Bad China

I had the chance to see a performance of the American version of angry youth today. I was in a cafe trying to work, and was disturbed by a bunch of youth talking around the counter, which was not too close to where I sit. But the talk was so heated and loud that I heard clearly a bunch of “China” in them. I didn’t have to pay much attention to them in order to catch “it is China’s bad blahlbah” being repeated by a girl who was apparently angry and fat and energetic. After the loud conversation continued for about 15 minutes I decided it would never end and left the cafe. Note that it was not Chinese products or Chinese government that girl was loudly attacking. It was the country called China which she probably had never set foot on or had any clear ideas about. I consider it a total success of the American system educating their people by attacking China’s fault, China being the country itself, the huge, faraway, mysterious existence whose only character as far as they know is being marked as “evil”. Cheers to the acclaimed western TV educational systems~~



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2 responses to “Bad China

  1. Alessandro

    The west is like that unfortunately, even if I’m a westerner, an Italian actually, I’ve always felt that western attitude towards a large part of the world (the part which is not westernized) is and has always been one of arrogance and sense of superiority, so often without any real reason to base this kind of attitude. The recent media coverage of the Tibet events have all the more, and very sadly, convinced me and proved to me that we, many of us, are really like that. We accuse others to be brainwashed and listen only to propaganda, and that’s just the very same thing we do, more and more. The newaspaper coverage of the facts in this case were nothing more than pure anti-chinese propaganda, ignorant (some times on purpose, sometimes just for real lack of knowledge) of historic, cultural, social and political relevant facts.
    Having graduated in oriental languages at the university, and being married to a chinese citizen, give me the means to spot out easily the biased and distorted news, the historically totally inaccurate reports and so on. I, for one, often try, both in real life and on the net, on forums etc., to talk other people out of their preconceived and ignorant ideas about China…but have to sadly admit and aknowledge the fact that very very few of them are really interested in listening, confronting opinions and informations, and understanding. The majority are just to brainwashed and prone to what news report to be interested in talking to someone that, for them, is guilty of speaking out of the choir…That’s what west have become, or maybe what it has always been, even if in recent years the trend is always worse.


  2. wuming

    Not exactly related to the post above. But today there is an article published on the business pages of New York Times
    We need to give credit where credit is due. This could become a very important article if western readers actually read it.

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