An essay by a Tibetan from Eastern Tibet

All you people had heard enough from the so-called ethnic Tibetans who had never set foot in Tibet. Now let’s hear from someone who are really from Tibet. The following is an essay published in a forum in Seattle. I can’t find the original link so that I reproduce the original article here. If the author sees this and objects, please contact us.

An essay by a XiZang people

                                           by Namjagbarwa, From Eastern Tibet

I’ll use the name of my hometown’s pride as my user ID here,—Mt.

My English is not good so pls pardon me if you see any typo and mistake.

I am from Nyingchi Region, Eastern Tibet. 70% of my beloved homeland are
under Indian military occupation. All Thanks to the British support in 1962.
But that’s another story.

During the past month, I’ve witnessed alot protests here in U.S. and been
told about riots back at my homeland. I think it’s my duty to clear on some
FACTS that are obviously and selectively omitted by the media and protesters.

1. His Holyness the Dalai Lama DOES NOT represent Tibet. Our Tibetan
Buddhism has 4 schools:Gelug, Nyingma, Sakya, Kagyu. HH the Dalai Lama is
ONE of the TWO most respected living budda of Gelug(Yellow Hat Sect),
another one is Panchen Lama. HH the Dalai Lama can only represent farmers
and town living Tibetans from North Central Tibet(Centered with City of
Lhasa), which is about 20% of entire Tibetan population at the most. Entire
South Central Tibet(Centered with City of Xigaze) worship Panchen Lama only,
as well as we who are from Eastern Tibet only believe NyingMa Sect, the Red

2. Example: If the President of Confederacy, Jefferson Davis, fled to Europe
after the Civil War was lost. Can he represent all Americans? I don’t think
so. He IS qualified to represent all the slave masters though.

3. Since 1980, We Tibetans have not paid ONE cent of Tax to the central
government. We Tibetans have NOT paid ONE cent on fertilizer and seed. We
have promotion access to housing, education, birth, employment and all kinds
of other social benefits. The name of this promotion policy is called the
Affirmative Act in the United States. I don’t know what it’s called in Tibet
and honestly I didn’t really care. It’s been there since I was born. When I
realized that policy only applies to minority groups in China, I am already
13. I got 10 points raise on my average score when I graduated from
elementary school. And I know my brother got 20 points when he graduated
from high school. There are 10 Million high school graduates competing to
get into college every year. Can you imagine how many advantages this 20
point can make?? BTW, I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters, and there goes so-
called “Forced Birth Control amoung Tibetans”.

4. Just like 95% of other Tibetans, my family was farmer-slaves before 1959.
We’ve always been slaves till HH the Dalai Lama and his slavery government
escapted from Tibet, along with most slave masters. Though the Chinese Army
already stationed in Tibet in 1950, the reform, the abandon of slavery
system was not carried out by central government. One story is that in 1954,
Chinese Army was hiring in my village to help them building concrete roads.
After they found out that their payments to the villagers are all robbed by
slave masters, they were angry and started paying merchandise and goods
directlym, just to make sure the masters can’t take them away. That was 4
years after People’s Liberation Army entered Tibet.

5. I am kinda tired telling these stories now. I don’t know why the world
outside Tibet had so many misleadings and understanding to our homeland. I
really appreciate that you said you were speaking for Tibetans. But there
are 3 million Tibetans living in Tibet now and you are only listening to
those around HH the Dalai Lama??? Our living conditions are much bettern
than those in exile and much much better than 50 years ago. and none of
these was the effort of exile Tibetan government,ZERO. We earned it by our
sweat drops and promotion policies from central government. Not a living
budda who was randomly picked by HH. And we want our life to be better and
better. Talking about moral standards and religion freedom, we Red Hat Sect
can practice all traditional customs everyday. I don’t know what happened to
Yellow Hat and I don’t understand why they seem like the only trouled ones
in Tibet and mostly I don’t see how can HH the Dalai Lama become the
Representive of Tibet?!

Long live Tibet, Long live Peace, Long live China.



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18 responses to “An essay by a Tibetan from Eastern Tibet

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  2. Palang

    Yes this is true. My family is Bonpo and we don’t follow Dalai Lama. When we go to Lhasa, people hate us because we are Bonpo. They say we are animals and uncivilized and they tell us to go back to Kham.

  3. Anonymous

    “…Entire South Central Tibet(Centered with City of Xigaze) worship Panchen Lama only…”

    the one that the CCP kidnapped, not the puppet Panchen Zuma that the CCP installed

  4. terminator

    Regardless which Panchen, we know that the Tibetans in Kham do not warship Dalai Lama. And even worse, the Tibetans in TAR hate them. So I wonder how Dalai Lama can claim that all Tibetans want to follow him and seek independence (or in another word, autonomous)?

    • Lobsang

      I am from Kham(Dotoe). We worship Dalai Lama from our heart. By the way how much money did you get for telling such a big lie? Truth will always win no matter what. It might take long…. but in the end liars like u will loose….. I don’t want to waste time talking to silly brain washed people like you.

      • terminatorii

        So typical! When one cannot refute the facts, his only weapon is to attack the writers who tell the facts. Miserable pathetic brainwashed blind followers of DaLie Lama…

  5. thefooledmass

    Talking about Panchan, let’s get something straight: all previous Panchan(and Dalai) Lamas were sought by local monks and approved by central government in Beijing. And in fact, the reincarnation scheme of Dalai and Panchan was initially designed by Beijing government in Qing dynasty. There was no precedence Dalai announcing a Panchan: they don’t even belong to the same sect, for budda’s sake! It’s just like US AirForce commander appointing the next commander of US army. Leave this to Bush please.

    And there used to be fights between these two groups of leaders, particularily between the current(14th) Dalai and the previous(10th) Panchan. So what makes the 14th Dalai an authority to announce a Panchan? (Oh yeah, to make it a longer stretch, Dalai was living in India, how can he go pick a candidate in China?)

    Following the traditional rule, the central government picked a Panchan. Hands down.

    Don’t believe it? Learn some history for yourself.

  6. suqing17

    Well, I agree with most of the arguments thefooledmass made. But there is a technical mistake. Panchan and Dalai do belong to the same sect: the Gelug (the yellow hat sect). Neither can represent all Tibetans, because there are multiple religious sects in Tibet.

  7. Anonymous

    thefooledmass- nice try you got some things right but many important things wrong

    “There was no precedence Dalai announcing a Panchan: they don’t even belong to the same sect, for budda’s sake!”
    Could you provide support for these statements?
    I believe that they are both false.
    Here is a quotation from a noted scholar on Tibetan Buddhism and history on the history of the selection of the PL. It was written in 1995 the year the DL chose Gedhun Choekyi Nyima as the 11th PL.

    “During his lifetime, Gendün Drüp was given the title ‘Panchen’ (‘Great Scholar’) by his contemporary Bodong Choklay Namgyel. The successive abbots of Tashi Lhünpo inherited this title. In the seventeenth century, the fifth Dalai Lama gave Tashi Lhünpo to his teacher, Losang Chökyi Gyeltsen (1567-1662), the fifteenth abbot of the monastery. As head of Tashi Lhünpo, he was known as ‘Panchen,’ but he received the distinctive title ‘Panchen Lama’ from the fifth Dalai Lama, who announced that Losang Chökyi Gyeltsen would reincarnate as a recognisable child. The title ‘Panchen Lama’ was retroactively conferred on his two previous incarnations, although they did not belong to Tashi Lhünpo monastery. Losang Chökyi Gyeltsen’s successor was later recognised as the fourth Panchen Lama. From that time until the present day, the Dalai Lamas have traditionally recognised the Panchen Lamas, and the Panchen Lamas in turn figure prominently in the search for the Dalai Lamas. ”

    -so clearly the article states that the Dalai Lama and Panchen Lama have been responsible for choosing each other

    “all previous Panchan(and Dalai) Lamas were sought by local monks and approved by central government in Beijing”

    Hmm… I’ll quote the same source that discusses this issue.
    “In addition to these moves, China’s leaders have launched a propaganda campaign which claims that Chinese government officials have overseen the selection of tülkus since the Qing dynasty, a claim that is historically baseless. Several recent articles in government newspapers have asserted that the Qing emperor Qianlong in 1793 sent a golden urn to Tibet with instructions that the ninth Dalai Lama should be chosen by lots drawn from the urn. Tibetan historical records indicate that the emperor’s instructions were ignored, and the Dalai Lama was chosen according to traditional methods of selection, but in a face-saving move that was to have long-term implications, the emperor’s representatives (amban) convinced Tibetan authorities to allow them to proclaim in China that the emperor’s directives had been followed.

    While Chinese officials have often visited Tibet for enthronement ceremonies and passed on the good wishes of emperors or other heads of state, there is no historical evidence that a Chinese official has ever had any direct role in the selection process, nor have any been more than observers. The present situation is roughly comparable to the Australian government sending a representative to the Vatican for the investiture of a Pope and later claiming to have sole authority to choose his successor. ”

    anyways since when does an atheist government declare who the reincarnation of a buddhist monk is :\, it’s absurd
    ps I know that the atheist communist government have now claimed themselves responsible for discovering all of the reincarnations of reincarnated lamas, as ridiculous as that sounds

  8. Palang

    Yes, they both belong to gelugpa sect. Dalai lama is higher than Panchen but my father told me they have also been rivalry because they always fight for power

  9. suqing17

    Actually, Panchan and Dalai have equal status within the sect. The higher power Dalai has over Panchan is secular.

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  11. well well

    Well well, somebody writing so much but under the name anonymous!! very funny.

    Above is a link to the work of Prof. Goldstein “The Snow Lion and the Dragon” (btw, do you know that even the Snow Lion flag that the exile people are so fond of, originated as a royal grant by the Qing Emperor as his royal army? There was no lion known in Tibet, where do you think the Tibetan figure out the lion species?)

    Please note in the footnote:
    1. Although the golden urn lottery had been used on a number of occasions after 1792, it was not used for the last two Dalai Lamas or the last Panchen Lama.

    meaning that only the most recent 3 Dalai plus Panchen did not use such scheme. Why, because the Qing ran downhill and the New KMT govt was weak to exert any control. That’s exactly what Dalai and his predecessor did. They thought that their “Royal master” was weak and they could ignore the central government.

    Just wonder what kind of Tibetan scripts your Australian author read, and from which source. If you are saying that was a face-saving for the Qing Emperor, wouldn’t it be possible that it was the other way round, that the Tibetan changed their text to “save-face” (anyway, only they know Tibetan, not so many Qing officers were well versed in Tibetan).

    The system that Qianlong initiated was to stop the different senior monks in Tibet in manipulating with the the succession of the important living buddhas. The Qing’s admiral was even able to bailiff the monastery, clearing all its property and wealth. You are saying that such Emperor with such military presence needed to “save face”? Well, perhaps you should tell his to Bush and see if he needs to save face in front of Saddem!

    Furthermore, if the so-called scripts are from the government-in-exile, then, it might be a forgery product. Don’t believe that buddhist monks don’t lie stuff. They do. I recently discovered in a news clip of Reuters back in 1993, which I believe the reporter just applied the released the exile people fed to him, it was written:

    Panchen Lamas have been the second-ranking spiritual leaders in the Tibetan religious hierarchy since the 14th century when the first Dalai Lama left Tashe Lhunpo monastry under the care of his chief disciple and settled in Lhasa.

    The disciple was named the first Panchen Lama.”

    This is a 100% lie formulated by the exile govt. during the time when the last Panchen ceased and the successor was to be located.

    The actual fact was the first Panchen Lama and the first Dalai Lama were both students of the famous Tibetan legendary Tsongkhapa (1357-1419). Actually the 1st Panchen was 6 years older than Dalai, who became Tsongkhapa’s student 9 years later than Panchen. Furthermore, the 1st Panchen was even responsible to teach this young Dalai part of the buddhist studies. But because the exile Tibetan and Dalai 14th wanted to create the false impression that Dalai was the more powerful, more important one, they went all the way to tell such lie, lie that they should be well aware is not true given their religious and ethnic background, lie that they know foreigners will not be easy to discover. So, I am not a bit surprised if they can lie on almost anything anyhow.

  12. well well

    “when does an atheist government declare who the reincarnation of a buddhist monk is :\, it’s absurd”

    well, wouldn’t it be more absurd that a buddhist living buddha being himself inaugurated via the reincarnation program, now declares there won’t be any more reincarnation in the future? He would be the last person in the World qualified to make such a statement, himself being the single beneficiary.

    So, isn’t that practically saying that the reincarnation (and hence himself) is nothing but a scam all the way? And why is he still considering himself be able to represent all Tibetan, while he is nothing but a real Dalai Zuma.. like you said before?

  13. Sue

    Well, I suggest some of you visit Tibet and find by yourselves what Tibetians’ life like and first of all—find where Tibet is before you leave any comment, and don’t trust books easily.
    Find the truth by your heart, by your experience in Tibet.

  14. ха-ха смешно

    здесь видел ет

  15. Lobsang

    you liars…. how can say such things just for money? You guys have been clouded by ignorance. Tibet was not a part of China, and is not and will never be…. Long Live His Holiness The Dalai Lama!!

    • terminatorii

      LOL, brainwashed people live in illusion, and your post is the best evidence. Tibet was a part of China, it is a simple fact. Tibet is a part of China today, otherwise what do Tibet-in-exile and CIA fundings exist for?

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