Risky Geopolitical Game: Washington Plays ‘Tibet Roulette’ with China

An article written by F. William Engdahl originated from http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=8625.

TheNewVoice Editorial Comments

This is a risky political gamble indeed. Like any gamester playing in casinos with such a determined ambition to win, Washington has a well-planned blueprint with political purposes in mind too. The ultimate goal, also as the motive for Washington to chip in so high stakes in this geopolitical roulette is the complete control over China, a potential regional even global power who would most likely, in the eyes of Brzezinski (the foreign policy adviser to Presidential candidate, Barack Obama), challenge and overthrow America’s hegemony position in the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, no matter how ambitious the goal is, similar to gamblers dreaming of becoming nouvreau riches overnight from casinos, Washington has to prepare themselves for the high risk of irritating China and winding up a loser in this bet. The problem is, how much will this bet cost? Under what name would the American public willingly endorse this risky geopolitical gamble regardless of their own benefits?

The good news is, Washington is not a novice player in this game but a professional. As a professional, Washington is fully aware of “psychological” rules in a gamble. While on a real poker table, it’s bluffing, in this geopolitical gamble, it’s pretty much about the same gist but with different political interpretations. Thus Washington introduced democracy and human rights as “bluffing”, claimed to promote and export democracy, maintain and guard the human rights. Nice move for deceiving the public to back up this risky gamble and also smart strategy to sugarcoat and justify the concealed goal. One stone, two birds.

However, that’s not enough for this geopolitical gamble, there is one thing missing. Feel like a wild guess? Bingo! Cheating it is. Card cuts for a real gambling, staged-show for this geopolitical game. A show couldn’t be splendid without producers, directors, actors and the most important, investors. You should probably designate each of them to the right seat after reading through this article in question. Among all of them, Dalai Lama and his supporters along with the Western media are sitting shoulder by shoulder on the same “poker table” with Washington, serving as cheating partners.

There is no reflection in the world that could impeccably represent the natural form of reality. Even the mirror couldn’t. But at least mirror reflection per sey is getting close, as any pressman should do with any reportage. But the situation is that, the Western media hyped turmoil in Tibet and manufactured protests against Beijing Olympics. Those farces are merely parts of the “cheating” and “speed card cuts” in this geopolitical gamble played by Washington. The real goal, again is not to promote democracy or human rights. Because it’s just diplomatic “bluffing”, jewels in the political crown to beautify the real purpose of Washington. Anyone who has ever been on a poker table can tell, I believe. If you’ve never been to a casino, would you at the very least accept the fact that US government invaded Iraq and caused 1 out of 3 Iraqis to be killed, injured, or displaced? Has it ever occurred to you that what Washington really cared about was definitely neither human rights nor democracy?

Playing a political game is acceptable as long as the players are not betting human lives and destruction of economic and social orders in any geopolitical hot spot. Unfortunately, Washington weighs the odds of winning over the costs of lost in this risky geopolitical game. The corporate fat cats are now enjoying their fancy dinner party just as much with or without their success of those political games.

However, they forget about two things. For one, a gambler will lose finally. It’s just a matter of time. For two, Washington is playing this gamble on the table of Tibet, in the casino of China. No matter how good Washington is at cheating, bluffing for real or for this geopolitical gambling game, you lose. Remember, China owns the table, the casino and the house. Not only you have to pay the commission of rake, but the house edge too.

If you read this well-written article, you will see that the black hands of the CIA are at work again. The tentacles of the CIA are now disguised as funders for democracy and freedom. They send money and man power to train and arm the dissidents and profit-seeking criminal elements in the Chinese society. They train those thugs and criminals to fake protests, to provoke the police through violence and to trample the basic human rights by means of arson and murder.

The second main player of this political game is the Western media. They are treating the recent events as Hollywood movies. The trained “protesters” were flying from city to city to stage local protests shameleely while the Western media’s cameras were set up at designated spots to capture the images that they really wanted to see and broadcast.

So you may wonder what happens when the live events don’t develop according to the plans. Well, FAKE them. This is how they did it. When they don’t like the pictures, they will crop out a portion to fit their needs. When they see a footage that doesn’t fit what they want, they would edit it to tell their stories.

Well, basically shameless lies that they are.

In summary, you can see how it works,

US->CIA->NED->Dalai Lama & his henchmen->Western media-> faked outrage & distorted news

-> to mislead the Western audience

What do they really want by doing all this?

PROFIT through extortion. Yes, extortion. Well, invasion would work if the target is small like Iraq. For bigger fish like China, political extortion seems more convenient.


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