Where is Tibet?

Should we at least know where it is before we got too emotional about it?  A hint, it’s not on Mars.  Well, let’s see what Americans have to say:



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4 responses to “Where is Tibet?

  1. cheshmgir

    ha ha . Anyone who goes on one of these marches first needs to be shown this video.

  2. eco-savvy

    Americans are Dumb anyways they think religion of Israel is Islam . So you communist gang is operating in America too. No matter what you say I KNOW YOUR TORCH IS STAINED BY TIBETAN BLOOD


  3. suqing17

    eco-savvy, it is true that the torch IS stained by Tibetan blood–because THE RIOTERS KILLED CHINESE TIBETANS, CHINESE HAN AND CHINESE HUI. Apparently you endorse their violence. I hope someday you can feel ashamed when you realized their blood is also on your hands when you are so actively pushing their agenda and lie without a blink.

  4. realbrandon

    So, no matter what we say and present, you have your mind set up, right? Well, isn’t that the perfect way to solve all the problems around the world?

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