CNN, its parent company Turner Broadcasting and Jack Cafferty”. He added that a group of the protesters believe that the only language that CNN can understand is money. Since the location is very close to Wall Street, they will deliver a call for action to analysts on the street and all consumers to boycott the business and service provided by CNN, Turner Broadcasting, and their affiliations. The list of such affiliations comes from the page 26 and 27 on 2007 Corporate Profile Book posted on Time Warner’s web site.

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