Here They Go Again – West Continues to Demonize Chinese

On April 24th 2008, tens of thousands of Chinese gathered in Canberra, the capital of Australia to show their support for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  For the large part, the torch run was successful and everybody was happy.


Well, not quite, not everybody.  Not to some 500 exiled Tibetan supporters, and certainly not to Mr. Garry Linnell, the editor-at-large of the Daily Telegraph.  He wrote:

HERE comes the ugly face of China. He can’t be any more than 21-years-old. His eyes are full of hate, his jaw clenched so tight his cheeks seem ready to snap. His brain already has.


Here they go again!  Instead of understanding the message of those Chinese people, Linnell and many other westerners chose to focus on the “ugly face of China” and the “hate” filled in his eyes.  Suddenly, I remember something, the stereotypes of Chinese by the westerners, bucked teeth and slit eyes.


It just never gets old.  Stereotyping China and Chinese has been the patent of the westerners who are either arrogant or afraid of the Chinese for over 200 years.  I don’t think anybody should be surprised, but let’s give them some credits, they did adapt to a new reality, China has changed, Chinese have changed, and now they see an ugly face with anger.


Their smearing techniques, however, have not been evolving and adapting as they should.  The same old “reliable sources” are used:

Kunchok, who was born in Tibet and came to Australia three years ago, is posing for a photograph with the Tibetan flag outside Commonwealth Park. A large group of Chinese supporters spy him from a distance and quickly surround him.


If you remember, western media quoted exclusively the Dalai Lama and his government-in-exile and started blaming the Chinese government for violent crackdown on the “peaceful Tibetan protesters”, despite the overwhelming evidence, and now Linnell just continues that tradition.


In Linnell’s whole article, he only quoted the pro-exiled-Tibetan crowds.  After all, they are so much easier to spot, some 500 among 20,000 Chinese, and it’s simply so much easier to talk to the “peaceful” exiled Tibetan supporters rather than wasting time with the ugly-faced Chinese whose eyes are filled with hate.


Nobody is surprised, and nobody should be surprised, by the hostile and demeaning stereotyping displayed by the west and westerners.  We still have a long road ahead of us, the road to a friendlier social environment, the road to a fairer international climate, and the road to a prosperous homeland.


Remember this, the west won’t change a bit, until we force them to.


If you think this is an isolated incident, check this out: Column – China sends in the clowns



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10 responses to “Here They Go Again – West Continues to Demonize Chinese

  1. thefooledmass

    I also observed something interesting today: for today’s WSJ article “China to Meet With Representative Of Dalai Lama” (, if we simply look at the first line of the very first and last paragraph of the article:
    First line (and also subtitle):
    “China, in an abrupt shift, announced that it will meet with representatives of the Dalai Lama”
    Last paragraph (10% readers will eventually reach here?):
    “Beijing and the representatives of the Tibetan government in exile held six rounds of talks between 2002 and mid-2007.”

  2. realbrandon

    Very skillful maneuver! The west is the master of misinformation.

  3. terminator

    This kind of fabrication are all over the news reports in the western media.

    For example, Sacramento Bee recently released a news report about SF Olympic Torch Relay here: “”

    You can find this sentence in the report: “Chinese officials said about two dozen protesters were killed in Tibetan riots this spring.”

    In not a single news released by the Chinese government can I find this kind of words.

    Perhaps the journalist means this:”As we all know, the Chinese government estimated that about two dozen
    innocent Han and Muslin civilians were brutally killed by the Tibetan
    rioters inspired by Dalai Lama and the Tibet Government in Exile, which the latter refuse to recognize. The Tibet Government in Exile
    have admitted that about 140 people were killed. Thanks to the efforts
    of the Chinese government, order has been restored after the riot.”

  4. Pug

    There’s always this kind of racism out there. There’s a poll out there where they don’t trust an Asian American as president. However, the same poll suggest that they are seen to have strong family values, hard working and honest.

    Sometimes I do think that how the Western Nations treats China is like how this poll is like. They don’t how much the Chinese has done to contribute to its society, but they will always be treated like a latchkey stepchild.

  5. Cindy6

    I think instead of simply complaining about western bias, we should start devising ways to tell our side of the story. It was wrong for Japan to invade us, but just moralizing about it would not drive them out.

  6. suqing17

    People studying PR back in China should feel ashamed. They can’t even design a propaganda procedure comparable to the ones NATO countries use, even though many of what those countries are using now, are old tricks Nazi used 75 years ago. It’s simply dumb for Chinese PR personnels not being able to establish protocols and strategies to prevent the negative effects and strike back.

  7. terminator

    I guess the problem of PR people in China is that they are too naive. They always think “truth speaks itself eventually”. Apparently, in the western world, the media always follow Nazi’s rule: “lies being repeated 1000 times will become truth eventually”. And the western media label themselves with “free speech” – which makes their brainwasher more effective. The PR people in China should seriously study how to use these tricks. China needs to learn not only modern science and technology from the west, but also modern propaganda makers.

  8. Pug

    I started to sense there was some kind of propaganda campaign against the Chinese right after the Lhasa incident last month. None of the Western Journalists want to cover anything pertaining to that incident, but instead they trolled around the countryside to look for disgruntled Tibetan monks. I heard that the incident with Tibetan protester attacking the handicapped woman was not really shown in France. I think they figure that the Chinese will be silent about this issue but they are sorely mistaken.

  9. Angel

    It is a good thing that some chinese, maybe just a few, have realized this problem. I guess after decades of opening the door to the world, Chinese have learned something very important. It takes time to learn how to protect themselve first, then fight back.
    I am very optimistic about that. Just be patient.

  10. Those Chinese are Human, just like you.

    its all politics. what makes me sick is that stereotyping of the the Chinese/Asian people is still largely visible in the American mainstream media today. Hollywood movies featuring demonized asians as Fu Manchu-like villains, not to mention the only positive characters played by asian males are either a kung fu master or a nerdy kid with thick glasses who you cheat your exams from in school. Oh and the all-fabulous William Hung…..
    considering the fact that asian americans make up 5% of the U.S. population today, it is time to stop this nonsense.

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