Dalai Lama was a CIA agent

According to this document released by the US government, Dalai Lama and his supporters were funded by the CIA during the 60s. He had received $ 1,735,000 in the Fiscal Year of 1964 alone.

It was widely believed that Dalai Lama had received funding from the CIA during the 1950s and after. Nowadays, Dalai Lama and his groups are receiving funding from the front organization of the CIA — NED (National Endowment for Democracy).

NED is directly supported by the US government — that means OUR TAX DOLLARS go to Dharamsala each year, without us knowing it.

Please ask yourself, do you want your hard earned tax to be spent on training a spy, a terrorist, or, to put it in a good word, an activist? Dalai Lama is not a terrorist, for sure, but considering who CIA had supported before, and for what reason, you can easily draw your conclusion why he suddenly became so popular since 1987.


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