“Professional” Tibetan Protestor Exposed

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Arrested in London on Apr 6th 2008:

Appeared in Paris attacking this brave young woman in wheelchair the very next day!The Professional Protestor in Paris

Take a closer look. Coming to street corners near you:
Closer Look of this Professional Protestor



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13 responses to ““Professional” Tibetan Protestor Exposed

  1. Felix

    Well done England guys. Well done, you guys will get f**ked by the real people.

  2. Hi

    this guy is Lobsang Gandan, Salt Lake City, USA

  3. realbrandon

    Wow, Salt Lake City, and flew to London, Paris the next day. That’s what I call PROFESSIONAL

  4. Real Freedom

    Anyone has any more doubt that who are the real evil force in the world and who are behind all those? – Someone is paying these thugs running around the world to cause trouble, and guess whose spy organization is behind these thugs?! On one hand these “freedom loving” countries are “fighting terrorism” for the sake of their country’s safety and security, yet on the other hands they are relying thugs like these to engage terrorism and violence in order to cause trouble for China.

    In the name of “freedom”, they even attack athletes in wheelchairs! The morality of these so-called “freedom & democracy” has degenerated to such despicable low level and lack of basic human indecency. The hypocrisy of the Western media’s often touted “freedom and democracy” is now for all the world to see!

    Imagine if a US or British or Canadian athlete being attacked by a thug like this, what would they say in their media? Would they keep silence? Shame on the Western Media! Shame on those the professional propagandists – those “chief editors” and “journalists” in CNN, ABC, Fox News, New York Times, Washington Post…

  5. LOL

    Yeah, where is the law and order here? Arrested one day, and release immediately to send to another country to do more harm the day after. What a joke for upholding justice in a “freedom loving country”! I wonder if the sons and daughters of the British court judge being attacked like this, will he let the thug go free just like that?

  6. see here

    here is the full photo and some discussions.

  7. see this picture

    Any surprise????

  8. Weak Up Now!

    Why would anyone be surprised that the Western media will side with the truth and telling the world what’s really going on? Why would anyone still believe the real moral of the Western value – the so-called “freedom loving”, “fighting for democracy”, the “Shining beacon on the Hill”? Behind all those flashy propaganda, they all hide the evil prejudice and racism against non-WASPs. This is the truth they are too ashamed to tell! In their view, the world should only run by them, the world resources should only consumed by their citizens, and their real ideal “world order” is they controlled the world without any challenge. It’s such a shame that in the name of “justice” and “equality” where they pretend they are following Martin Luther King’s dreams, their deep down racial prejudice against all non-whites inevitably find ways to demonize all others including Chinese.

  9. Weak Up Now!

    After all, these decedents of the evil WASPs who have looted the world treasure in the last two hundred years, and still shamelessly display the treasures they robbed from Summer Palace in their “museums”, are the true guilty ones of having other people’s blood on their hands. Of course they are scared of the rise of China, and wanted use every possible way, including the media, to twist the morale to accuse China doing “cracking down”. Just ask, would their “justice system” allow thugs attack their white young girl in public like this? Until you see the Western media openly denounce these “freedom fighter” and calling them thugs as they are, don’t ever believe anything they write about China or another non-WASP country! The stories of the last several weeks from all the major Western News Media should be collected as the classic text book as to why the West can produce someone like Joseph Goebbels! Today’s Western Media is not much different!

  10. 有良心的中国人


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  12. the photos not showing up anymore. please repost, preferably on a Chinese host, so that the fbi cant delete it

  13. i am hoping you guys can help me find a photo. it is a picture of a white guy yelling very aggressively at a young benevolent looking Chinese girl. he is a pro tibetan protestor and i believe this was at one of these huge rallys on the street

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