In memory of the victims

Ah, no one would really care about the innocent five girls burnt to death during the March 14th riot in Lhasa. Nor do anyone want to care about the little girl in kindergarten murdered by the mob either. How about the pedestrians stoned to death by the mob or countless people permanently disabled by the mob attack?

Go see this page for photos and descriptions of the victims.

None of the so-called peace loving westerner shed a tear for the victims. They don’t even want to acknowledge the death of civilians. They only care about the factitious cause of religious freedom. There is no absolute freedom, especially when it comes to religion like Tibetan Buddhism which is tightly integrated with political dictatorship of the Lamas. If the Dalai Lama is free to force theocratic rule over the Tibetan population, then there is no freedom for the Tibetans to enjoy the current economic rights of living a peaceful, safe, and prosperous life.

There is no way to tell what it would be like if the Dalai Lama still ruled the Tibetan Autonomous Region today but considering the life expectancy of 35 years during the Lama rule to life expectancy of the over 60 years at the present, you can safely say that it was not good old day. In fact, it was hell like days when the Lamas roamed the earth.



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4 responses to “In memory of the victims

  1. suqing17

    ‘All men are created equal’ doesn’t apply to everyone, neither does ‘all men are equal after they die’. Victims are always mourned selectively by hypocrites. Today, when Americans ignore or even deny the victims in the Tibet riot, they are mourning those who died in the Virginia Tech shooting a year ago. In the past severals years, when they mourn every soldier died in IRAQ, no one really cares the 1 million Iraqis eliminated.

  2. assilly

    well said.

  3. vitaminm

    Thanks for your blog.

    We appreciate your efforts to honor the innocent and reveal the truth.

    Religion, democracy, are so often used as excuses for violence.

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