Tibetan in Exile: What more can you do for America?

On April 13th edition of ABC’s Sunday morning political talk show, the popular This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Stephen John Hadley, Gorge W. Bush’s National Security Advisor, was asked about whether Bush will attend the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony. Hadley danced around the question saying that Bush will attend the Olympics and the details are still being worked out.

This is hardly surprising to anybody. The real story here is that Hadley repeatedly talking about Nepal, and said people should talk with the Chinese about situation on Nepal. Not even once had Hadley ever mentioned Tibet and Stephanopoulos did weigh in as well. Only few of us even notice that the Maoists in Nepal are all but certain to win and change the country dramatically. I think we all owe Mr. Bush an apology for writing him off as ignorant of international affairs.

It’s such a sad story for Dalai Lama and his followers though. Just how much do you guys have to do to get noticed by the US government, your biggest sponsor? You looted, you burnt shops, schools and hospitals, you beaten people, you killed 19 civilians, and you protested your brains out to disrupt the torch rally, and you still cannot get them to even acknowledge you. Sure Madam Speaker did so something, but all of those are symbolic at best. Sincerely, I feel for you.

Some words of advice if I may, since I do watch Sunday morning political discussion quite a bit, if you think the West cares about you, you are wrong. After all, you are nothing like them, not skin color, not looks, not tradition, not culture, and not religion either.

Stop turning on your brothers and sucking up to the west.


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