Who Are Your Friends – An Open Letter to All Oversea Tibetans


We, a group of ordinary Chinese students and scholars who have lived overseas for many years, befriended many westerners, and experienced first hand western cultures and values, call on all oversea Tibetans to give us five minutes and listen to what we have to say.  In return, we open our hearts to you, share with you our thoughts, and are willing to hear yours.


It’s a fact that many people are behind you and supporting your causes.  We cannot and will not deny that.  We simply ask you to sit down and examine who they really are and whether they are truly your friends.  From time to time, things get stirred up and you drop everything you do to appear on street corners to put on a show for the world to enjoy.  Suddenly, your friends show up as well and stand shoulder to should with you.


Who are they?  Ask yourself that before making friends with them, because a friend doesn’t just stand with you for a few hours.  A friend, a true friend, cares about you and is willing to help you every single day.


So who are they?  There are some Indians are with you. In a country that Buddhism used to flourish but only 1.5% of its population as of today, in a country that religious conflicts between Hindus and minority religious groups are frequent and many people have been killed, in a country that forced Dalai Lama to accept McMahon line and to concede many territories that traditionally have always been under Tibetan control, and in a country that has housed you but has limited you to the tiny remote mountainous region since day one, how much do you think they really truly support you?  Ask yourself, are they really your true friends?


There are the Germans are with you as well.  In a country that has never been known to be religiously tolerant, in a country that only 60 years ago a single mad man could cultivate the hatred of his people and killed 6 million Jews and tens of millions of other ethnic groups, and in a country that minorities are still frequently attacked for their darker skin and culture, how much do you think they really truly support you?  Ask yourself, are they really your true friends?


Then there are the British are with you.  In a country that has colonized and exploited almost every corners of the world with whatever means possible, and in a country that everywhere they have ever touched there are turmoil even long after their departure, in a country that had invaded Tibet and forced Dalai Lama to open Tibet to them, and in a country that followed the Americans blindly to invade a sovereign country, how much do you then they really truly support you?  Ask yourself, are they really your true friends?


Who can forget the Americans?  They are always with you.  In a country that almost wiped out the indigenous population in only few hundred years, in a country that only 30 years ago blacks and others alike were discriminated legally and the discrimination still exists today, in a country that had hands in every single hot spots in the world, in a country that supplied and trained most separatist groups and then turned around labeling them as terrorists, in a country that invades countries with lies and deception, in a country that wages war for religious reasons and the profits for the few, and in a country that even the their peers dislike and distrust, how much do you think they are really truly support you?  Ask yourself, are they really your true friends?


Yes, you have many friends, friends that don’t know your people, friends that don’t know or care about your culture, friends that you have nothing in common with, and friends that too often use their support to impose their own agenda on you.  Now ask yourself, are they truly your friends?


Yes, you have many friends, at the expense of turning against your brothers, brothers that have fought many battles with you, brothers that share long history and tradition with you, brothers that worship Buddha with you for thousands of years, and brothers that sincerely want the best for all of us.


It has been too long that you are away from your home.  It has been too long that you live among strangers.  It has been too long that you are away from the heavenly mountains and rivers of Tibet.  It has been too long that you haven’t prayed as your ancestors did.


Come back, even for a short visit.  With your mind open, your will receive hospitality and the warm hearts of your brothers.  With your mind open, you will realize what we can achieve when we join forces.


Sincere thanks for your attention and we are now here to listen.




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8 responses to “Who Are Your Friends – An Open Letter to All Oversea Tibetans

  1. knamgyal

    To the western educated Chinese students!

    I sincerely hope you are a group of chinese students as you claim, and not the Government of the Communist China hiding behind curtain of artificial innocence to gain undeserved legitimacy over an illegitimate and forceful rule over Tibet. You have asked me for five minutes of my time, i will give you a lifetime to listen sincerely and hear what you have to say about your illegal presence in Tibet. You promise to open your heart and share your thoughts, I appreciate that and i would like to know your views on imperialsim in 21st Century. Long after rest of the World power has realised their imperialistic missteps and admitted to the rights of all countries to be free, China is still practicing the obsolete 18th, 19th and early 20th Century ideology of imperialism. You have also expressed your will to listen to our thoughts. Well if you are listening, I hope you can hear me loud and clear… please leave Tibet now. FREE TIBET NOW. you have been in Tibet illegally for more than five decades. It is high time, you got out of our land. As the old Tibetan saying goes, Chinese will be happier in China, Tibetans will be happier in Tibet. I hope you are listening!

    Yes, it is indeed a fact, as you agree, that many people are behind us. To tell you the truth, whole world is with us, as you might have seen from recent events that unfolded throughout the world. Everyone who loves freedom, respects human rights and cherish friendship is with us. So, yes I have examined and found them to be true friends. And yes, i agree, every once in a while things get stirred up, but not by our friends as you seem to suggest, but by the injustice meted out to Tibetans by the Chinese Government and ill informed citizens like you, who even after studying in free countries of the west, refuse to learn anything and cling stubbornly to obsolete ways of the past. Let me tell you very clearly that no one enjoys our “show” on street corners becuase this not something to be enjoyed, rather every passerby feels concerned for the plight of Tibetan people and the injustice they have to suffer. If you enjoy this supposed “show”, then let me tell you my friends, you are alone in one corner of World enjoying this “show” because rest of the World is with us.

    You have enumerated few countries and tried unsuccessfully to smear them with their past history or present misjudements. Shall i laugh or cry on your naive arguments. Don’t forget when you point one finger at someone four fingers are pointing back at you! You remind me of the fabled monkey who is waist deep in mud, yet he is pointing and laughing at the monkey on tree top whose tail tip is soiled.

    All said and done, i really wonder, can a Country like China who brutally killed its own children, students like yourselves, will show any mercy towards people of different country whom they have enslaved by force! I hope western educated students like you will call upon your leaders to see reason and act nobly. Please don’t waste your precious time by writing propagandist articles like the one you have written here and prevail on your leaders to respect human rights and freedom.

    a friedly tibetan refugee.

  2. maple

    It is weird. I read this post and saw a lot of accusations with numurous adjectives, but no evidence at all. If you’re trying to convey something, tell us what kind of facts support you? Without providing concrete evidence, your claims are fragile and funny. Think about this: I claim that Dalai Lama is a devil and eats kid’s heart. Would you believe in that? But clearly, Dalai Lama is either a lier or cheated by people around him when he provided a list of fourty or so “causalities” when there are facts showing that people on this list are living happily in this “real world.”
    Why do you think you can represent the millions of residents in Tibet? You’re losing Tibet and people living there because you’ve refused to learn what is actually going on in that magic place. You followed the Holly, the relict of the theocracy (truly, which is dying out in the modern world. If you don’t believe, try to find a theoratic system in the world today…), who leads to hell rather than heaven.

  3. realbrandon

    Hi knamgyal,

    Thanks for taking your precious time to share with us your thoughts.

    I am afraid that opening with suspecting us being the agents of Chinese government is not a very good start for an open dialog. As you might have noticed, we never doubted the sincerity of your feelings and your actions.

    You then proceeded by accusing China of imperialism under which we have been victims for 150 years. We are afraid that it’s not a good start for an open dialog either. As you might have noticed, we never brought up any controversial historical topics.

    However, we are still listening.

    You never defended your friends by countering any of the points we made. They might be trivial to you now, but they tell you who your friends really are. Sure they help you now, but you know better than we do that they want something in return.

    Believe it or not, we consider you, as well as 6 million Tibetans living in China, as our brothers. We might have our disagreement, but together we can do something real for Tibet. Calling China names might be exactly what your “friends” love to hear, but it won’t help you in anyway. China is move forward, as well as Tibet.

    Letting go the grudges you held for so long is a difficult thing to do, but being left behind is much worse. Let’s start by looking forward and we all are going to be happier.

    Thanks again

  4. suqing17

    See, this is why I would never bother to convert an oversea Tibetan. People are driven by their interests, things can be interpreted in both ways, though there is only ONE truth. When the ground we stand is against their interests, they won’t listen even if it’s the truth (this is particularly for the ridiculous claim about ‘being in Tibet illegally’ ). To be frank, I really don’t care what the oversea Tibetans think, because they don’t live in Tibet, many of them have never been to Tibet, 50 years later I doubt how many of them still speak Tibetan, and they don’t represent millions of Chinese Tibetans who is living there now and busy with an agenda of development, which has much higher priority than being ‘freed’ by some former slave owners . Oversea Tibetans are like those exiled European aristocrats after WWI and WWII, whining and dreaming about going back in power and loved by the ruled. There may be voices supporting them(not really from all over the world, after all, there are almost 200 countries in the world, I don’t see any one of them acknowledge the ‘Exiled Tibetan Government’–oops, I was wrong, I should exclude Britain), but nobody voicing the support will take them seriously with actions. So let them be, so long as they don’t jump out and attack people in the wheelchair again.

  5. ken


    Tibet is free now. have you ever been to tibet?
    There are numerous posts on the internet and in the books writen by third party (not from communist party), Tibetans are living a much better life than they were in 1950s. They have electricity and running water, they have roads everywhere, and even railway. Government and PLA helped them to fight blizzard, storm, flood, save their lifes and protect their belongings. They have modern medicines, hospitals, schools, pay no tax,and instead get medcare imbursement. Considering its in tibet, that’s almost a miracle.

    you have to be practical than superficial. Your tibetan people can not live the same life without the financial and any support from inner land china. I also doubt if you can even live there given you never live in such a high altitude. If you really think about your people, you should let them stay in China. Otherwise, I think you are only thinking for yourself, or are chasing a superficial idea.

  6. chiralanomaly

    This is a good start, even though it seems useless for Tibetan-in-exiles.

    But, people should be patient with them. They grew up out of China, educated by the separatists and the west propaganda. They never get to listen to and experience the other side of the world. They live in their fantasy that “entire world is behind them” and “cling stubbornly” onto the ideology that “Tibet was brutally invaded by China”. It certainly will be extremely hard to take those things away from them, because, let’s face it, that’s as if taking their entire life away from them.

    But let me just add one thing. Tibetan-in-exiles grew up in the west world and they idealized the realities. It would be all wonderful if we can start all afresh tomorrow and turn everyone into angels. But the real world doesn’t function that way. We do have to “cling stubbornly” to the past because history is the best lesson for politics. Not only because only when you study the real history, you understand that there’s people’s emotions attached to every problem, but most importantly, without a solid understanding of how history unfolded itself in the past, one can not make any rational judgment about where Tibet should go today and into the future. Everyday politics is deeply related to the history of a society. No one can impose an ideal system onto it if the society has not changed accordingly. So clarifying the past of Tibet is of great importance. It’s much more important than learning just the western systems and ideologies. If one is to install an American system in Tibet overnight, the outcome would certainly be a disaster. Besides all the turmoils and disturbances, Tibet would become a military base of US and the future of the region is miserable.

  7. chiralanomaly

    Let me also add that if we were living in a fairyland where everything is ideal, I certainly will support the idea that whoever wants to be independent should go independent. Next day, if you don’t feel like being independent, come back and we are one nation again. That only sounds a fair deal and is precisely what the Tibetans living in the west are trying to sell.

    But the real world is much more complicated (leaving alone that I’m not convinced at all that majority Tibetans want to be independent). There are all sorts of politics involved. Sovereignty is problem that has long-lasting effects. It can shape the world in the future centuries. So we are not playing children’s game here. People without very tight connections to the local people can’t say anything about their will. You simply can’t judge things by ideologies.

    Whenever it comes the the question of sovereignty, one must look at it from the perspective of the local realities and also, must NOT take it out of the historical context.

  8. terminatorii

    To knamgyal:

    I am sorry, when you said that China’s pretense in Tibet is “illegal”, would you mind spend a second and point us which law you are referring to? Please, do not point us to a law of the Exile group – no country acknowledges it except your Exile group. Please, do not point us to some “Internation Commissions” either – those non-government commissions’ so-called “international law” are not acknowledged by any governments. Or, perhaps you can refresh us with some new understanding of the word “illegal”.

    Thanks for helping us.

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