China protesters outnumbered – Chinese students quickly organize a counterprotest, call activists uninformed

An article written by Peggy Lim, Staff Writer from The News & Observer. Here is the original link,

TheNewVoice Editorial Comments

Almost at the same time when a frontal rainstorm was forming between pro-Tibet and pro-China protesters far away in San Francisco, CA, thunderous protests and counterprotests were breaking out in Duke University in Durham, NC.

Among the pro-Tibet protesters, shirtless Weiss, a junior at Duke University and leader of the Duke Human Rights Coalition definitely caught the eye of the public. “Some of my best friends are Chinese,” he said to Peggy. “It’s just this one issue we disagree on. … You can love Chinese culture, but you don’t have to like the Chinese government’s policy on Tibet.”

But, how much does shirtless Weiss know about the Chinese government’s policy on Tibet? The same number of coat(s) as he put on that night?

We wouldn’t dare to speculate or even disseminate the ignorance of Weiss because we are neither shirtless Weiss, nor shameless Western media. We look into the truth, base our comments on solid evidence and personal experience as the attendants.

So let’s retrospect a little to some scenarios around Duke Chapel. “… I have to go back to do my homework…” Weiss said to some counterprotesters when they were in a heated debate, “…Whatever you say, we’ll be famous after this…” he added, posing as he already succeeded in freeing Tibetan people from China’s rule although he appeared to have no knowledge about the real demon who slaved Tibetan people for hundreds of years.

“…So what you said is, even there is only 1% of the total population in Tibet eager for independence, China should let them do this…” A Chinese girl debated with one senior member in the Duke Human Rights Coalition, “Yes! That’s what I meant.” She responded.

Reputation is their purpose regardless of the history and current situations. Logic of goons and thugs is what those so-called human rights respecters adopted to slander crackdown of riot by authorities while they themselves were suffering from amnesia of Haiwaii, native Indian people and Texas independent uprsing. What they were trying to protect is only the minority of the whole population exiled outside of Tibet, but what they are striving to destruct is the benefits of majority living in Tibet, China. Not to mention the fact that those 1% population are slave owners, aristocrats and their descendants who once ruled Tibet with atrocity and blood. Like Zeng said, “‘Free Tibet’ to them is just a slogan”, no more no less.

To our relief, we are working on this information asymmetry. Along with Zeng, a graduate student in NCSU, more and more people volunteer to distribute the truth with evidence for the Western public to be well aware of the past and current reality in Tibet, China. We are not trying to brainwash anyone. “We just want to try to give people a different point of view,” Zeng said.


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