Propaganda at work

There is a nice article titled Military Propaganda Pushed Me Off TV by Jeff Cohen in which he talks about how “mainstream” corporate media has manufactured fake debates with propadanda experts to disseminate misinformation to the American public.

The striking term he used is “information dominance”. This is a very interesting terminology because in a society with “free speech”, you are supposed to be well informed about the truth and facts without distortion because the minute someone said something untruthful, someone else would be able to stand up and dispute that.  However, if the only voices you hear are from public air-waves — TV, radio where the major corporations dominate, you don’t have the freedom of hearing different voices — sometimes you only hear the untruth and lies. If a lie is repeated a thousand times, it becomes the truth to some people. Indeed, to the casual radio listeners or TV viewers, repeated lies on these radio and TV programs are enough to sway their opinions.

Misinformed public supports public policies with despicable hidden agendas. The politicians are accountable to the public but they are not held accountable to the lies. It is easier to spread lies to justify despicable acts and then spread misinformation to the public to cover up lies. Too often, the public quickly forgets about the misdeeds of the politicians and moves on the next round of electing more liars into public offices. The corporate media outlets are playing the roles of accomplices to the war mongers in public offices.

It is perfectly acceptable for the US congress to ignore the lies about the Iraq war. Nancy Pelosi never even attempted to investigate what had led to Bush’s Iraq war that resulted in over One Million Iraqis killed, injuried, and displaced. The democrate party won the control of the US congress mainly based on the idea of ending Iraq war. Over a year and 5 months had passed and nothing is changed.

So when the speaker of the house speaks about something else, is there any credibility left?


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  1. Alessandro

    Another important point not to be missed is that to spot out propaganda and lies from factual truth requires at list a minimum level of culture, education and knowledge, not to speak of a mind possibly devoid of prejudices.
    If this doesn’t happen, even if someone speaks out the truth to confute the lies of the propaganda, even if the freedom of speech principle is abode to and not hindered as in this case, the general public, anyway, will not be able to understand who’s telling lies and who’s telling the truth, whose reasons are based on actual facts, and whose reasons, instead, only sprung up from some secret agenda, hidden political interests or simple prejudice.
    This a big problem now in the west, in the self-righteous “free & democratic” west…a big lot of people has no idea or any real knowledge of the issued discussed. To make a democracy and a free society work and be safe, the “public opinion” must be educated and have some basic knowledge, otherwise it will only, as it nowadays always more often happens, be a puppet in the hands of the people in charge (both in politics and in economics). It’s way too easy to keep the forms and rituals of a democracy (see “free” elections held regularly) whilst devoiding it of its very essence and of its very soul little by little using the power tools of fear and emotions, instead of free will and rational thinking, leaving only a shell, as it’s happening in many places of the western world, my country included.
    As I once learned, and never forgot, the price for democracy and freedom is somewhat high, but well worth it…and it is a constant surveillance and attention so that it won’t fall prey of pernicious men and powers.

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